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    Care Bear Birthday Bear Review

    Birthday Bear

    We were delighted to be sent the Care Bear Birthday Bear! He is a very special Care Bear, scented with a vanilla cupcake fragrance. Which I think makes him the sweetest! I think he’s the only scented Care Bear currently! We love the Care Bears, I got my first one in the 80’s and I still have him, or rather my daughter does! There’s something about the Care Bears which make it impossible not to smile! There’s a character to suit every personality. Birthday Bear! The newest Care Bear – Birthday Bear arrived just in time for Grandad G’s birthday…

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    Why Should Children Learn to Swim?

    Collaborative Post Why should children learn to swim? I think swimming is a really important activity for children. Swimming lessons, or even family swims, getting in the water is important. My mother taught me to swim, she always loved swimming,…

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    How to plan the perfect small wedding!

    Collaborative Post How to plan the perfect small wedding? Whether it is Covid restrictions placing limits on how many people can attend or personal choice to have a more intimate gathering. A small wedding can be the fairy tale wedding…

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    New Family Home? Home Design Checklist

    Collaborative Post Having a family might mean you start thinking about buying a family home. But, with a family there are so many more things to consider when you’re choosing your home. I mean, before children living within catchment to…

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    7 Stages of Dementia – An infographic

    Collaborative Post Dementia effects more than 5.2million adults over the age of 65. There are different types of Dementia, which effect people in different ways. Having a loved one diagnosed with Dementia, I found that it was quite an upsetting…

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    The Benefits of Meal Prepping.

    Collaborative Post Do you know the benefits of meal prepping? I have to confess that processed food has a habit of sneaking into our weekly meals and snacks. I try to eat a healthy diet. But, sometimes we have weeks…

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    Vegan-friendly Banana Cake

    Vegan-friendly banana cake has been on my to do list to make for a while. But we rarely have bananas which get ripe enough to be used for cooking, they get eaten way before that. I had to pop into…

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    Wellington Boots Care Tips

    Living in the countryside for most of my life, I have always had a pair of wellington boots on standby. I am sharing my Wellington Boots Care tips, as like anything if you care for them, they last longer! I…

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    Simple Vegan Biscuit Recipe

    This simple vegan biscuit recipe is one we keep coming back to! I’m a bit of a biscuit fiend, I really enjoy a biscuit with my coffee. We tend to make our own biscuits as it produces less plastic waste.…