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Steps to a happier Mama?

Lost in Motherhood, been lost there a while? It’s hardwork having small children, each pulling you in a different direction. It’s hardwork keeping up with the mutliple school activities, and the parties, and playdates. Unless you’re supermum, or have a personal assistant who organises your every move, it’s easy to get lost in the motherhood maze. 

It’s easy as a busy Mama to stop planning that coffee with friends, planning a haircut requires military planning, and as for your wardrobe.. Then there’s THAT Mama, the one who has 5 children, the youngest was born last week and she’s already back in her size 8 jeans, and you look and think “Wow, how does she do it..” Well, I can’t answer that, as that’s what I’m thinking too. My youngest is 22months and my pre-pregnancy jeans still don’t fit above my knees..but that’s another story. What I do know, is I have 3 simple things which make me happy, things which I took for granted before I was a Mama, and are extra special now I AM a Mama!

A hair cut at a favourite salon, find a hairdresser who literally works magic! Personally, I go in looking like a scarecrow, I come out with hair which looks stylish and is cut so well, that I only need to wash and blow dry it each day, no further styling required. Yes, seriously it is that good a cut, no more pulling it up into hairbands, I just wash and.. er.. go?! Find a hairdresser who works magic, and get a cut which works. Don’t need a cut? Get a blow dry, just some adult company and pampering is sure to make you walk out the salon like a supermodel.

Coffee with friends, this can be a bad habit made good, forget coffee shops who don’t pay their taxes! Buy decent fairtrade coffee and have friends over for a coffee and a chat. Yes, they MAY have to make do with your toddler attempting to raid their handbag at every opportunity, or clamber over mounds of your unfolded washing, but you both save money and it’s less stressful than watching your toddler try to climb onto the neighbouring table at the coffee shop. Win/Win!

The mirror… Remember that scene from Snow White? “Mirror Mirror on the wall? Who’s the fairest of them all?” Yes, that one, well unless you have an enchanted mirror rest assured no one will reply “not you”. Begin and end the day by looking in the mirror, it’ll remind you to pop on that night cream..(or wipe off that felt tip pen..). It might also inspire you to step out of the maternity clothes you’ve been reluctant to dispose of, seriously we’ve all done it, but once baby is 6months old treat yourself to something without an elasticated belly band!

Sit down, and write what makes you happy, and find a way to do something each day which makes you smile – even if it’s just a text to an old friend. You might feel bad for taking time to yourself, or spending money on yourself, but remember a happier you = a happier Mama.