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Great Gizmos – Gifts for Kids

I’m not sure about you, but for us it seems to be birthday season. I have two summer babies, and judging by all the party invites flying around I think there are many children with a summer birthday! When the children head to a party I like to send them with a  gift for the birthday boy or girl. But, choosing a gift for children isn’t always that easy, as often I don’t know the child very well and am reliant on my own child to explain what the birthday girl or boy likes! Not always the most reliable source! So, instead I look for gifts which are broadly suited to children of their age group. Hopefully something a little different to what they may expect!

Shopping online for gifts

I like shopping for gifts online as it gives me time to shop carefully! It also means I can shop while e.g. waiting at the school gates – multi tasking – win! So, where to shop online for kids gifts? We’ve recently rediscovered Great Gizmos.

Great Gizmos offer a wide range of gift ideas, from party bag fillers, soft toys, educational kits and even outdoor toys! We were excited to receive a box of things suitable for each of the three older children.

Great Gizmos Kids Toys


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