Growing old and breaking down barriers.

Growing old, something we all hope to do. I have visions of spending my golden years living near the seaside, walking the dog along the beach every day and never having to rush anywhere for anyone! With a growing ageing population, the stigma associated with being “old” or “incapable because they’re old” needs to be broken down, just because someone is old does not mean they’re not capable of doing something or learning something new. 

Bathroom Solutions have been working to breakdown barriers for the elderly. In their Breaking Barriers campaign, they want to show the world that however old people are, they can still learn new things, or even pass on their skills to others. Whether it’s getting out and learning a language, brushing up on their DIY skills, or joining a fitness class, it’s all about encouraging the elderly to get out their and defeat the stigma! Getting old doesn’t have to mean stopping doing things, follow the campaign on social media using #BreakingBarriers.

Bathroom Solutions have lots of experience of working with older people, they design specialist bathrooms to make life easy for those with limited mobility. As people get older they can struggle with reduced mobility, and something as simple as taking a bath, becomes difficult for many. Climbing out of the bath is quite a physical strain, and could be very dangerous slip hazard. Bathroom Solutions will help you rethink bathroom lay out, and design a safe, stylish new bathroom. Something as simple as replacing a standard bath with a walk in bath, could be just the solution to keep you or a loved one independent and able to still enjoy that relaxing bubble bath!



This post is in collaboration with Bathroom Solutions.