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Cosy up your living room for Winter..

Heavy frosts and sunny mornings, Winter has to be chilly! But I do love the glorious crunch of a hard frost, and the way the sun glistens on frozen hedges!

Frost on plant

Unfortunately, I am one of those “always cold” people! Every year I work on how to making our living space cosy and welcoming. So I can arrive home, and get cosy!

With the start of the festive season literally days away, I have unashamedly included festive touches! Remember that the festive touches can easily be removed in January, while keeping the warm cosy feel. Continue reading

Kids Songs CD – Review & Giveaway

With Christmas just around the corner there will be may families making long car journeys to visit friends or family. Long car journeys with small children can be stressful – especially in traffic! My 3 year old daughter loves to listen to her songs in the car. It’s an activity which isn’t quite so popular with her older brothers! But, it does make the journey easier if she’s happily singing! We were sent the Kids Songs CD to listen to, 3 CD’s of favourite songs! Most are easily recognisable from CBeebies.

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Appy Drinks – Healthier Fruit Drinks for Kids

Young children often want to have their favourite cartoon characters on drinks or snacks. Lunch boxes in particularly I have noticed the my youngest two children will request a certain drink for this reason!

Appy Kids Drinks, feature favourite cartoon characters, in a variety of favourite flavours! We tried out a selection of Appy Kids Drinks pouches, featuring Ninja Turtles, Dora the Explorer, and Paw Patrol! The drinks range are described as;

“Delicious low calorie juices with added vitamins packed in convenient pouches for easy drinking on-the-go, featuring your little ones’ favourite characters.”


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Flooring to help warm your home.

Winter and Christmas are merely a snowballs throw away, there isn’t a better time to ensure that you home is prepared for the cold spell that’s coming. It may surprise you to hear just how important flooring is in keeping your home warm, but it’s one of the most important factors. Our guide is going to take you through not only the best types of flooring, but also the best colours, and how different styles can affect the warmth of your home. Continue reading

Make time for you this Christmas..

As a busy parent, I confess I sometimes struggle to make time for myself. I read an article which said that the average US Mother works the equivalent of two full time jobs. It also said that Mums got an average 1 hour 7 minutes a day to themselves. Which doesn’t sound very much, so you can see why some of us struggle to find “me time”.

With Christmas on the way, I have vowed to find time to spend on myself! If I’m a happy Mama, then I hope Christmas will be happier for everyone!

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Scalextric BTCC Touring Car Battle Racing Set – Review

Scalextric is on the top of many Christmas lists! We were delighted to get the opportunity to review the Scalextric BTCC Touring Car Battle Racing Set. I say we, actually, Mr G took over, taking photos to send his brother. Yes, they may be grown ups, but they still fondly remember their own childhoods with Scalextric!


There’s something really exciting about a new Scalextric set, and even I was excited to get to race! This set is suitable for age 5+, an ideal progression from My First Scalextric! Continue reading

3 Timeless Christmas Gift Ideas for a loved one.

Christmas present buying can be tough, you stand in the shop and look blankly at the various gift ideas. In my experience, sometimes this can lead to buying a perfume box set, that the recipient does not really want. Perfume is so hard to buy for someone else, so purchase with care! I have three suggestions to help you pick a gift which will stand the test of time! Continue reading

How do you dress your Christmas tree?

How do you dress your Christmas tree? It’s a serious question! Do you go for minimalism or is your tree an explosion of colour and festive cheer? Our tree used to have a strict theme, gold and red only. I had to have red as I have a lovely Santa decoration which I refused not to add to the Christmas tree!! As my children have got older, they want little decorations added, often which they have made, which do not fit my theme!

Christmas Tree Lights and Gold Bauble

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Handmade Christmas Gifts

I am not the most capable person at making things, crafting I do find tough. However, I am trying to improve! My children love crafts, and I am keen to encourage them. I like the idea that they are able to have basic sewing skills for example. This Christmas, we’re trying to have a more eco-friendly Christmas. In my view one of the easiest ways to do this is to make some of our gifts. I confess I am useless at knitting, I have tried many times! So, we’re sticking to sewing and general crafting.

The first thing we have been doing is using scraps of material to sew lavender bags – using dried lavender from our garden. The bags are so easy to sew, and we’ve tied them with ribbon collected from gifts received at previous Christmas or birthdays.

Lavender Bag, scissors and sewing box

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