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Birds Eye Fish Fingers Sandwich Party!


Fish Finger sandwiches are without any doubt, the ultimate comfort food, (well for me at least!). You can keep them plain and simple, or make them just  a little bit posh with the help of some posh bread and a little imagination! A couple of weeks ago we hosted a Birds Eye Fish Finger party, thanks to Come Round, and experimented with fish fingers while drinking cocktails (or mocktails in my case!)
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#WeloveBeebies Party Weekend!


This weekend Beebies Baby Store is celebrating being shortlisted as “Best Independent Retailer” in the Loved By Parents awards! You can join in the fun all weekend using #welovebeebies on both Twitter and Facebook! Beebies Baby Store offer a fabulous range for parents and babies/toddlers! Stocking everything from fabulous maternity clothes (I especially love their cardigans!) to beautiful nappy cakes (i’m hoping someone might send me one of those!). Beebies Baby Store are a little bit special as they have a great range of products which are a little bit different to what you might find stocked by other retailers, and the added touches of such a personal gift range as the nappy cakes makes them an ideal one stop shop for anyone who is or knows a Mum to be or a new Mum! Continue reading

32 Weeks Pregnant – Aches and Pains

32 weeks pregnant, hooray! But ouch, as my hips hurt and I waddle everywhere at a pace to rival a snail, bending over makes me dizzy or nauseous or if I’m lucky.. both! Baby kicks, they’re more wriggles now, although when I get kicked there’s no mistaking it and it’s usually when I’m resting something (e.g. my arm) on the bump! Baby seems to hiccup alot, which is amusing, I remember Boo seemed to hiccup constantly for the duration of the last trimester! The bump feels (and looks) huge, and I am aware that I have become a little greedy which is adding to the size of the bump! I seem to have developed an obsession with fruit, but I am hating pineapple (which I usually adore!) and I have gone off various other foods quite dramatically to. I am in a stage of requiring lots of ice in every drink, to the point where I’ve bought a bag of ice-cubes as I am so keen on them!

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31 Weeks Pregnant and changing midwife.

I have a new midwife, I changed midwives after speaking to my GP as I wasn’t very happy with things. My GP was lovely and very supportive, advising me that while she couldn’t get involved (as they don’t employ the midwives) she supported my decision to find an alternative. My new midwife seems lovely and I felt bad as a wittered away at her, but left feeling confident that she actually cared about how I was feeling as well as mine and babies physical well being! We’ve arranged that she’ll do home visits for the next appointments, I found myself saying “are you sure? I don’t mind coming up to the hospital?!” and her smiling and pointing out that she drives past my house to get to work so she’s booking me as her first appointment of the day which is lovely!  Continue reading

Little Big Songs – Pre-School Music CD

Singing is the easiest way to get children involved in making music, most of us probably remember singing with family or at play group from an early age. Don’t panic if you feel you can’t sing, if you enjoy it you will encourage your children to enjoy it. Singing is very personal, and I’ve often heard over the years “I can’t sing as I’m embarrassed by what people might think” and often from the people with lovely singing voices. 

So, what can you sing with small children? I’ve already explained my horror as my children started singing songs from the radio, thankfully getting certain lyrics totally wrong! However it’s inevitable that children sing what they hear frequently! If you want more child appropriate songs, without resorting to the golden oldie fail safe nursery rhymes or songs from children’s tv, check out the fabulous CD Little Big Songs by Jerry & Co. The songs are all about everyday experiences, e.g. The day we moved, Ooh that’s lovely grub; and are sung by a mix of a gentle adult voice and children’s voices. 

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