Britmums Live, #BML16

This weekend was Brit Mums Live, #BML16, a blogging conference in London. I had mixed feelings on going, for a while I’ve felt a bit out of the blogging loop, I’ve not really blogged, and so should I be going to a conference?! That’s why I went, to remind myself why I write, and perhaps encourage me to publish some of those drafts which are sat waiting?

I actually had a wonderful time, I met up with wonderful old friends, and made new friends too! I learnt about Instagram, and now know that actually commenting is allowed if you like a photo..yes that may seem obvious..but I genuinely had no idea that I should comment on Instagram, I thought giving things “Love” would be enough! I’ve also learnt I need to organise my instagram too, so no more churning out lots of random photos..(maybe the odd one or two..).

Making al oilio

The most amazing session for me, was run by Casaella tourist board, they taught us how to make traditional ailio olio, and explained why they are such a fabulous destination for families or even sports tourists. I loved learning how to make something so tasty and simple to make, and it really did make you feel as though you were getting a taste of Spain while you chatted to the incredibly friendly team. It’s also made me very keen to visit, and I’ve spent much of today looking at how much flights to Girona will be, watch this space!

In some ways, the event was not quite as good as it has been in previous years, with less variety of brands, and tennis instead of sewing..bring back the sewing!! Though.. the tennis was fun! However, I’ve come away feeling a little more like me, a little less lost, and actually like someone has just handed me the map… watch this space!