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My 2013..

 I have to confess, I was reluctant to look back at 2013, it wasn’t a good year, it started with the grief from a December 2012 miscarriage, then half way through the year things took another depressing turn. 2013 has been difficult, but thanks to Kate (Kate On Thin Ice) I have managed to look back on the year, and managed to smile! Do feel free to join in and share your 2013 with us! x

My 2013:

1. What was your happiest event?

Our camping adventures! We had some real giggles, trying to pitch the tent on solid ground, being attacked by mozzies, torrential rain and soggy pyjamas!

2. What was the saddest thing to happen?

Having an ectopic pregnancy and the emergency surgery that followed, it made me sad as I knew something was wrong, but I had to argue to be listened to. A week of being told it was a miscarriage, then 3 days of backwards and forwards to the EPAU before being taken in to surgery. It makes me sad not just for the loss of the baby, but the loss of a part of me, and I’ve changed as a person to.

3. What was the most unlikely thing to happen that actually went ahead and did?

Erm.. our holiday, we didn’t think we could go anywhere other than for a day trip, but a bit of careful planning and agreeing to camping rather than a hotel stay and we found ourselves in S.W. France.

4. Who let you down?

I don’t want to name and shame, and they may well read the blog even though they claim not to. Anyway, they know who they are.

5. Who supported you?

My blogging buddies (thank you for all the support, I’m not always good at accepting help, but thank you to those who have been amazing during my dark hours), Mr G, Grandad G (although he probably doesn’t realise) and some very dear friends.

6. Tell us what you learned

You can’t control everything, however much you want to.
Grief does stupid things, but blaming yourself for everything isn’t the answer.
There is always someone worse off than you, but you are allowed to express your own grief.
 To be selfish sometimes, though watch out for the nasty greedy streak.
Don’t be afraid to say it as it is, and you can do that without being nasty.

7. Tell us what made you laugh

 Our holiday to France, the boys all on a see-saw and seeing their faces all light up!
Going for a seaside walk and getting drenched in a torrential rain shower which soaked us all to the bone, it was a laugh or cry moment!
My friend T, who just made me laugh out loud with her tales and ought really write a book about her neighbour.
Ani, who reminded me that once upon a time there were two girls with big hair and mutual love of Tice Bridal.

8. Tell us the things that made you cry

The ectopic, and all the fears that go along with it.
Feeling that I’m not as good a person as I could be.
Shouting at the children when I was post-op and not coping (but thinking I was).
An apology from someone who I never thought would apologise.
My friend losing her father.

9. Tell us three things your child or children did to make you feel proud.

Both boys have been really good at donating their toys to charity, that made me proud that they are already generous of spirit.
Boo has tried really hard at school, and listened to us when we told him to stay out of trouble rather than retaliate against a boy who was “playing rough”.
Boo asking whether we’d be sending a box to Uganda again this Christmas, which we didn’t as I forgot, but instead we took things to the food bank.
When I came out of hospital, Boo saw me crying and crept quietly into me, he flung his arms around me and told me everything would be OK, that is perhaps my proudest and most poignant moment of 2013, what an amazing 5 year old I have.

10. Tell us the things that made you proud of yourself.

Not crying hysterically like I wanted to until after I came out of theatre and the morphine got the better of me.
Telling a person who has picked on me for years that to be honest perhaps it is them who is the problem and not me, life is suddenly simple as they are no longer in my life and I no longer feel like everything I do is wrong.
Other than that, not very much sadly!

11. Tell the challenges you overcame

Erm, I overcame my fear of hospitals, does that count?

12. Tell us the things you would like to change about your life in 2014,

I would like to be less anxious and therefore to be less self-critical
Smile more.. 🙂
Make time for friends.
Plan an adventure, life is all about the adventure, and I think I need a new challenge!

 Ms G x

Despicable Me 2

I have to confess, I didn’t see Despicable Me, so when the boys wanted Despicable Me 2 to watch I was a little reluctant, I mean would we understand it? I am a big fan of Blinkbox, we love being able to access up to date films instantly and without a subscription, with a 48hour rental costing on average £3.49 it’s cheap entertainment for us from the comfort of our sofa – it’s ideal for the Winter months! I discovered Blinkbox was showing Despicable Me 2 and we sat down to watch instantly! 
Despicable Me 2 has to be the funniest film I’ve watched for a long time, it’s a real family film with laughs for us all! The minions (the yellow characters which you probably associate with Despicable me) are adorable, and hilariously funny! Gru, you suddenly realise might look like a villain but is really an amazing father figure, who desperately seeks a mother for cute Agnes, the plot focuses on this journey for romance but it’s a romance that even the youngest members of the family can’t fail to follow! Now we just need to watch the first Despicable Me film which I think we’ll be doing over the Christmas holidays!

Blinkbox sent a colouring book and a couple of codes for us to watch a couple of films, to celebrate the release of Despicable Me 2 which the boys are delighted with! We had already watched Despicable Me 2 when we were contacted it by Blinkbox and have subsequently watched it again and we still love the film, would 100% recommend it as a family film to watch this Christmas holiday! 
Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own, we were contacted by Blinkbox to write this post and sent a colouring book and 3 free film credits. I am (and have been for a while!) a customer of Blinkbox.

Shrek The Musical on Blu-Ray & DVD Review!

Shrek the Musical, something I was desperate to see on the West End, but never managed to grab tickets, so getting the opportunity to watch the musical on DVD was very exciting! (The DVD is actually the Broadway version, which I’m led to understand is a little different from the West End version but don’t let that put you off!) When I was contacted to review the DVD I could barely contain my excitement and I admit I did a little bounce up and down! 

The musical is great fun, and Boo & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, E wasn’t very interested at age 2 and I think he was a bit young for it anyway so I didn’t worry! At 5 Boo is very keen on music and loved the sing along on the DVD! With catchy tunes you will find yourself singing or humming the songs for days after watching! There are some hilarious moments for all the family to enjoy, as well as some magical theatre trickery! It’s a great way to enjoy a theatre production again and again in the comfort of your home, and with the option to pause for a break to keep your little one(s) interested! 

Out now! RRP: £24.99 (Blu-ray) / £19.99 (DVD) / £9.99 (Digital HD)

Disclaimer: I was sent a review copy for the purposes of writing an honest review, all thoughts and images are my own.

The day Boo drew Santa & Rudolph..

Boo has drawn me several pictures which sum up Christmas to him, and this is my favourite so I’m sharing it and adding it to the Draw With Me linky! Boo is 5, and has just started to get keen on drawing, until now he’s been into painting and sculpting but drawing has not been popular! So, I’m delighted that he’s drawn Father Christmas and Rudolph the red nose reindeer – a better attempt at a reindeer than I could make!

This Mummy Loves...

Merry Christmas x

Wreath Making made easy!

A door wreath has always been a family tradition, and I love seeing them on doors in the neighbourhood at Christmas as they always look so welcoming! I’ve always wanted to have a go at making my own but never got around to it…until now! 

Hobbycraft sent me a selection of wreath making items to help me have a go at making my own wreath! I initially intended to go out and gather holly and ivy and make a traditional wreath but honestly the thought of being prickled by holly didn’t appeal! So, I opted for a more modern tactic and used an old Christmas tree trimmings to assist along with the lovely bits sent by Hobbycraft! 

What do you think? It’s currently hanging on our front door greeting all our visitors! It was so simple to attach things to the wreath ring, and the silver flowers look fabulous. I will definitely have another (more ambitious attempt at Easter – making an Easter wreath!).
We were also sent a Kids Craft pack to make your own Santa, Boo has just tried this out tonight, so no photo until it’s dry but I will add it later!


  Disclaimer: We were sent a selection of items for the purposes of an honest review.

Christmas Jumper Day and Woolly Wonderland!

Friday 13th December 2013 is your day to do help make the world better with a sweater! Save the Children are asking you to dig out your festive knit, pay £1 (or more if you can!) and help save children’s lives. If you’re in need of a new jumper, John Lewis are selling a special festive jumper range where £25 from each sale will go directly to Save the Children. 

Picture courtesy of Save the Children.

To celebrate Christmas Jumper Day, Westfield Shopping Centre Stratford City, have opened up Woolly Wonderland where you can customise your own jumper, meet the Gruffalo, or have a go at knitting amongst other events! You do need to book to attend, and events are proving popular so book asap! Events will be on until 13th December 2013.

Picture Courtesy of Save the Children.

Check out Christmas Jumper day, remember it is so simple to take part, and every £1 goes to help save Children’s lives around the world.

Picture courtesy of Save The Children.