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Kitchen focal point – American Fridge Freezer?

With Spring drawing ever closer, I find myself thinking about clean and clear spaces. Our kitchen is one of several areas in our home which has been a work in progress for longer than I care to admit. I’ve decided it’s a bit now or never and so we are planning to get it up to scratch before Easter . I’ve been sketching and writing down lots of ideas, and I think I’ve finally worked out what we (I!) really want!


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Lost in parenting..

At 1am, I announced my honest thoughts that I feel as though I am failing. At first this was greeted with a laugh, obviously I was reacting to the stress of a screaming baby at 1am, then it became apparent that actually my feelings were a little deeper. I proceeded to explain how I feel as though the house should be immaculate, the garden like a mini RHS garden, I should have the figure I had pre children and I should be doing all of this while being able to build the science project and bake for the cake sale at the same time. Continue reading

Sleep deprivation, baby.

As I am typing this, my almost 6 month old daughter is asleep next to me. I am sat wishing I could sleep to, just like they tell you to. However, it’s half term and I have two older children who are currently building a den with sheets (using the entire contents of the airing cupboard..) and to fall asleep would result in disaster. So, I feel like I ought to prop my eye lids up with match sticks. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day, is it love?!

I have a love hate relationship with Valentine’s day, the romantic in me loves it, but in reality it has never gone quite as I imagine. Let’s start with Valentine’s day gifts, the shops are full of brightly coloured gifts emblazened with the word “Love!” and huge bouquets of flowers in various red hues. The Valentine’s gifts I’ve received over the years have bucked the trends and been, well, different – hoorah I hear you cry, well not quite! Continue reading

Thinking about weaning..

Where has time flown?! My little girl is almost 6 months. We’ve been letting her sit in her high chair while we eat, and she’s already started to understand mealtimes and gets frustrated if you forget to put her into her highchair to sit with us! I think, we will baby led wean as Yo has already grabbed and had first bites of cooked carrot, and spinach…yes spinach! Continue reading

Nonabox – January Review

My January Nonabox arrived and I was excited as I really enjoy receiving a box of surprises for me and my little one, the boys usually have fun with the cut out task included in the box, and the boxes get used for building castles or storing toys, so we all love it when they arrive! This month saw two boxes arrive, as the contents didn’t fit into just one!

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How to care for sore feet..

In my years pre-children I would always wear heels on a night out, and relished wearing them to work too, though hated that achey feeling my feet would have by the end of the day. Being tall, people always ask why I’d bother to wear heels, and the honest answer was and still is, I love them! Learning to look after your feet can really help you survive in high heels! Continue reading

Dear Baby.. 24weeks with Yo

Dear Baby Yo,

How the weeks and months have flown, and you are now 24 weeks and so very much a part of the family. I cannot imagine what life was like before you arrived into our world! I intended to write a monthly update, to document all your special moments, but life has been busy and I have not spent the time documenting like I hoped. I can honestly say though, that I have smiled at you even in the middle of the night when you have woken the entire house up with teething or colic, you seem to have a magic way to make me smile, or perhaps I have mellowed with age? Continue reading

Shakespeare for Children

Introducing your children to one of literatures greats may seem a terrifying prospect, or even one which has you rolling your eyes with a mind filled with dread. Sweet Cherry publishing have a set of 20 Shakespeare Children’s Stories, these are simplified versions of the plays written as a story and are a perfect introduction to the great stories of Shakespeare. Each book has bold illustrations which capture a child’s imagination, both of my sons have been drawn to listen and ask questions pointing at the illustrations. Continue reading

Saggy tum.. be gone! #MuffintopMonday

I’ve managed to miss a week, I intended to write last week but the week rapidly disappeared and I know not where to! The last #MuffinTopMonday post  I wrote was about the little things making big changes. I haven’t had the best couple of weeks, although I tried to be good and learnt about things that I eat..and how awful some of them are. For example, I would think nothing of eating 6 chocolates, but I wouldn’t eat 6 of those Pink & White marshmallow wafers as that’d be greedy right? The 6 chocolates actually contain virtually double the calories that the wafers do.. which was a bit of an eye opener..! I’ll be sticking to posh chocolates from now on as they’re generally to rich to eat more than two! Continue reading