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Win a Personalised Reading Book in time for Fathers Day!

Love2Read are offering one reader the chance to win their very own personalised reading book just in time for Fathers Day! I love reading, and I still fondly remember story time just before bed where my Dad would sit and read to me! He now sits and reads to Boo, and I confess I still sit as captivated as I did when I was a child! Shockingly in a recent survey 25% of parents of children under 1 said they never read books with their child, I think E is quite lucky as Boo loves story time so he gets read to by default! Reading does help encourage young children to learn to speak especially if you ask questions about the book and wait for a response, so it is worth spending the time reading!

Love2Read have a great selection of titles which would be perfect for Fathers Day! You can choose from a number of titles including: Our Dad, My Daddy or even My Grandad (which I’m sure Grandad Goriami would love!). Then it is simply a question of choosing special photographs and following the simple steps on the Love2Read website, the phrases are simple and really help children to start to learn to read and identify words.

For the chance to win please follow the steps on the rafflecopter widget below:

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Winners will be selected at random.

Joe Brown School Run Challenge Competition Entry!

Right, I’m going to get straight to the point, this is my entry for the Joe Browns School Run challenge! As some of you may know, Boo starts school in September, and amongst my many angst is what the other Mummy’s and Daddy’s are going to think of me! Yes I know it sounds silly but I’m not sure rocking up in my jim jams will be very popular, so I need to think about what to wear! When i started thinking about this challenge I instantly thought what I would like to be wearing, and got all excited thinking about how glamorous I was going to look. Then, the reality of things struck me, and I decided that there was no way I’d manage to look that glamorous more than once with a toddler in tow to the school gates.. the white linen trousers i was lusting after would be a huge mistake! So, the outfit I’ve chosen is very honestly me and while it might not be up there as stylists choice, I’d glowing with confidence!

I chose this wrap around cardigan as I love the neckline, and am a huge fan of anything which is adjustable around the tummy! I love the colour purple to!

I’d want a camisole under the wrap around, I like this one as it’s so simple but the lace trim makes it very feminine, plus I can see me wearing it with a pair of jeans while I race around the park after Elvis!

I’ve teamed it with this denim skirt, I love the feminine design and yet the functionality of the skirt – pockets are vital with two small children!

I’ve chosen these fabulous wedges as they’d be ideal for standing comfortably waiting for Boo at the school gates! They’ll also give my legs a hand at looking slimmer in the skirt!

Last but not least I couldn’t resist this fabulous necklace, the pendant reads : “Life is what you make of it” and I really like that quote!
Disclaimer: This is a competition entry and not a sponsored post, for further information on the contest please see here: 

Reebok – RealFlex

RealFlex Optimal have been developed with natural movement in mind, they combine maximum grip with a flexible sole and are incredibly lightweight. They remind me somewhat of a dance trainer as you are able to easily point your toe in them, making them ideal for dance based classes like Zumba or even the street dance class I found myself roped into last week! I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are like a foot glove, but they certainly give me a better connection between my foot and the ground and I am more aware of the angle at which my feet hit the ground. I’m not a natural runner, and my old trainers had a lot of bounce in them which I thought helped me to run better, but after a few days wearing the realflex my old trainers are now resigned to the back of the wardrobe. 

I’ve had a few comments about my RealFlex, some people asking if they are comfortable as they look weird, and I can honestly answer that if they weren’t comfortable I wouldn’t wear them – the rest of my body aches enough after exercising without my feet hurting to! I’ve also had some people in the gym changing rooms commenting on the fact they look funky – yes they do don’t they? I always smile and feel slightly smug at that point – hey a girl is allowed to want to look good even while she’s working up a sweat!

I love the fact they fit closely, and that they do what it says on the box. The fact they look funky is a bonus, and the only criticism I could make is that I seem to gather stones between the nodes, if I run anywhere on shingle but that is hardly a criticism! When I first put the trainers on, I found them a little strange to walk in, as I expected to feel the nodes under my feet, but you don’t, in truth after a few wears you forget you are wearing them at all!

I’ve written quite a bit about my adventures on the road to getting fit, and am now continually keeping look out for new things to keep me motivated so trying out all sorts of exercise and getting out there is a big part of my get fit plan! I’ve found an amazing amount of support on line, twitter has really been a huge motivation to keep me going! Huge thanks to Reebok UK whose twitter feed is a daily source of inspiration, reading about their personal adventures in fitness makes me want to ‘get at it’ just a little more! 

Disclaimer: I received a pair of realflex trainers for the purposes of the review. All opinions are my own honest thoughts based on my experiences wearing them.

Just Sliding along! #MagpieMonday

I have to confess, these are not purchases from this week, in fact this week I have only spent one humble pound on a couple of pairs of trousers for Boo to run around the garden in! 

However, I wanted to share these purchases as the weather is fabulous and when they were re-homed with me it was tipping down with rain! Grabbing them when the weather was awful, the little tikes toddler climbing block and the large slide, Mr G nodded in that way to say “here we go again!” but happily loaded them into the car anyway(we didn’t get them on the same day!). The pair were bought separately but when I tell you they cost me £5 in total..I think they were a bit of a bargain!

The boys have had hours of fun, and on Sunday I saw a giant Little tikes climber with double slide for £18!!! Which I thought was a bargain, but Mr G put his foot down and said no, which was actually fairly sensible or the neighbours would probably think I was collecting slides or something equally as eccentric! 

Linking up with Liz for #MagpieMonday 
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Have you been poked yet? – Sugar Poke

I came across a marvellous company on twitter quite by accident, and ironically after a day spent scratching my head wondering what I could buy a friend who lives a little way from me. I wanted something to arrive by post, but have a personal touch and that is what Sugar Poke do best! Sugar Poke Thank You gifts start from just £4.99 delivered, and all contain a greetings card with edible treats! Whether you choose to send scrummy brownies or a bag of retro sweets, you can certainly make someone smile with a Sugar Poke, and they’d make a great gift for any occasion!

I received my very own box, it was the letterbox friendly Love at First Bite  – ideal to send if you’re not sure if you’re recipient will be home when your sugar poke arrives as it will drop through their letterbox and be waiting for them when they get home!

Now, I love chocolate so receiving 2 chocolate brownies and a bag of boozy chocolate hearts was very exciting! I felt as though it were my Birthday, and if it had been I’d have been delighted! The card was a lovely touch, and is something which will last much longer than the treats I’m sure!

The brownies were really chocolatey, both Mr G and Boo were really impressed with them and I was only allowed a tiny piece to test as they weren’t really prepared to share! I can confirm though they were tasty and I’d definitely send them as a gift, possibly even as a gift to myself..! Giving the chocolate hearts a sniff once I opened the foil I could smell the alcohol, biting into them I was delighted that the alcoholic flavour is subtle and utterly delightful! The chocolate is very melt in your mouth, and I felt very luxurious tasting them! I love the fact they’re individually wrapped so could be shared, or savoured! 

I’ll definitely be using Sugar Poke to surprise my friends with a treat on their Birthdays this year, for little more than the cost of a greeting card I can treat them to a sweet treat, and who doesn’t love a surprise treat?

Disclaimer: I received a Sugar Poke free of charge in return for the honest review of their service, all opinions are based on my own honest experience of the company.

Milton Soother Steriliser!

How frustrating is it when you’re out and about with your baby and they launch their soother on the floor? If you’re organised you might have a spare, but then what do you do when they launch the next one but really won’t settle without it? It’s that moment when I end up trying to decide if running it under the tap and handing it back would do, but not any more! The clever people at Milton have come up with a fabulous product which enables you to steriliser on the go with minimal hassle!

This nifty little steriliser is easy to use and compact (I personally think it looks quite funky!) so it can travel anywhere and it will undoubtedly be indispensable when on holiday – no more desperately searching the car for the spare soother! The Velcro strap is handy, but in honesty it tends to travel in the change bag so I don’t forget it – along with a supply of the mini sterilising tablets!

Priced at around £6.99 I think it’s a great little product for anyone who likes to be out and about with their child! Milton are delighted that the Soother Steriliser is actually shortlisted in Best Travel Invention in the Loved by Parents awards and it certainly gets my vote!

Disclaimer: I received a Milton Soother Steriliser for the purposes of the review, all opinions are my own, and are based on my experience using the product.

Fathers Day Gift ideas from Prezzy Box!

Fathers Day is approaching fast, and Prezzy Box have an extra special range of gifts for Dads! They sent us two gift ideas to review, and Mr G was keen to give his opinions!

Dear Dad – From You to Me Journal, is a lovely idea offering the opportunity to get your Dad to fill in aspects of his life which you’d like to know about, but perhaps have never thought to ask and preserving it for future generations.

The opening page enables you to personalise the introduction. I love the  “People say we have at least one book in us..” it’s true, and I know I love reading autobiographies, so this is the ideal gift for me to give!

Mr G wasn’t as excited with the book as I was, he loved that there was plenty of room to write and the general idea of the book, but admitted that he would probably never get round to filling the book in. My Dad thought the book was lovely, and said he would fill it in, and I really hope he does, although I fear I’ll find it an emotional read!

We were also sent a First Class Dad Porcelain Mug, which I think is a lovely gift for this year when we’re celebrating the Diamond Jubilee! My Dad is certainly First Class!!

Image from

Arriving in a simple cardboard box with a photo label on it, the simplicity of this gift is key! The mug is slightly smaller than a standard mug, but big enough for a decent mug of tea or coffee! Mr G was delighted with it, and has been using it ever since it arrived! From the few minutes I have been allowed possession of it, I can tell you it does feel really nice when you’re holding it!

Whether you’re after something sentimental or amusing this Fathers Day, check out Prezzy Box!

Disclaimer: We received the items free of charge for the purposes of the review, all views are my own honest opinions based on my experience of the products.

Rabbit Reviews! – Monster Pet Supplies

Nibbles the Rabbit was asked if she’d like to review for Monster Pet Supplies, now obviously she can’t reply herself, but Boo did ask her and she wiggled her nose in a sort of “yes” way so we told the people at Monster that she’d love to! 

The delivery arrived in a big box and Boo excitedly took charge of opening it! We received a bag of Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food, Supreme Tumblefresh Bedding, and a packet of Supreme “Donuts” Rabbit treats!

The Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food, aims to prevent picky eating and ensures a well balanced diet. The food itself is clean and there’s not lots of bits which end up everywhere! 

Nibbles was a little bit unsure at first, but seemed to quite enjoy it leaving her normal food to eat it instead! (It’s suggested that you introduce new foods slowly.) We did notice that Nibbles began to drink quite a lot more on the Supreme Science Selective Food, but she was eating the entire feed rather than just picking her way through it! 

Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food.

The Supreme Tumblefresh Bedding, is a strange to look at:

But it is a great alternative to sawdust, incredibly absorbent and softer than many sawdust products available, it was easy to clean out of the hutch and appeared to reduce the number of nasty smells! But don’t take my word for it, pictures speak louder than words and Nibbles is clearly keen to get it in her hutch:

Nibbles trying to drag TumbleFresh bedding into her hutch!

The Supreme rabbit treats come in a bright red bag and are shaped as mini doughnuts, they looked very appealing and in fact I had to explain to Boo that no he couldn’t try them, on more than one occasion! Nibbles was unfortunately not as impressed and would only eat the yellow donuts which was unfortunate as there were only a few of those in the bag!

Nibbles would like to thank Monster Pet Supplies for allowing her to review these products! Monster Pet Supplies offer free Delivery on orders over £59, check out their Facebook Page for the latest special offers available! 

Disclaimer: We received the products free of charge for the purposes of the review.

Swim into summer with SimplySwim

I’ve had a bit of an active week, I’ve been inspired to get back in the pool with both boys and also to take myself swimming in an attempt to both get fit this year and also as a great de-stressing activity! I have to confess, I was worried about my appearance in a swimming costume, and hiding my Mum-tum. Well, I’ve had a bit of help with my confidence from SimplySwim, who contacted me to ask if I’d like to try one of the Speedo swimming costumes and a pair of fitness swimming goggles. 

 SimplySwim have a great range of Speedo swimwear, with basic swimsuits, streamlined swimsuits, maternity swimsuits and well..I could go on there really is something to suit everyone! I decided to chose a swimming costume from the Speedo Sculpture range, as they claim to lift and shape the bust and help flatten the stomach – these are my areas of concern so if their costume could assist me even slightly I was going to be very happy! The costume I chose, is featured on this handy little video which explains a bit more about it:

Now for my opinions! I used the swimwear advice section in order to help me work out what size I needed to order, it was easy to follow and enabled me to easily select the size which I needed as opposed to try to guess which size I needed! It arrived quickly, and I was delighted when it fitted perfectly! The swimming costume is a very pretty pink/purple colour there is a fabulous ruffle detail along the chest line are flattering and feminine without being fussy or interfering with my swimming! There is nothing visible holding your tummy in (I expected uncomfortable strips of elastic but the support is subtly built in), however it definitely supported my tummy and gave it a flatter appearance, while it obviously can’t work miracles, it definitely made me look and feel sleeker! I found the neck line really flattering, and it isn’t too low, so whether I’m swimming on my own or with the children I don’t need to worry about revealing more than I intended! The fabric is really comfortable, and doesn’t become translucent when wet, so I’m very pleased with it! I’m enjoying wearing it for my trips to the pool!

My swimming goggles are also Speedo, and while they are pink to co-ordinate with my swimming costume they are still – I think – sophisticated enough for me to be wearing i.e. they don’t remind me of swimming lessons all those years ago! They are exceptionally comfortable to wear and didn’t dig in to either my face or nose! I had crystal clear vision both above and under the water and they refused to fog even after my daft attempts to force them to fog.. yes I’m fairly sure at one point the staff at the pool did think they had an idiot present! But no, I was just testing the goggles out! They have a clasp at the back so you can take them on and off easily, initially I feared that this might actually hinder me putting them on and off, or they might come loose and fall off, but I realised quickly that once done up, they are very secure but when you want to take them off they are easy to undo! 

Catch up with SimplySwim on twitter for the latest in must have swimwear, or accessories! 

Disclaimer: I was sent the items free of charge for the purposes of the review, however all views are my own honest opinions based on my experience using the items.

Organix Mighty Meals! Ideal for my Mighty Boys!!

I try to cook all our meals from scratch so I can see what we’re eating, but there are times when I don’t have enough time or the boys are really hungry. So I then have to decide to either compromise on what they’re eating or have very grumpy children until the food is ready!

We were contacted to see if the boys would like to try some Organix Mighty Meals, they’re ready made meals aimed at children aged 1 to 3, perfect for both my boys! The meals contain only organic produce, with nothing artificial added, and aim to encourage little eaters to try lots of different flavours and textures!

Boo was initially a bit sceptical about trying the meals, he announced they were ‘baby food’ and didn’t want any. After I had warmed up the Beef Stew with Dumplings for Elvis, Boo exclaimed that it smelt yummy and requested his own portion! This was an instant hit with both boys, and the only bits which didn’t get eaten were the bits which Elvis flung about in excitement..(he’s a very messy eater!).

The Chicken Korma was really popular with Boo and he asked if he can eat it everyday!! Elvis wasn’t quite as keen I think due to vegetables he doesn’t really like being discovered as they’re chunky pieces, mental note, cut up bits before he sees them! He decided he wouldn’t eat more than about a half of the portion, but I will definitely be encouraging him to eat this one again!


We were also sent some oat bars & the fantastic mini cheese crackers! The mini cheese crackers are subtly flavoured, and don’t contain the high levels of salt which the adult version do! Elvis loves these with his dinner!
Both boys love the Carrot & Tomato oat bars, these are an easy way to encourage them to enjoy vegetables and provide an easy fairly clean snack for  when we’re out and about! They’re definitely on our shopping list!

Huge thanks to Organix for letting us sample their great range! If you fancy trying the range yourself you can shop online or find it lots of supermarkets!

Disclaimer: I was sent a range of products for the purposes of the review, all opinions are my own honest experiences of sampling the product with my children.