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I vow to get fit in 2012 so I can WOW in The Davina for Next Collection!

I was just a little excited to read about Davina McCall launching a new fitness range with Next. I’m a great fan of Davina, there is something about her that makes you instantly feel you could take her for a coffee and tell her about the disaster you had while out shopping when your 3 year old decided to open the changing room curtain to the world..Yes..that was my bottom exposed to the entire shop as I tried desperately to wriggle into a pair of size 14 trousers which were not going beyond my knees.

After having two children, I have to confess I’ve really forgotten what real exercise is all about unless you can count chasing behind rampaging toddlers? Once upon a time I was a fitness fanatic and I used to love the adrenaline high I’d feel after a good run. I’m determined that 2012 will be my year to not only battle the bulge but also rid myself of wibbly wobbly bits once and for all, I want to prove to myself that I have got the discipline – and organisational ability – to get up each morning bursting with energy and with the knowledge that when I get married (hopefully at the start of 2013) I will look and feel spectacular!

I love the look of the trainers, they look trendy while offer the latest technology to support your joints while you work out, something I’d love to try out while I’m out running over the next few months!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m quite tall, and I have to be honest and say that most sportswear bottoms which are flattering to my curves are a little to low and reveal rather too much when I’m exercising, I like the look of these:

They look slightly higher waisted, and with a flattering trim to fool you all into thinking that I do actually have slim thighs..In seriousness, I think they’d look great and can’t wait to venture into Next to locate a pair! I wonder if they’ll do that bulgy knees thing after I’ve done a session on a cross trainer? I’d love the chance to try these out, and would definitely be giving them rigorous testing should I get the opportunity!

I always struggle to find pretty post gym shoes, but Davina at Next even covers that with these pretty pumps:

How cute are they? I have to confess I think I’d wear them all the time!! Certainly an incentive to get out and show them off! They also contain clever technology which helps reduce stress on your joints – so not just a pretty pair of shoes!

Newborn Hamper by Green People the perfect gift!

Green People now offer a fabulous gift hamper to pamper newborn babies and their delicate skin. Filled with all the luxurious organic treats, this really is a fantastic gift for any new arrival! I have to confess, that I’m quite tempted to get one for Elvis’ 1st Birthday in January!


The hamper is on special offer at the moment and is priced at £29.99, which is quite a saving! It contains: 

 Scent Free Mum & Baby Rescue Balm 100ml great for babies with dry skin and for soothing sore cracked nipples before and after breast feeding 
Scent Free Baby Oil 100ml perfect for a bonding baby massage, moisturising cradle cap and keeps mum’s bump supple and soft
Scent Free Baby Wash & Shampoo 150ml carefully formulated for babies delicate & sensitive skin
Chamomile Nappy Cream Baby Balm 40ml protects bottoms from the dampness that can lead to nappy rash
Soft and Cuddly Organic Cotton Bib with a cute picture of Budsie or Organic Babies mascot.

Have you met Olly the Little White Van yet?

We were pleased to receive a DVD of Olly the Little White Van to review! As soon as we put the DVD on, we became very fond of Olly and his friends! The theme tune is very catchy and after one episode I was singing the tune and after a second one Boo was joining me!
The cartoon is very colourful, with a vehicle to suit every child, I feared that perhaps ‘The little White Van’ might not be such a favourite, so I was delighted with the array of other vehicle friends he has and I think Boo’s favourite was Olly’s best friend Bazza! 

The episodes are short so they really do hold a pre-schoolers attention, ideal if you want 5 minutes recovery time! Olly is voiced by Justin Fletcher who does a great job of giving Olly a really likable nature! Olly is always trying to help his friends out, and it really does teach about being kind and helping your friends! Check out the Olly the Little White Van site for plenty of activities to keep your little ones busy this Christmas, we’re going to be making some Christmas cards this afternoon! Remember you can catch up with Olly on CITV at 9.45am and 1pm Weekdays!

Winners of The Magic of Christmas DVD are…

Congratulations to the winners of a Grandpa in My Pocket Magic of Christmas Dvd!

The winners as chosen by are: 


Thanks for all the entries, I loved reading them and I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas!

Winners please contact me via email (found under ‘contact me’) within 72hours or I will redraw.

Don’t make me walk the plank!!

It’s 9.30am and I’m already wondering if it is bedtime for the boys? Sadly it is a fairly bright winter morning, and there is no way I could convince either of them that it is time for bed. There is no particular reason for me being so ridiculously tired, I’ve not run a marathon or been out to a party late with friends..but is just that part of motherhood where you feel exhausted but daren’t admit it, for fear of being deemed a failure. So I’m sat here with an exceptionally strong cup of coffee, trying to think of ways to stay awake.

The pushing and shoving we encountered a few months ago between Boo and Elvis has begun to subside. Boo now respects Elvis a little more, or should I say Elvis has worked out that he needs to get back up so quickly that it isn’t quite such fun to push him over. Boo still isn’t keen to share, his cars are his and not to be played with by Elvis, but he now accepts that Elvis needs something to play with and will allow him a fire truck or a share of the lego. They are constantly up to mischief, if I look away Boo is opening up a gap for Elvis to clamber behind the sofa and then Boo will close the gap up while Elvis sits and giggles. Although I’m not sure how long he would giggle for when he realised his big brother had actually deliberately abandoned him in that dark corner! I feel as though I am continually picking up Elvis and returning him to the relative safety of the large soft rug which lines our sitting room and trying to out wit my 3year old in the process. Anyone else struggle with outwitting their 3year old at times?!

While I’m writing this, Boo is dressed as a pirate (complete with the essential woolly hat which I am informed all pirates must wear so as their ears don’t get too cold) and sat on a pile of blankets surrounded by teddies which is otherwise known as the pirate ship and of course Boo’s crew. Elvis keeps being told to ‘man the cannons’ which makes him giggle and squeal with delight. I am having to keep a careful eye on Boo, or before I know it I’ll be walking the plank or tied to the ships way or another I fear I might meet a sticky end. You see Mummy isn’t allowed to be a pirate, Daddy would be allowed the role of ship Captain, where I on the other hand will be lucky to land the role of ‘the baddie’. Actually, this is a good enough reason to stay awake as Boo has just appeared with a shark puppet..

It’s days like today, when however tired I am, however chaotic and untidy the house, seeing such thriving imaginations makes me smile. I realise that however bad a job of parenting I fear I might be doing, I must be doing something right, as I have two very happy boys, who play so well together that I’m sat watching with delight waiting to be allowed into their game even if it does mean I have to walk the plank!

My Christmas Fashion from Long Tall Sally

It’s that time of year when Christmas parties are looming, and it’s the one time of year when there is no excuse not to dress up! Even a trip Christmas shopping can make me want to glam up a bit! 

One of my favourite shops is Long Tall Sally, they have a superb range of clothing for ladies over 5ft 8″, as I’m 5ft 11″ I love being able to choose clothes which fit well and are on trend to!

I love this Palazzo Jumpsuit, it is such a fantastic design creating a cinched waist line, and the cap sleeves create a flattering line on the tops of arms. It’s so stylish and feminine but practical too! Let’s face it with two small children I need to think about practicality too, and this really does enable me to look fantastic even while chasing toy cars under tables to recover a missing toddler!

 The simplicity of the style enables plenty of fun with accessories, and as I’m a huge fan of statement jewellery this really does make it my ideal outfit! 
I will definitely be grabbing a pair of these gorgeous jewel trimmed pumps (available in sizes 7 – 11) which not only will look fab with the jumpsuit but will also liven up my entire Christmas wardrobe without making me tower over my friends on our girls night out!
I’m lucky enough to live near a couple of Long Tall Sally stores, but if you aren’t why not check out their website or request a catalogue so you can really spend some time deciding on your must haves!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all thoughts are my own. Images used with permission from Long Tall Sally.

Grandpa in My Pocket – The Magic of Christmas! Dvd Review & Competition!!

Grandpa in my Pocket has been popular with Boo for as long as I can remember, I suppose it helps that Grandad Goriami provides plenty of adventures and owns a flat cap – although Boo has never actually seen him wear it.. Boo loves the adventures Grandpa and Jason go on especially if they involve Mr Whoops!

Packaging design ©2011 Abbey Home Media Group Ltd. All rights reserved. © Adastra Creative Ltd MMIX.

Abbey Home Media kindly sent us a copy of the festive edition ‘The Magic of Christmas’ to review, and we were very excited to be able to get into the festive spirit with some of our favourite characters.
The double dvd provides plenty of festive entertainment for the entire family, there are moments which make both Mr G and I giggle possibly more that Boo! If you are worried about ‘festive overload’ don’t be! There are enough episodes which aren’t overly festive to mean that this dvd could be enjoyed all year long! It is also really nice that the episodes are long enough to captivate without being so long that Boo gets bored – we can dip in and out of the dvd! Our favourite of the two dvd’s is Big Elf, Little Elf as we loved seeing Sunnysands all dressed up!

Abbey Home Media have kindly offered 5 copies of the dvd to winners of our special festive competition! 

To enter please:

Follow the blog via GFC and leave ONE festive comment below telling us what you love most about Christmas! Please make sure you include either your twitter id or an email address for me to contact you on if you win!!

Good Luck!!

Competition Closes Wednesday 14th December 2011 at 7pm.

Terms & Conditions:

There are a total of 5 prizes to be won.
I reserve the right to re-draw the winner, in the event that winners do not reply within 72hours 
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Only one entry per person. 
Only entrants who complete all required entry steps will be eligible to win.
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