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How to re-use an outfit for Christmas

Guest Post

We’ve all been in this situation before. You’ve gone the whole year attending birthdays and weddings, and have always managed to find an outfit. It’s Christmas once again though, and you have nothing to wear for that office party or for New Year’s Eve – what do you do? There’s no point in spending money on a new dress that just doesn’t fit right, or complement your figure, so now you have only one option left: up-cycling!

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Star Decorations – Kids Craft

Do you need some new Christmas decorations but want something unique? Do you need something to keep the children busy while they over excitedly wait for Santa? How about having a go at making a string of Star decorations?

Home made Christmas decorations


These beautiful stars are currently hanging around our kitchen! They’re seriously easy to make, and are a great family activity! Continue reading

How learning has evolved..

When I was at Primary School, blackboards were still in active use, we’d battle to be the child to get to wipe the board! My own children look at me as though I’m a relic when I say this, as they now only know white boards. They also look at me with confusion when I say we used to have “computer time” once a week, with a BBC computer. They work on a computer regularly at school, and have no idea what a BBC computer was. But it’s not just classroom equipment which has altered, the ways in which we can learn has also changed dramatically. Continue reading

Last Minute Ethical Gifts Under £30!

With a week until Christmas, there’s still time to grab some great Ethically produced Christmas gifts! I’m sharing my favourite ethical gifts under £30, which if you hurry can still be delivered in time for Christmas.

The Chocoholic

You can’t have Christmas without Chocolate in our house! A very dear friend introduced me to The Raw Chocolate company, they make Vegan chocolate, most of which is organic and fair trade too. Top of the list to try this Christmas is their award-winning Chocolate Almonds!


The Beauty Queen

Green People are a brand I really love, I’ve used their products for a few years and I won’t use anyone elses sun cream on my children’s skin. Their products are really kind to skin, and I find their make-up is brilliant on my sensitive skin! On my “to try products for 2017 is their mascara which a friend raves about, but I’ve not got round to trying. Green People this year have a range of organic stocking fillers in beautiful Butterfly packaging.

ethical gift under £30

The sale of each will give a donation to the Butterfly Conservation, which helps protect British Butterflies. These are great little gifts, priced under £10. There is no excessive packaging, the outer cardboard can go straight in the recycling. I love the indulge night cream one in particular, as over Christmas I find my skin care routine can get a little erratic! This little gift is ideal to remind me to indulge my skin before bedtime!

Green People products contain no nasty chemicals. Their products are Organic and they pride themselves on using Fair trade ingredients. They donate 10% of their NET Profit to charitable causes.

The Star wars Fan

One of my favourite brands is Po-Zu, their shoes are seriously comfortable! What has this got to do with Star Wars I hear you cry? Well.. I spotted this:

They’re not out until next year, and are rather over the £30 budget BUT.. Po-Zu sell gift cards! Yes, I may have asked everyone I know for a Po-Zu gift card this year! I already own a pair of Piper Boots, but not the Star wars ones! I can say that they are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned!

Ethical gifts under £30


The New Parents

Sophie la girafe skincare makes a lovely gift for a new baby! New parents often find themselves overwhelmed with “Baby’s first Christmas” gifts. Sophie la girafe skincare is ECO certified, and Vegan too. The Sophie la girafe starter kit is priced around £15, and contains small sizes of each product! My personal favourites from the range are the Body Lotion and the SOS cream, both are winter essentials in our household – both for children and me too!

Your BFF!

Cashmere fingerless gloves upcycled from old cashmere jumpers, they’re as fabulous as they sound! These are a go to gift for that friend who hasn’t quite got the idea that ethical and sustainable gifts are fabulous! I adore the fact that each pair is slightly different!

Ethical gifts under £30


Available at Nomads Clothing, along with many other gorgeous gift ideas.

The Bag lover..

Scarfanista sell a cute fairtrade bag with a butterfly design, it’s a practical style which would be lovely for Spring! I own a small over shoulder bag from the same range, and it is very sturdy! I say sturdy as it has been overloaded, over loved and generally over used but still looks as good as it did when it first arrived in my wardrobe!



Remember, that for a really Green Christmas, less is best! Buy gifts with care, and choose things people will love. Merry Christmas!

Wrapping and Packing at Christmas

Sending gifts to friends and family at Christmas is an annual event for many families. But, wrapping and packaging up parcels often feels more stressful than the Christmas shopping itself! Worrying about whether you’ve packed a parcel well enough, or where the parcel is! Well, Contact Numbers UK are here to help! They’re a bit like Santa’s little helper, ready to help you with a phone number for TNT to get your delivery queries sorted quickly. But also offering help on how best to wrap your parcels so they get to their destination safely! They’ve asked me to share my wrapping and packing tips with you, so read on! Continue reading

Giving Books at Christmas.

As a child, my Godmother would buy me wonderful gifts each Christmas. Her own daughters were grown-up, and I think she used buying me a gift as an excuse to revisit favourite gifts they had received. When I turned about 6, she started to buy me books. Not just any books, but rather special hardback books. Beautifully illustrated books. Books which I was really too young to read, but adored. One of the most special books she bought me was a copy of The Secret Garden, which I had until very recently. Closing my eyes, I can still think of the illustrations, and the story. Long after a toy would have been broken or forgotten about, the gifts she gave me all those years ago are still fresh in my mind.

Books for Christmas

Puffin Books available now!

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Scooby-Doo Christmas Gifts

It’s almost Christmas – Hooray! But wait, there’s still gifts to choose! Grab the misletoe and get ready to find the perfect gift for someone special this Christmas. Warner Bros, has the ultimate selection, whether you’re looking for him, for her or for festive favourites to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit!

The Scooby-Doo 6 DVD Christmas Collection is a marvellous gift for any Scooby-Doo fan! With over 9 hours of mysteries, the Scooby-Doo Christmas collection is sure to the family entertained! You can buy it here:

scooby doo box set

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Sleeping Beauty Panto Basingstoke – REVIEW

Panto seasons is underway and we were delighted to attend Sleeping Beauty, at The Anvil, Basingstoke! Starring Sue Holderness (Only Fools and Horses) Sarah-Jane Buckley (Hollyoaks) and Katrina Bryan (Nina and The Neurons). I always think of Panto as a traditional part of Christmas, even though it wasn’t something I really did as a child. There’s something wonderful about Panto, it engages the audience in a unique way with a mix of acting, music, comedy and of course.. audience participation!

Sleeping Beauty, Basingstoke

Anvil Theatre, Basingstoke. Sleeping Beauty panto 2016.
Photograph By: Sean Dillow.

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