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When things get a little rough I turn to a bit of LUSH..

So every Mother, or Mother to be, knows how precious time to pamper yourself is, and for the majority of us it is the thing we alot least time to. I confess, my beauty routine has diminished from a good hour a day, to 5mins when i get up and 15mins (including a bath!) when i go to bed… 
I have become a huge fan of anything which does a job quickly and effectively, and following on from my post about the diminishing nature of my cellulite, (hoorah!) I wondered if i could do anything else in my 15min to boost the look of my buttocks! 

I’ve always been a huge fan of Lush, the colours remind me of playdoh, so bright that i just want to pick everything up and sniff it! I have used their bath bombs, bubble bars and melts for several years and enjoy the treat of a massage bar every now and then! 

But i have discovered a new favourite….BUFFY! This is my new winter Mummy must have! Describing itself as the ‘Slayer of unsightly bumps’ I had to try it out, and I am converted!! 

Presented as a square of what looks like a soap, Buffy combines exfoliation with moisturising in a bar form, so it is easy to apply and highly effective! It has a very subtle smell, so can be combined with any other products easily, enabling you to use in combination with your usual soap/bubbles etc!
Ground rice is the main exfoliant ingriedient which seems to give the perfect balance between enabling you to feel the effects without leaving your skin sore, this combined with luxurious shea butter leaves skin incredibly smooth and after using it 4 or 5 times the results are highly pleasing! My bum has not been so smooth in years! Buffy definetly slayed my bumpy bits!
A 90g bar is £5, which i think is a bargain as the 90g bar will last me ages! Just one thing to watch is if you are using it in the bath, the shea butter can leave the bath a little slippy – not good for anyone especially not Mums2be!

The joys of Easy Toning!

When I first read about Reebok’s Easytones, I laughed and announced that only idiots with more money than sense would fall for such an expensive product which clearly won’t work! I read some blogs via Reebok Women, and decided that the women were a bit bonkers, surely they couldn’t work, I mean, where is the science behind it?! Shoes cannot tone your bum!! 

A few months later, and having lost almost 2stone of baby weight, I was tempted by ‘That Bum’ in the advert to try a pair on.. I ventured into a big sports retailer and tried on the standard mesh version, I was disappointed to discover they were stupidly wide on my feet, and felt somewhat like flippers. The staff had no interest in ‘fit’ and just wanted to know if i was buying them or not, and i felt disappointed with the experience. As I was leaving a very young member of staff approached me and said ‘try the leather look ones, the fit is much tighter’ so with a renewed sense of my worth as a customer I tried on a black and bronze pair (which looked remarkably like the reeboks of the 1980’s!). Joy! They fitted, and felt erm, bouncy?! Right, these were being purchased and coming home with me!!!

The first day of wearing my easytones, i found that my lower legs and ankles ached more than anywhere else. This I believe is due to the fact they are heavier than my normal footwear! I also noticed for the first time in years, I was standing up straight, infact I was quite impressed as my new posture made me look instantly slimmer..hoorah!! I have to confess I instantly became a little addicted to wearing them in order that I might see a ‘result’ sooner rather than later! 
After 6weeks, and wearing my easy tones at every opportunity – feeling encouraged to walk ‘just that little bit further’ I noticed something rather pleasing… the backs of my thighs were showing signs of being smoother! Now, I don’t mean I have the legs of a teenage pop star nor the bum of Kelly Brooke, but seriously…I put on my shorts and bounced around with glee! No longer did I feel I needed to take an awkward stance or wear an extra long t-shirt, these legs are ok!! More than OK!! Unhappily, the shoes have done nothing to firm the blamanche consistency of my inner thigh but hey, a girl can’t have everything? (not all at once anyway!).