Monthly Archives: February 2018

New Mama.. it’s OK.

Someone once said.. “When a baby is born, so is a mother”. I’m not sure who it was that said those words, but they were very wise.  I’ve been referred to as “an experienced Mum”. I suppose as a Mother of 4, I should know what I am doing. However, sometimes I need the same direction as a first time parent. Sometimes, I am learning too.


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Buying a wedding outfit.

Wedding season is almost upon us! Like many other wedding invitees I am already planning my outfits! It isn’t always straight forward choosing a wedding outfit though! There are so many things to consider – including attempting to avoid turning up wearing the same outfit as another guest! Continue reading

Updating your look post-baby.

After having children many things change. My wardrobe has certainly had to ring the changes. No longer do I live in white linen on summer holidays – it doesn’t look quite so stylish with chocolate ice cream smudged over it! But where do you start in updating your wardrobe? Continue reading

Welcome Baby number 4..

Baby number 4 has arrived, we’re delighted to welcome a baby BOY! We have been blessed with three sons and a daughter! The children are mostly delighted with their new sibling. I say “Mostly”, as baby poo and baby screaming is not popular! In seriousness, the children are marvellous! I couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction to a new baby brother in the house!

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