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    I’m Wearing tweed this Autumn!

    Disclaimer; Items gifted for review. I adore autumn, but sometimes I do struggle with whether to wear a coat. It’s too chilly not to, but my winter coat is just a bit too warm! I find a gilet invaluable over…

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    Bra Shopping

    Collaborative Post When did you last replace your bras? I recently learnt that you’re meant to replace your bras every 6 months or so. Some of my bras I dread to think how long I have owned them! So, when…

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    Exciting Summer 2019 Formal Dress Trends

    ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH MEDIABUZZER. Image Source: Pexels This year will see an exciting and colourful collection on all the major catwalks, and if you want to get it right every time, here is a glimpse of what everyone…

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    Should I pack a Swimsuit or Bikini?

    With last week being so sunny, my thoughts have well and truly turned to summer! I couldn’t help but start planning our holidays! Last year we spent our holidays in France and Spain, and the holiday was split between beach…

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    Buying Leather Shoes? Read this…

    Have you ever considered how your leather shoes, or bags are tanned? You may have heard companies using phrases like “chrome-free” leather. I had no idea until I started to investigate, that chrome may be used in the tanning process…

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    Autumn/Winter Mens Fashion – Jacamo Review

    If you’re one of many men who doesn’t enjoy clothes shopping, I’m here to tell you that updating your winter wardrobe doesn’t have to be a chore! I’m going to tell you how a pair of boots can glide you through Autumn/Winter fashion!

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    Why I buy second-hand clothing.

    While many people buy from online selling sites, there is still a stigma attached to buying “second hand”. I can’t help but wonder why this stigma exists? There are so many barely worn or even new items in the second-hand market.