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Horrid Henry It’s All Your Fault!! DVD Competition

One of Boo’s favourite cartoon’s is Horrid Henry, and as I have explained before I rather like it to! With a new updated and very cool theme tune which Boo wants to sing unaccompanied by his Mother.. sigh… Thankfully, I am still cool enough to watch Horrid Henry with him – Hoorah! 

This DVD proved very popular, and we loved seeing Perfect Peter not being quite so perfect! With lots of mayhem and mischief, it caused lots of laughing from all of us! Moody Margaret is my favourite character as she’s such a good match for Horrid Henry, she really does have some fun with Henry in this DVD!

If you’d like the chance to WIN a copy of It’s All Your Fault! See the rafflecopter widget below and follow the easy steps – good luck!

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Cocoa Boutique – Luxury Chocolate

Cocoa Boutique offers luxury chocolates via post, their chocolates are sophisticated and exotic with flavours you won’t find in an average box! Master chocolatiers including Barry Colenso and Sun Trigg create chocolates to tantalise your taste buds.

The simple but eye catching box, hides well the beautiful exclusive chocolates chosen carefully for each box:

The chocolate selection this month, was beautiful! Just look at all the colours and designs – so pretty! I didn’t know where to start! Looking at the guide, I carefully worked out which flavour I would taste first, and I was not disappointed!

Milk Ball, decorated with silver shimmer.

With a good variety of milk and dark chocolate, there was something to appeal to every taste. My personal favourite was the sea salted caramel, which was utterly divine! I even surprised myself by really enjoying Cocoa-Nutty Cream – and I’m not usually a fan of coconut, but this was seriously light and utterly scrumptious! 

The exotic Bakewell Tart, super pretty and very sweet to eat!

The contents of each box is influenced hugely by the feedback they receive from each customer who completes the feedback form which arrives with each box, I think this is a great idea as they’re continually acting on customer feedback! With subscriptions being available to receive chocolates monthly, two monthly or quarterly the membership is quite flexible. They also offer gift subscriptions where you can buy 2, 3 or 6months and pay in advance, which I think would be a lovely gift – for a special birthday perhaps?

Cocoa Boutique Ltd

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of Cocoa Boutique Luxury chocolates for the purposes of the review, the review contains affiliate links.

Jolly Logan by NICI

Sometimes we get the most amazing opportunities or goodies, and this parcel was one which made us all smile with delight:

We were sent a fabulous selection of NICI products from the Jolly Logan Range, which depicts a Wolf dressed as a sheep and a sheep dressed as a Wolf! They’re a fabulous range of gifts with something to suit all the family!

This seriously cute cuddly wolf was an instant hit with both boys (and me!) as it’s incredibly soft – perfect for a cuddle and very good quality. Both boys were  quite keen on the fact they could disguise the wolf by pulling his hood up:

I think this beautiful soft toy would make a lovely gift for anyone who’d like something to make them smile! Ours is on time share between the boys, and has already been on several adventures, he seems to be doing well to help E get over his fear of the big bad wolf in fairy tales! I envisage Logan wolf being taken on many expeditions over the next years – photos to follow!

This NICI bag is super cute, it’s big enough to fit in a A5 notebook and super soft to touch! With a great adjustable strap which can be worn across you or just on the shoulder, it’s sure to be a hit with children and adults alike! The boys have discovered Logan Wolf fits very well into the bag too..

Boo was most excited by the notepad, where he has recently started reading and writing he is very keen on nice notebooks and this one really captured his imagination! He instantly noticed the bookmarks and found homes for them in his school books, then took delight in writing his “own book” in the notepad. The note pad has plain pages so it’s perfect for any age group whether they want to sketch or write their ideas!

For me, the most exciting item in the parcel was the money tin. Growing up my sisters each had a money tin, and while I always wanted one, I never did get one, until now! Yes, I have claimed this as mine!

Firstly, I love the design – who could fail to like the cute sheep dressed as a wolf? Secondly, I love the fact this tin has a lock and key as it discourages just dipping in to the savings! The tin is a great size and there are two keys, (one for me and one for Mr G!) which means you can keep one key safe for your loved one if you give it as a gift. It’s such a cute design, I love it!

You can keep up to date with NICI on facebook and see all their latest ranges.

Disclaimer: We were sent a selection of NICI items for the purposes of review, all thoughts and opinions on the items are my own.

Justin Fletcher Jollywobbles: Wakey Wakey! DVD Competition!

Jollywobbles is in my opinion Justin Fletcher at his very best, performing old fashioned silent comedy to a fabulously fun original soundtrack!

There are seven episodes and each episode follows a theme, our favourite episode was the day spent at the Lido – it was extremely funny watching what happened – who knew you could swim in the foot bath?! Both boys loved watching the DVD and were very keen to sit together through the entire thing! If you are looking for family fun entertainment for the holidays, look no further, it really is brilliant slapstick comedy! 

Would you like the chance to WIN a copy of the DVD for yourself? Thanks to Abbey Home Media there are 5 copies up for grabs! Follow the simple steps on rafflecopter below:

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Disclaimer we were sent a copy of the DVD for the purposes of review. 
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When we were asked if we’d like a copy of Argo on DVD to review, I could barely contain my excitement. I was really keen to see the film, but through months of chicken pox and every other bug going around the children, we hadn’t found time to take ourselves on a date to the cinema, so getting a chance to review the DVD was perfect! 


I didn’t really know what to expect of the film, I’d read reviews and noted the incredible amount of awards won, these are the awards Argo won:

         BAFTA Award for Best Film
·         BAFTA Award for Best Direction
·         BAFTA Award for Best Editing
·         Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture- Drama
·         Golden Globe Award for Best Director – Motion Picture
·         Academy Award for Best Motion Picture of the Year
·         Academy Award for Best Achievement in Editing
·         Academy Award for Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published

 Award winning films aren’t always films I love, so I tried to ignore the awards and just watch the film – unbiased. Well, what can I say? I was not disappointed! The film, based on a true story kept me on the edge of my seat and I had many moments where I was so captivated in the action and felt such a part of the film that by the end I was in need of a strong cup of tea! I don’t want to give away any storyline details just in case anyone hasn’t yet seen the film (if you haven’t YOU MUST!) but what I will say is it is finally balanced with elements of comedy and drama mixed in and it is intense! The storyline seems so ridiculous, that you do have to remind yourself that this is based on a true story but then I’ve always thought truth is stranger than fiction! I really enjoyed Argo, and have fallen in love with Ben Affleck, well, (his acting!) all over again! I will definitely be watching it again!

Many Thanks to Warner Bros. for sending us a copy of Argo to review!

Easter Baking Ideas.. Bunny cupcakes!

We were sent a fabulous Easter present from Baking Mad to help us get baking for Easter, Boo is very keen on baking at the moment and it’s something I’m keen to encourage, thankfully we’ve no trouble finding an Easter recipe on Baking Mad there are lots of ideas!

Within our parcel of goodies, we found some edible decorations to help make cupcakes look like bunnies, so we decided we’d have a go!

Using one of the fun Easter baking ideas we made a beautiful batch of cupcakes, Boo enjoyed helping weigh out the ingredients and adding it all to the mix. We discussed how we would decorate them while they were cooking, and when they came out the oven they smelt divine – we could barely wait for them to cool! Boo decided he wanted to top the with chocolate which we did, and then he set about decorating!

 Of course, now Boo is keen to challenge me to make some hot cross buns or Easter buns as he calls them, luckily for me there is a great video to help me! I might even have another go at making biscuits (usually mine are a disaster!).

Are you going to be baking this Easter? I can’t wait till the school holidays, as we’re going to have a go at making our own Easter eggs – do you think we’ll manage to keep them without taste testing them all until Easter Sunday??

Many thanks to Baking Mad for sending us some Easter treats to get us baking this Easter! 

Scooby-Doo Mask of the Blue Falcon, Film Review!

Scooby Doo has always been a family favourite, and I was delighted when we got the opportunity to review the latest movie Mask of the Blue Falcon, currently available from Amazon on DVD with UV copy for £9.99.

The story is classic Scooby Doo, with plenty of bad guys and the Scooby Doo team have to work together to solve the mystery. Set at a comic book convention, which is said to be haunted by a monster, will the Scooby Doo gang unravel the mystery of just who or what is haunting the convention? I have to confess that Boo struggled to sit through the entire film (he is 4), but we took a break in the middle for a trip to the kitchen to make a snack and then he happily sat through the rest of it! Boo said he enjoyed it, and wanted to bring his friends round to watch it after school – so I detect an after school movie session happening soon! As a parent it was very enjoyable to watch, especially as I used to love Scooby Doo myself as a child, we’ll definitely be watching it as a family again soon! I have to say that I love the Ultra Violet copy being included with the DVD, as it means we can watch our favourite films when we’re away from home – ideal for when we’re visiting family over Easter.

Thank you to Warner Bros. for sending us a copy to review.

Friday Feeling..

I meant to post this after Mothering Sunday, but with yet another tummy bug in the house (and me as it’s unwilling victim!) I’ve been delayed. I do think however, that it’s the perfect post for a Friday especially as today is Comic Relief.

I think at times I’m guilty of taking things for granted, and worrying about the little things in life. When it comes down to it, I need to remind myself that as long as we are all healthy, safe and have each other, nothing else really matters. 

This note written by Boo is super special to me, 

Dear Mummy, you are rock because you do making with me..

He was meant to be writing “you are amazing” but wanted to write “you rock” there’s my Mr Independent! I love that he said it was because I do making with him, as usually that’s either junk modelling or cooking, so it shows it’s about spending money but spending quality time, that’s what I remember from childhood and clearly Boo already loves. I’m counting my blessings and sending a donation to Red Nose Day, remembering every little helps to make a difference.

Ms G xx


Thrifty Children’s fashion! #MagpieMonday

This weekend we braved the freezing cold weather and managed to have a quick look around the local car boot sale. Pickings were thin on the ground, with lots of children’s toys mostly in dismal condition and very little else. However, on the last stall, there were a small selection of boys clothes piled on top of one another which I couldn’t resist looking through, and I was glad I did!

I managed to find hiding amongst the pile of clothes, a pair of fabulous cords and a polo shirt in as good as new condition, both by the trendy Joules brand, and costing 50pence each! The cords are seriously cute, the pockets are lined with a checked material and they’re just…scrumptious! I also ended up buying a thick Gap jumper and some beautifully lined Boden trousers, which E is currently wearing! So, E’s wardrobe is all updated for spring for a grand sum of £2! He looks very cute, even if I do say so myself! He’s being camera shy this morning but I will try to grab a photo and update when I’ve captured him looking so dapper!

Dressing the boys can get expensive so I try to thrift where I can – especially as they grow so fast! I’m delighted with my finds!

Me and My Shadow

Olly the Little White Van Review & Giveaway!

We were recently sent a copy of the Olly the Little White Van DVD Catch Me If You Can, and a wonderful Corgi Jethro toy. Instantly E decided that Jethro was his to try out and after we had carefully unwrapped it, he proceeded to drive Jethro around the house and across the garden! 

Jethro is the classic quality you would expect from a Corgi toy, made in die cast metal, he is very well modelled so even the fussiest fan will struggle to find fault with this character! It wheels along really well, and both boys have enjoyed playing with it (they both love tractors!), although I think it’s possibly the fastest Jethro has ever moved!

The Olly the Little White Van Catch Me if You Can DVD is great fun, and essential viewing for any keen Olly fans, we love the title episode with a voice activated go-kart! What will happen? Will Olly save the day?! The episodes are all about 5 minutes long and so an ideal length to keep the little ones attention! It also comes with a fabulous colouring sheet, ideal to keep little ones busy!

So, do you fancy winning the DVD and Jethro toy I’ve just mentioned? Follow the simple steps below on the rafflecopter widget.

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