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NET WORLD SPORTS Rebounder and children’s Cricket Set Review

My children love being outdoors, and they’re very keen on sport. I have to admit I probably don’t encourage them enough.

The older boys have both played cricket at school, and my 8 year old really enjoys it. It’s quite amusing as my only experience with cricket is watching it on television when my Grandpa stayed with us – that’s a long time ago! But my 8 year old in particular seems very keen on cricket, so I guess I’ll be learning about it!

Cricket Set

We were sent the cricket set and a rebounder for review by I have to admit the cricket set was an instant hit. The boys were straight outside playing together – an hour of play with no fighting I hasten to add!

I like the set as it is brightly coloured so easy not to mislay bits. It’s light enough for them to carry around, but it feels like a proper cricket set. It is definitely a children’s cricket set and not a toy cricket set. The bag to store the set in means we can take the set out to the park or to visit friends – and of course it stores the set neatly!


I had never thought of getting the children a rebounder. But, if you want them to stop bouncing balls off the side of your wall, invest in one now!

The rebounder is great for cricket, tennis, football or rugby practice. The ball hits the elastic net and rebounds towards you, more unpredictable than just hitting a ball against a wall. It almost feels as though the ball is being returned by another player. It’s great as a training aid and doesn’t require another player to play with!

It has been really interesting to watch how much they have used the rebounder. The boys have used it to practice football alot too. My eldest is a keen footballer and he has spent hours kicking the ball from goal to the rebounder and then “saving” it – or trying to! It is double sided, so can be used by two people at once.

The rebounder folds flat so it can be easily stowed or transported, perfect if you have limited space! We love the rebounder and have packed it into the car when we have visited friends. Whether your children are sports mad or just enjoy kicking a ball outside I would thoroughly recommend investing in a rebounder!

Bra Shopping

Collaborative Post

When did you last replace your bras? I recently learnt that you’re meant to replace your bras every 6 months or so. Some of my bras I dread to think how long I have owned them! So, when I got the opportunity to treat myself to some new lingerie from UK Lingerie I decided to update my bras!

The Sports Bra

One of the best bras to invest in is a sports bra, if you do any level of fitness activity. I have a couple of sports bras already, but I really wanted a great sports bra which would offer optimum support. I’m upping my fitness, so I need something with plenty of support!

Image: UK Lingerie

I opted for a Shock Absorber Ultimate Run bra – as it is seam free on the inside – no chaffing! I like that you buy this style by bra size, although on advice I went a chest band size – and was pleased I had! It is a really comfortable bra for exercising in, it supports and keeps me coold – it seems to wick sweat away. I think it helps my posture while I’m running too.

The T-shirt Bra

I like having a t-shirt bra as I wear a lot of fitted shirts, and I don’t want my bra showing through! I chose a Wonderbra Ultimate Silhouette T-shirt Bra. This is a great bra! It fits true to size, is seriously comfortable, and gives me a great shape! I like the fact that this can be worn with quite low cut tops too. The cut of the bra means it works with a low v-neck and not just t-shirts! I chose the nude colour as it works with all my summer wardrobe, but I’ll be investing in a black one too!

The Balconette Bra!

I think you need a balconette bra or a push-up bra in your lingerie drawer! Personally, I’m a fan of a balconette bra, I prefer the fit to push-up bras and they seem to work well with my wardrobe.

So those are my essential bras, and now I’m wearing the right size and style every day no matter what I’m doing!

Exciting Summer 2019 Formal Dress Trends


Image Source: Pexels

This year will see an exciting and colourful collection on all the major catwalks, and if you want to get it right every time, here is a glimpse of what everyone will be wearing this summer.
Oversized Hats – This trend is a continuation of 2018, when large hats first graced the major catwalks, and with a scorching summer on the way, an oversized hat is the ideal way to protect your facial skin from the harmful UV rays. If you are still thinking outfits, Peaches Boutique has 2019 silver prom dresses on offer and they are simply stunning. Find a shade that is slightly lighter that your dress if you are wearing a hat, as this will give you a balanced look.

Image Source: Unsplash

  • Looser Shorts – We all saw the cycling shorts make a comeback last summer, yet this year will be the year of the loose, sensible shorts. Make sure you are tanned and select a rich, deep colour, either that or white. Mid-knee length and large side pockets make for a sophisticated, yet rugged look, great for the beach and other summer outdoor occasions.
  • Tight Pleats – If you invested last year, you’ll be glad to hear that tight pleats are still the thing to wear. Lilacs, light blues and silvers are all popular with evening and day wear, as are pinks, bright red and beiges. There’s nothing wrong with a little experimentation regarding pleats, and if you would like some inspiration, here are some excellent pleated skirt ideas to view.
  • Tie Dye – This 60’s fashion has gone full circle and bright yellows and turquoises, great for those hot days on the beach. Chic patterns that are bold and contrasting, and of course, it looks much nicer with a deep tan and silver jewellery.

Image Source: Unsplash

  • Flat Shoes – As with last year, those flat and fancy shoes are still trending, especially for beachwear, and coloured bows add a touch of contrast. Leather sandals will be on display on all the major catwalks this summer. A perfect companion to that beach-battered look just make sure that yours are comfortable to wear, and braids can be added for some extra colour.
  • Fringing is Back – Those adorable rawhide fringes are back in fashion, and suede is the perfect fabric, and can be worn on those cowboy boots and also on certain jackets up to the elbow. Bags can be fringed, which adds depth to any look, and make sure you don’t overdo it with fringes, as it can detract from the look you are trying to create.

There are great bargains to be had with summer designer dresses from an online boutique, and with the above tips, you can plan your outfits ahead of time and make some heads turn. Choose your colours wisely, and stock up on bright costume jewellery to complement your outfits, and this summer will see you nailing your design choices. The Internet is a great source of inspiration for anything, especially fashion concepts, and by choosing a look that matches your personality, you will be self-confident of your fashion choices.

THRIFTY FASHION for summer – Sustainable Style

It’s been a while since I shared some of my thrifty fashion finds. As the weather has been sunny, it has made me start to think about what I’ll be wearing this summer! I make no secret that I love to charity shop, and I’ve had some fabulous purchases recently. You can read more about my charity shopping tips here.

I have not owned a decent pair of denim shorts since the pair I owned as a teenager which I wore until they literally fell to bits! I have been looking to replace them ever since, but I’ve never found a pair which fit quite right. This week I finally found a super pair, which are perfect! They’re The White Company, and I found them in a Cancer Research Shop for around £6!

I think a lot of people shun t-shirts and vests at charity shops as they’re such a cheap thing to buy new. But, I’m buying second hand for environmental reasons, so I’ll happily look through all the things!

Every summer, I wear cardigans to help with the changeable British weather! But sometimes a jacket works with an outfit slightly better. I gave my favourite jacket away last summer, as it didn’t suit me anymore. Imagine my delight when I found a casual Monsoon linen jacket on a 50p rail! It is perfect with a dress or teamed with my new to me denim shorts! It’s so light that it’s almost a shirt, and I love the handkerchief style front, though I may need a brooch to secure it on days when it’s windy!

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a pair of sandals, I know people have mixed views on second hand shoes, but I have to admit that when I buy them they always look unworn. Often with sale stickers still stuck on them.

Swimwear – Speedo review

Collaborative Post

I reignited my love of swimming last year, I’m not the best swimmer – I lack style, something I should probably work on. Other people get in the water and look gorgeous, I get in the water and…well, swim. But I’m sure I don’t look as graceful as others! I really do need to work on my front crawl this year!

What I love about swimming

I love swimming as it requires very little equipment, just great your swimming costume and you’re ready to jump in. Although, if I’m swimming in a pool, I also have to have goggles! I have a pair of anti-fog Speedo goggles which fit me well and I find really comfortable.

For me, swimming is a great way to relax, I have to focus on my breathing and every day stresses fade away. Of course, it is a great way to keep fit too, and I am always amazed by how a good swimming session really does work all my muscles!


I have to admit that I like to have different options when it comes to swimwear. Especially if I’m taking part in a water-based sport rather than swimming. Sometimes I need more support – or more flexibility in my swimwear.

I was sent a Speedo Swimming costume to review which is designed for sports use. It has a high neck, and offers great bust support. I was worried about the zip-front but actually I can’t notice it once it is on. The leg is not cut too high, making it comfortable for things like aqua-aerobics too.

The side panel detail makes it a really flattering style, it really helps create a waist.

I was really impressed with this swimming costume, it was comfortable in the water and out too. It is soft to wear, and yet offers great support too. Also, it is also an eco-friendly option! It has been made using recycled abandoned fishing nets.

I teamed it with a pair of Speedo ladies swim short – I love these as they’re perfect for beach days when I am in and out the water! I have to say that they’re quite a generous fit, and they’re not too short! Being tall I often struggle with shorts being a little too short, and these are perfect for me! They have a drawstring waist which helps them to stay perfectly in place! They are also made using recycled polyester – it is great to see companies like Speedo choosing eco-friendly fabric options.

5 Ways to protect your home and your pocket

Collaborative Guest Post

A house is the building we create our home inside of, and sometimes a house can disrupt our home. Small accidents and home emergencies can have big financial repercussions for any family, as well as coming with inconveniences like no hot water or electricity. There are steps we can take to protect our home from these disasters, and make sure they don’t leave a hole in our pocket. Here are five ideas you can use to save yourself money and worry.

Get the Right Home Insurance Cover

Many people don’t have the right home insurance cover or no cover at all. Some insurance may be included with a mortgage or rental agreement, but this will often not have enough cover for your contents or valuables, or for unpredictable but inevitable problems like boiler repairs and burst pipes. It is worth checking any cover you have and seeing if it offers you enough protection.

Get Some Boiler Cover

Getting separate boiler cover for boiler repairs is becoming increasingly popular. It gives great peace of mind to know that in an emergency, the details of the boiler repair become someone else’s problem and you can concentrate on keeping warm and tending to family members. If you want to ensure you’re covered against multiple home emergencies, the company Certi offer packages that also insure your pipes and drains and all kinds of home emergencies as well as boiler maintenance. This type of package is highly recommended as you know your home will e fully protected.

Consider Insuring Specific Valuables

Some general home and contents insurance will not be enough to cover some of your most precious valuables. It is worth looking for specific insurance for these kinds of items. There are policies that are aimed at high-tech equipment, for example, that you can use to protect your computers and smartphones from theft or damage. Claiming for these on your standard home insurance can push your premiums up or come at a higher excess charge than is reasonable.

Install Home Security

Having your own CCTV system or home alarm is easier and cheaper than you may at first think. Thanks to advancements in technology and home wireless networks, it is possible to install a high-quality system yourself without wires covering the house. Modern systems even integrate your smartphone with an app allowing you to check on your home from anywhere in the world. This feature is very popular with the parents of teenagers.

Take Some Precautions for Emergencies

Having a box or bag with some emergency supplies kept in a handy spot may seem like you’re being overly cautious, but you won’t think that when you need it. It doesn’t have to contain emergency rations and bottles of water unless you want it to, but having a first aid kit and some candles or torches for home emergencies isn’t a bad idea. You could even add a USB power pack to charge phones.

Taking some precautions to protect you from home emergencies and the cost of boiler maintenance can save you money and stress at difficult times, so don’t let a natural disaster become a financial one.

My tips for healthy living

Collaborative Post

I am not a health and fitness geek, but I have learnt over the last 12 months that I really need to look after myself!

Keeping Active

Staying active is really important! But, I think it is really important to find something you enjoy doing. I have never enjoyed running, but I kept running to the point where it was bearable. I just don’t love doing it! The truth is, I love the feeling when I stop, and I keep going as I hate not loving it, but I’ve never been a runner. So, I’m trying out different sports to see if there’s something I can love more. Perhaps even a way to exercise at home?

I love the water. So swimming, sailing, kayaking or SUP and I am there! I enjoy walking, and will happily walk miles. I really want to give myself a challenge this year – but more on that another time!

Healthy Diet

My diet declined rapidly around the time I became a Mother. It is something I have to continually work on, or I fall back into bad habits. It’s difficult when you’re tired and there’s a chocolate bar at the checkout calling your name! Strangely I love eating vegetables and fruit, but I am terrible at snacking.

I try to eat quite a balanced diet, avoiding too much meat and dairy. So while I’m not Vegan, I tend to eat quite a lot of Vegan products. I prefer Vegan friendly chocolate, and I read dark chocolate is meant to be good for you too!

Gifts and healthy lifestyle.

I am terrible at asking for specific things when asked what I’d like as a gift. I always feel a bit awkward, having been raised fiercely independent! But I’m learning that it is OK to suggest e.g. vegan gifts. It’s a broad suggestion allowing them plenty of options (and I still get a surprise!).

Vegan Food Hamper

Healthy Living with Children

I have always encouraged the children to keep active. Weekends are spent out and about in woods or beaches – anything to keep them running about! Whether it is the park, swimming, or dancing around the lounge I think it is great to keep us all moving!

We are working on sugar intake, I think I do give them too much sugar at times. So I’ve started to take small steps. I’ve banned squash from the weekly shop and explained why – I think it’s important to explain that I’m not just being dull! Of course I’m not going to ban treats altogether! And with Easter almost upon us I’m well aware they will want chocolate – (so will I!) We were sent some Vegan Easter Eggs from Yumbles and they were popular with all of us! I didn’t even mention they were vegan!


I’m the worst at “being too busy…” but I always remember to go for healthcare checks. I don’t think anyone enjoys going, but I see it like an MOT for me. I plan appointments for days when I have childcare, and if I have to cancel, I re-book straight away.

Cooking with duck

Collaborative Post

I have always thought duck was difficult to cook with, and as such avoided buying it. I prefer the flavour and texture of duck to other meat. It has a much stronger flavour than chicken or turkey, I also find that I can’t eat too much of it. ! I had thought that duck was a fattier meat than chicken, but then I read this;

…a skinless duck fillet has less calories and less than half the fat of a skinless chicken fillet ­(a skinless duck fillet has 92kcal and 1.3g of fat per 100g compared to a skinless chicken fillet that has 120kcal and 3.2g of fat per 100g)

Which made me think I ought to try duck again, but where to start cooking it? I am not the best in the kitchen!

Image: Gressingham Duck

Gressingham Duck has made cooking duck really simple. Their Bistro range, takes the stress out of cooking duck, you simply pop the try straight into the oven. There’s no need to prepare the meat, add sauces, or seasoning – it is all done.

I served the Duck Breasts in Plum Sauce on a bed of noodles and stir fry vegetables. This was perfect as a quick dinner, but could easily have been served as a special dinner for two.

I was impressed with how easy it is to cook, and that the meat was really tender. The whole family enjoyed the meal!

Having introduced the family to duck using the Bistro range, I felt braver to try cooking duck myself. I’ve not tried cooking a whole duck yet, although that is on my list for Easter now! Instead I tried cooking duck breasts. It was so simple to sear them in a pan and then pop them into the oven until cooked using an enameled cast iron pan. It was so simple.

Cost, I thought duck was quite expensive so had never thought about adding it to our shopping list. A pair of Gressingham duck breasts cost about £8, so it isn’t a cheap option, however I do feel it is worth it for adding variety to our diet.

Which 8 man family tent?

Last year after a single holiday, the decision was made to sell it on. It was a fabulous tent, loads of living space, but the sleeping pods were small. It just didn’t work for us. We have taken our tents camping in Europe for several years, so our tent is an investment!

I had chatted to various camping friends about their recommendations, and there were varying opinions on air-beam tents. They always came up as part of the conversation, but people seemed to have differing opinions on whether you could buy a reasonably priced air-beam tent.

The benefit of an air-beam is quite clear – no poles to fight with, and in theory therefore easier to put the tent up – especially if you’re a lone adult trying to put up a family tent. The main problem with air-beam, in my view is the weight of the tent bag! The air beams are weighty!

I’m looking for an 8 man tent to ensure we have plenty of space, but I want room in the sleeping pods to be able to stand up. This may sound silly, but many of the cheaper tents have low ceilings in the sleeping pods and I’m tall. So, bluntly I fear I may put my head straight through the pod in the middle of the night.

Decathlon offers two 8 man tents, thankfully it is the cheaper one which has more height in the sleeping pods (160cm). The 8 man Arpenaz 8.4XL is a traditional tent, but most reviews suggest it is quick to pitch. Priced at £399.99 it appears to offer good value.

I’ve always been a fan of Vango, and the Longleat Air 800XL is a serious contender. It boasts a 10 minute pitch – so even if I’m slow surely that means 20 minutes and it’ll be ready? The height in the sleeping pods is 190cm. The price – it’s on offer at £599.99. But it is an air-beam – so no fighting with poles!

I’ve also looked at an Outwell Middleton 8A, this has a RRP of £1439.99. It doesn’t work for me as the sleeping pods are too low (150cm tall). This does have the benefit of extra living space – ideal if we’re camping in the UK.

Currently I think it’s a choice between the Decathlon tent which offers great value, and the Vango which offers ease. £200 between the price makes it a tough choice as that could pay for a weeks pitch fees!

A Parent’s Guide to Summer Holidays at Disneyland Paris in 2019

Collaborative Guest Post

The kids have been begging to go on holiday to Disneyland Paris for what seems like years now. This year you finally have decided on a summer holiday in Paris with Disneyland being the main focus. Of course, as parents, you want a bit of adult time as well. Here is a brief guide on how to give everyone a little of something they all want when visiting Disneyland Paris in 2019.

Travel Arrangements Are First

Once you have decided to take that trip to Disneyland Paris just across the channel, you’ve decided that leaving the car behind is a much easier and quicker option. You know when your holiday leave has been approved so you start making air travel arrangements from the UK to Charles de Gaulle to Disneyland Paris. It makes the most sense to arrange not only for air travel but also for a private transfer to and from the airport Paris as well as for transport to and from the hotel you reserve for the holiday. Because you can book all of that in one service with companies like Easy Go Shuttle, you can narrow down your itinerary almost by the hour. Easy Go Shuttle have a 5* rating on Trip Advisor and are the recommended choice amongst many parents, as they provide complimentary child seats and will assist you with all of your luggage – no matter how much you have with you!

But first, even though you know that the chauffeur driven taxi can pick you up and take you all around Paris for other attractions, you need to know where to have them pick you up! It’s time to choose a hotel!

Booking Accommodation Comes Next

Before going any further, it’s best to get those accommodations reserved. Most parents find that staying as close as possible to Disneyland makes the most sense. Transport times to and from the theme park can take time away from enjoying all the attractions the kids love most.

Did you know that Easy Go Shuttle not only offers transfer from Charles de Gaulle to Disneyland Paris but can also pick you up for travelling to other attractions around the capital as well? This is something else to consider when choosing a hotel once you know those dates of travel and have made the flight arrangements to Paris from your nearest airport in the UK.

Parents’ Night Out in Paris – From Dream to Reality

Of course, you want to give the kids a holiday to remember always, but you also want a bit of much needed alone time with the love of your life, your spouse. Don’t forget to check out hotels at Disneyland Paris with babysitting services! With professional childminders, you can plan one or more nights out and about together as a couple. What better way is there to keep the romance alive than an evening or two of dinner and dancing with the wife?

If you know when you are going and where you are staying, Disneyland Paris airport transfers are easy to book. You only need to know the dates of arrival and departure as well as things to do on holiday in Paris 2019. Just think. There is nothing to worry about on holiday because you’ve planned for everything from transport to tickets to accommodation, all at the very same time. All you’ve left to do is pack, go and enjoy. Now, that’s something to be excited about!