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My eldest is turning 8..

My eldest child, is very nearly 8, infact 8 years ago I was in hospital and waiting for him to arrive. I can still remember the fear, and excitement I felt while I waiting to meet him, my first born, the one who made me a Mummy. I remember the rush of love I felt when I first held him, I remember the frustration when he just would not sleep, at all. I remember the first smile, the cheeky grins, the inquisitive side of you which has grown into a desire to learn about everything. All these things I remember, and more about my wonderful soon to be 8 year old. Continue reading

Britmums Live, #BML16

This weekend was Brit Mums Live, #BML16, a blogging conference in London. I had mixed feelings on going, for a while I’ve felt a bit out of the blogging loop, I’ve not really blogged, and so should I be going to a conference?! That’s why I went, to remind myself why I write, and perhaps encourage me to publish some of those drafts which are sat waiting? Continue reading

Growing old and breaking down barriers.

Growing old, something we all hope to do. I have visions of spending my golden years living near the seaside, walking the dog along the beach every day and never having to rush anywhere for anyone! With a growing ageing population, the stigma associated with being “old” or “incapable because they’re old” needs to be broken down, just because someone is old does not mean they’re not capable of doing something or learning something new.  Continue reading

Miffy’s Birthday!

The loveable Dick Bruna character Miffy celebrates her birthday on 21st June. Last year we celebrated Miffy’s 60th Birthday, and were delighted to celebrate her birthday again this year!

Miffy Ears

No Miffy Party is complete without party ears!

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The washing machine broke!

As a busy family we rely on our washing machine, and it’s in daily use sorting out muddy school uniforms and spaghetti stained t-shirts. So, when our washing machine decided to stop working quite suddenly, the piles of washing rapidly became mountains of washing. We’d just moved house, and a week later, the washing machine stopped. I peered in looking in horror at the clothes trapped inside. It then became clear that the machine was beyond economical repair, and so we needed a new one. Continue reading

Steps to a happier Mama?

Lost in Motherhood, been lost there a while? It’s hardwork having small children, each pulling you in a different direction. It’s hardwork keeping up with the mutliple school activities, and the parties, and playdates. Unless you’re supermum, or have a personal assistant who organises your every move, it’s easy to get lost in the motherhood maze.  Continue reading

Firsts with Petits Filous..

Petits Filous challenged us to think about our little ones firsts. As tiny babies, childhood firsts seem to come quickly, their first feed, first tooth, first time they roll over. When they grow a little, the firsts slow down a bit, but are just as special. My youngest is 21months old, and each day I still see a magical first. This weekend her magical first was a trip to the beach, and her first proper paddle in the sea!

Toddler Paddling in sea

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