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Do you have a Mum Den?

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A house full of young children, sometimes feels like it is a constant clutter battle. I dream of a clutter free, calming space where there is no LEGO to step on! While I adore my children, and know all too well that the LEGO stage will soon be something I look back on and wish it would return. I also would love just a teeny tiny space where toys are banned.

The Mum Den.

One day, I will create the Mum Den. Until I can literally create the Mum Den, I will just live through the planning in this blog post! I would choose a lovely log cabin to fit in the corner of our garden.

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How to make your home cosier for autumn

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For many, autumn signals a transition to cosy nights spent indoors – making it the perfect time to change around the interiors in your home so you can look forward to a snug cocoon when you get in on an evening. It’s time to adapt your home, and here are some of the ways you can transform your interiors. Continue reading

Creating a work space at home.

Working from home, I have found that I need to create a work space. Simply working wherever I feel like it means I waste valuable time gathering things. I have also find that it’s harder to stop working and relax! Creating myself a work space has been something I’ve wanted to do for a little while, and finally I am planning it! Continue reading

Autumn Family Adventures

I love the colours of Autumn. However, I’m not afraid to admit that the short hours of daylight can be miserable. I’d love to say how happy I am cosy at home eating apple crumble. But after a few weeks I find myself longing for sunshine and days spent outdoors.

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Styling a Country Living Room

This Autumn we have decided to focus on reviving our living room. I say reviving as it’s one of our most used rooms. The time has come to breathe new life into it! Living in the country, many styles I like in design magazines don’t really work. We’re lucky that the room is large, with a central wood burner. We’ve recently redecorated to make the walls cream to enhance day light in the room. So, we have a nice bare room to start with. I’m looking to introduce Oak furniture and keep it as loyal to a country home as possible.

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Star Wars Kids Shoes by Po-Zu Review

Finding ethically produced shoes, and choosing shoes which your child ADORES doesn’t always go hand in hand.

With brands like many main stream brands producing in countries such as China, India and Vietnam you can’t guarantee that children as young as your own aren’t making your shoes. Films such as the True Cost Movie have highlighted the problems of trying to mass produce in order to keep the cost low to the consumer. But at what human cost?

And then, we found these Star Wars Shoes from ethical shoe brand Po-Zu made under license from Lucas Films/Disney, I can please us both! Po-Zu have created a range of styles inspired by iconic Star Wars characters. Styles for both adults and children, and we all adore them!!

Star Wars Styles

The big problem was which style to choose? The Storm Trooper inspired style and the Chewie boot I really loved! However, my son was instantly drawn to the high-top styles. He might only be 6, but he knows what clothes he likes already! Eventually we chose Resistance High Tops.

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