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Coffee Cups – What a waste!

The coffee shop culture seems to be booming in the UK. Most of my friends seem to have a favourite coffee shop, they buy from a specific chain as it suits their needs. I guess it’s no different to selecting the supermarket you shop at, you get used to what’s on offer, the prices, the appearance. But, there’s something which really puzzles me. The excitement when a “Limited edition” takeaway cup comes out.


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Revision tips with BIC

It’s that time of year, exams are on many families minds. But it’s not just the exams which can prove stressful, the revision can be more stressful than the exams themselves! Lots of questions like how much revision is enough? Where should revision take place? Does revising with friends help? Run through the minds of parents and students.

I remember well my own experience of revising, and having to work out what worked best for me. I always worked better on my own with the radio on. I used to plan revision into 45 minute chunks per topic. Between topics I’d take 15 minutes to get a drink and walk about -outside where possible!

Revision tips

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Bidvine – get bids on the work you need doing!

Collaborative Post

Is it just me who finds myself with a serious lack of time when I’m searching for a plumber or a piano tuner? It’s easy enough to find the phone numbers I’ll admit. But making time to ring around and get estimates. Or waiting in for in for them to come and look at what needs doing to then discover I can’t afford their rates anyway! It’s frustrating. Well, life seems to have just been made easier thanks to a new site called Bidvine.

Image: BidVine

Image: Bidvine

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