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Patchology Best Food Forward – Review

It is Sunday and I’ve decided to start reviewing some pampering treats for Self-Care Sunday. Today I tried out Patchology Best Foot Forward, softening foot & heel mask. I wanted to have a bit of a pampering session while reading a book – the perfect Sunday evening in my opinion!

Patchology Best Foot Forward is easy to use, it’s literally a case of unwrapping the booties and putting your feet in them. So perfect if you’re busy, or don’t want any mess. The idea is to leave them on for 10minutes or more if you wish. I kept them for about 20minutes as I was reading.

So, the big negative is they are plastic and single use. This is not a good thing. They come in a cardboard outer, but they’re packaged in a plastic packet and are made from plastic.

Does Patchology Best Foot Forward work?

I didn’t feel the warning sensation I was thinking I might, in fact my feet felt quite cold. Before I took my feet out of the booties I massaged them through the booties – to try to ensure I get all the cream onto my feet!

When I took the boots off I could instantly see my feet look moisturised. My very dry heels looked like they had been pampered a little! And my feet definitely feel softer. It isn’t a replacement for a pedicure or using a foot file on very hard skin, but it is certainly a good way to treat your feet.

The Patchology Best Foot Forward Softening & Heel mask costs around £10.

Eco Panda Re-usable Make Up Pads – Review.

Gifted – Review Post

I’ve been taking steps to reduce our waste for several years, and each year I try to tackle something new. But, one of the first switches I made years ago, was rethinking my make-up removal. I switched to re-usable options from single use facial wipes. Yes, many years ago, I too was that person who bought into facial wipes. They seemed an easy option, and I didn’t realise how awful environmentally they were until someone explained. My first switch was just to a flannel, and then years later I got my first re-usable facial wipes.

Many of my friends are still facial wipe users, or buy cotton wool pads wrapped in single use plastic. It’s all about ease, and re-usable is hassle – right? Well no. Re-usable wipes are such an easy switch, and actually will save you money oh and from running out! I think most of us have been there, with a full face of make-up at the weekend and no way to clean it off…

Re-usable Make-up Removal Pads

Eco-Panda sent me a set of their make-up removal pads, they come with a container to store them in – which looks beautiful in the bathroom or on your bedside table. Each pad is super soft, and so they glide across your skin – use your normal make up remover with them. Once used, pop them into the net laundry bag included – it’s made from cotton so no nasty micro-plastics to worry about. When you’ve enough in the laundry bag, you can wash them in the washing machine just pop the bag straight into the machine. I’ve only just needed to wash mine as you get a good supply – 18 in total, plenty for a weeks supply!

Eco-Friendly Packaging

I really like the fact the the pads come in a storage container and with a laundry bag. It makes the whole process so easy! I was impressed that they arrived in a cardboard box – no plastic waste to be seen. The pads and the container are made using Bamboo. Bamboo is a great material as it is bio-degradable and fast growing. The pads are also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, for the absence of harmful substances. So keeping your skin and the environment really clean.

I have to say, I am really keen on the Eco Panda Make-up removal pads. They feel lovely on my skin, and are beautifully presented. They would make a wonderful Christmas gift for any beauty fan. You can buy reusable make-up removal pads from Amazon.

Korres Greek Olive Collection Review

Have you seen the beautiful new range from Korres? Korres Greek range looks so pretty, and just makes me think of warm summer holidays!

A couple of weeks ago I made an impulse purchase, I needed a bar of soap, but wanted a nice bar. I was standing in Waitrose and spotted they had a “new in store” range from Korres. I couldn’t resist, and the decision to purchase the soap was made.

I posted an image of the soap on Instagram, and Korres got in touch to say that the soap didn’t look quite right.

That layer of white? It shouldn’t be there. They sent me some other bits from their range as they couldn’t replace the soap, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on the range.

Initially I have to be honest, I was disappointed as one of the reasons I bought the soap was to create less plastic. The items which they have sent out come entirely in plastic bottles, with plastic lids. Not ideal, in truth quite frustrating.

Let’s talk about the items though!

Anti-Ageing Body Oil Honey.

This is an easy to spray on oil, I do like a body oil as it is quick to rub on after a shower and instantly gives my skin a glow. (I also imagine I am on some exotic holiday rubbing in sun oil, while I’m actually standing in my freezing cold bathroom in the UK…just me?!) The honey scent is subtle, but comforting. Oil is great for my dry skin, and I really like this!

Shower Gel Honey

The shower gel pours out nicely, and looks rather like runny honey! The recommended way to use this is to apply to a sponge or flannel to get a good lather. I have to admit I agree, and it also helps me not use it too liberally! The lather is quite silky, it doesn’t foam too much and instead you feel like the gel is actually cleansing your skin.

Body Milk Honey

I tend to avoid body milk, as I worry that they won’t be nourishing enough. This comes out of the tube like a lotion, it doesn’t pour out so it’s easy to get exactly the amount you want.

It absorbs really quickly and easily leaving skin soft and smooth. No sticky feeling after applying! I really like it, and it has made me re think body milks now!

Korres is great at using natural ingredients and avoiding parabens and SLS. This range is suitable for vegans.

I really like the new Greek range, definitely one to keep in mind when I’m next shopping! Especially if they opt to go plastic free at a later date.

Non toxic nail varnish for kids

Nailmatic, Water Based Nail Polish and Natural Lip Gloss for Children #Review

Children love to copy, so when I’m putting on make up, my daughter will inevitably try to join in. Actually, I remember pleading to have my nails painted from a very young age! The problem is, most make up isn’t suitable for her delicate skin. When I was sent a Nailmatic gift set  for children containing a non-toxic Nail Varnish and a natural lip gloss, I was intrigued to try it out! Continue reading