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Bibetta Lunch Bag – Review

If you’re trying to pack a school lunch, using a refillable water bottle and tupper ware, you’ll understand that packing it all into a standard size lunch box is almost impossible. When we were sent a Bibetta Lunch Bag I could see that my problems of fitting everything into the lunch box were going to be resolved! The neoprene fabric (the same stuff wetsuits are made from!) is strong, but flexible! The shape is ideal for accomodating a large drinks bottle, and several reusable containers – perfect if you have a fussy eater to pack lunch for!

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Wildlife watching from your window.

With the start of Autumn, and colder days, it’s an ideal time to spend a little time in the warmth of your home, seeing what wildlife you can spot out of your window! Rattan Direct are running a fabulous competition to win a Rio table and chair set for 4, so you’ll be able to sit in comfort while you watch for wildlife outside your window! Continue reading

Low carbs, exercises and enjoyment- key to healthy you!

Disclaimer: Collaborative post written by a third party.

Everyone wants to lead a healthy life as only a good physical and mental health can make you happy, peaceful and successful. Health is wealth and practically nothing in your life is more valuable than your proper health.


Your daily hectic schedules often make you fail to care for your health the right way. But then you should never forget that health is the most essential thing that can keep you going in this tough world!


So, follow the tips given below and get healthy the easiest way:

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Giant Zebra Sculpture

Marwell’s Zany Zebras!

If you’ve visited Southampton over the Summer of 2016, you’ll have struggled to miss the many zebras hiding around the town. The Zany Zebras are an art extravaganza raising money to support Marwell’s wildlife conservation projects. Each of the Zebras has been decorated in an individual way, they really are fabulous pieces of art! There are 150 Zebra sculptures in Southampton, 47 large, 103 small and 27 miniature replicas of the large sculptures. Continue reading

Coupons and money saving

Disclaimer; Sponsored Post, all thoughts are my own.

 Trying to save money is something I know lots of families are trying to do, especially on those essential purchases! Saving money on essentials, leaves a little extra for those treats! A few years ago I started to use coupons when I did our weekly shop, at first friends laughed that I’d be saving small amounts on a loaf of bread or cat food, but when I added up the saving over a month – it came to quite a decent total! The money I saved went towards other essential purchases, like clothes, and I was delighted that after a few months the money we’d saved added up to a decent family treat! Continue reading

September, Love it? Hate it?

I have a love/hate relationship with September. On one hand it is a new start, the start of a new school year and a new season. I love watching the changing colours from bright summer, to warm Autumnal colours which I really adore, nature really is clever. It’s like it takes all the warmth of summer and spreads it across leaves to give you one last memory of summer before wiping it away to make way for Winter.

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Getting great deals on your shopping!

DISCLAIMER: Sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Do you ever feel like you have an endless shopping list? New school shoes, new uniform, new trainers, sofa, dog bed..the list goes on. With so many things we need to buy, things we want can get forgotten as who has the spare money to buy those things too? I love shopping, and having children hasn’t really changed that, I have just changed the way I shop. I shop online more, and I try to grab a good deal whenever I see one!

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WIN with Sophie la girafe #Organic Skincare

Sophie la girafe skincare products are gentle enough for the whole family, while aimed at babies and young children, I have to confess that I adore their natural baby oil and indulgent body lotion. The entire range is Ecocert certified Organic, which means the products contain at least 95% natural products, and absolutely no parabens. The Ecocert label, means you can be sure that it contains no harsh chemicals, and instead contains fabulous natural ingredients.

Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics, FanFan

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