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    Vegan-friendly Banana Cake

    Vegan-friendly banana cake has been on my to do list to make for a while. But we rarely have bananas which get ripe enough to be used for cooking, they get eaten way before that. I had to pop into a local shop over the weekend to buy bread, and they had a huge amount of of very ripe bananas reduced to 28p per bunch. So, I ended up buying two bunches, knowing they would be used within hours. Tip – Bananas freeze really well for use in baking, or smoothies at a later date. I peel and slice the…

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    Wellington Boots Care Tips

    Living in the countryside for most of my life, I have always had a pair of wellington boots on standby. I am sharing my Wellington Boots Care tips, as like anything if you care for them, they last longer! I…

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    Simple Vegan Biscuit Recipe

    This simple vegan biscuit recipe is one we keep coming back to! I’m a bit of a biscuit fiend, I really enjoy a biscuit with my coffee. We tend to make our own biscuits as it produces less plastic waste.…


    Make your own Easter Tree

    Easter decorations are something we’ve always enjoyed having at home. I remember as a child growing up with a beautiful branch covered in pretty wooden eggs. My sister brought the eggs home from Germany with her. They were loved for…

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    How does Sugar Affect the body?

    COLLABORATIVE POST I’ve been trying to reduce our sugar intake over the last year. I have a terribly sweet tooth, and when I’m under stress I reach for something sugary. It’s a vicious circle, as once I have some sugar,…

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    Ways to heal after Heartbreak

    Collaborative Post I was asked to share this infographic on Ways to heal after heartbreak. I think most of us have been heart broken at one stage or another. Whether you’ve ended the relationship or your partner has, there are…