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    Makita Power Washer

    Our trusty Power Washer stopped working at the start of the summer. Living in the country, we use our power washer to clean mud from the car, as well as keep paved areas looking clean.  So, buying a replacement jet…

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    Expressing yourself with your home décor.

    Collaborative post. There are many ways to express yourself. Through art, sports, writing, talking, cooking, and more, but have you ever thought about expressing yourself through your home? Think about it — you are in your home more than anywhere…

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    Aquabeads – CARS 3 Playset Review

    Cars 3 has been eagerly anticipated by our family since the first hint of it being released. My children (and I!) have a real soft spot for Lightening McQueen and all his friends in Radiator Springs! So when we saw…

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    Secrets and surprises..

    I have been keeping secrets. Now the time has come for me to reveal one secret, my secret. A secret I  never intended on keeping so long. But sometimes, you keep a secret for a while and then you reach…

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    How does smoking impact your body?

    Guest Post. When it comes to smoking, it can affect your body in many different ways. Increasing your risk of cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease and many other illnesses, perhaps the time to quit is now.

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    The clutter battle.

    Our home is full of “stuff”. I struggle daily to get the children to put their “stuff” away and the battle of clutter seems never ending. Actually, it feels as though it’s getting worse daily. Where does it all come…

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    Vaping around kids. – The dos & don’ts.

    Guest post. In recent times and in light of the health issues smoking causes, it’s no surprise smoking continues to receive an increasing amount of criticism. Health campaigners have been pushing for a blanket ban on smoking in all public…