Firsts with Petits Filous..

Petits Filous challenged us to think about our little ones firsts. As tiny babies, childhood firsts seem to come quickly, their first feed, first tooth, first time they roll over. When they grow a little, the firsts slow down a bit, but are just as special. My youngest is 21months old, and each day I still see a magical first. This weekend her magical first was a trip to the beach, and her first proper paddle in the sea!

Toddler Paddling in sea

She loved holding her Daddy’s hands, and splashing at the edge of the shore, she shouted “bubbles” at the water hitting against the rocks creating white ‘bubbles’.

Another first, was building her own sandcastle at the beach, OK, it was less building and more knocking down, but she used her own bucket, and her own spade at the beach for the very first time. Watching her carefully work out how to dig the spade into the sand, and fill the bucket, the concentration on her face was amazing!

Frugi Organic Trousers on beach


Simple firsts, but so special! First Petits Filous are ideal as a first taste while you’re weaning, and my daughter still loves them. The little pots are ideal for little hands to hold while they’re learning to feed themselves, or even another..



Each first, is magical and a balanced diet helps my daughter Yo to keep growing and having new experiences. We love My First Petits Filous as the main ingredient is cows milk, so they’re full of calcium – perfect for helping grow strong bones. They don’t contain artifical colours, flavours or preservatives and have a low sugar content so they’re a great treat. We have been known to use My First Petits Filous to dip bread sticks into as an after school snack with Yo’s big brothers – yes they enjoy them too, actually we all do! You can find My First Petit Filous in your local Asda, so if you’ve not tried it already look out for it when you’re next shopping!

petit filous

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My first Petits Filous
Petits Filous -Perfect for weaning and beyond!