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Pregnancy during Christmas and New Year, how to stay healthy but have fun!

This will be my fourth Christmas being pregnant! The second Christmas being heavily pregnant, and I really do mean heavily pregnant? People always say “Oh gosh I bet it’s annoying being pregnant at Christmas, isn’t it?” Well, I have to admit that it’s not all fun and games, but there are some simple steps I take to make sure I can enjoy the season! I’m going to share those with you now!

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Making a Coffee Hamper.

There’s something wonderful about receiving a hamper at Christmas. However, they can be pricey, and often contain things which people don’t like! So, how about making your own?

I am a huge fan of coffee. As are many family and friends! Rombouts kindly sent me a selection of their coffees. So, I had the idea to make coffee hampers to give them for Christmas. The wonderful thing about making your own hampers is they can be as simple or exotic as you like. I also like the fact I can buy most of the bits I want to add while I’m doing my weekly shop!

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Lottie Dolls – Snow Queen

My 3 year old daughter loves dolls. I’ve heard lots about Lottie dolls over the years, but as my daughter is into “Princesses” I thought we’d have to wait a while until I could show her Lottie dolls. However, I then spotted the Snow Queen Lottie doll, and when she was sent one I knew that it’d be a great way to introduction to the Lottie range!

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Mother and Baby Bathtime gifts

Making time for a bath as a Mama-to-be I find to be incredibly rewarding as a way to bond with my bump. I also remember that making time for a bath as a new Mama is so important – it can make you feel as though you’ve been on a holiday! (Well they do say a change is as good as a break!). With that in mind, I am sharing my favourite bath time products for Mamas and Babies! Continue reading

The Last Jedi inspired gifts..

The Last Jedi has finally been released in the UK – hooray! For Star Wars fans everywhere this has been hugely anticipated, and so far the reviews are mostly positive! I love Star Wars, so when I received a wonderful gift from Pen Heaven, I knew I had to share it with you!

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Fuel saving with Firemizer

Like many households our fireplace is the main feature of our living room. It also provides a great source of heat, but we do burn a lot of wood! The Firemizer aims to optimise the burning of logs, so they burn up better. Therefore you use less logs, no bad thing if you’re  having to carry them into the log basket.

The firemizer is a big piece of metal mesh which sits at the bottom of the firegrate. Our grate is quite small so we needed to cut it down to fit – make sure you gloves it is sharp!

Did it work?

It definitely aided the burning up of logs, that said we ended up with smouldering more than flames. It may be less efficient to have flames, but I rather associate warmth with the flames and so I wasn’t entirely convinced. I think if you had a bigger grate this would be great but on our little wood burner the benefits were minimal.


We also tried out the firebuilder. The firebuilder is an eco friendly fire starter. This looks like egg cartons and I was a little dubious. But it started our fire really quickly and without the smells aassociated with traditional fire starting products.

It also did away for the need to have any kindling! This was a huge benefit! While we are lucky enough to gather our kindling ourselves many people have to purchase it in plastic wraps.. no need with the firebuilder. Another great thing about the firebuilder is it can also be used to start a charcoal BBQ – firelighters can’t. We will be buying these again!



Pregnancy Insomnia and other stuff.

Pregnancy insomnia, it’s like your bodies way of preparing you for life with a newborn. I’m tired and I want to sleep. But I suddenly find myself awake, looking at the ceiling thinking of all the things I could be doing. There’s nothing which can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m not stressed about anything which “needs” doing. I’m just awake.

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