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Breastfeeding and body confidence.

Breastfeeding in public is something which I still feel uncomfortable doing. I’m not worried about what people think, I am just uncomfortable with my post baby body and cringe at the thought of predominantly my belly being on display. You might be reading this and rolling your eyes, thinking “Oh get on with it woman!” and you’re probably right, but that doesn’t really help. Anyway, this post is a little  post which I hope might help other ladies who feel a little body concious while breastfeeding, and are my tips to feeding in public – the ones which have worked for me, that doesn’t mean they’ll work for everyone, but they’re a starting point! Continue reading

Composting your gnappies #EWWR2014

It’s European Week for Waste reduction, bluntly a week to think about where we could stop creating so much waste and highlight methods to reduce, re-use or recycle! I mentioned in my review of gnappies that one of the attractions was the biodegradeable inserts, and that I was aware that lots of people were not keen on composting for one reason or another, so I want to get back to basics and talk about some of my friends reasons to not compost, and my responses! Continue reading

Spanx me!

With the Christmas party season coming round quickly, I’m worried about my post baby tummy! All those beautiful dresses I want to be wearing, yet the self concious side of me worries that my tummy will ruin the look of all of them. I’ve started to eat healthily and exercise more, but I don’t think it will resolve my body confidence issues in time for the Christmas season! I got offered Spanx Higher Power Briefs to try out, and for anyone who doesn’t know what Spanx are (where have you been?!) they are pants which claim to slim your lumps and bumps make you look more shapely.

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Christmas Wish list! #DearSally

I may have mentioned before that I’m quite tall, just under 5ft 11, and I adore Long Tall Sally as I know the sleeves and body length of tops will be perfect, and this may sound daft but I rejoice that they have leg lengths which are actually too long for me – hooray for this novelty! Long Tall Sally asked me to let them know all about my favourite outfits for Christmas giving them 3 different looks, and letting them know what I’m hoping for on my Christmas gifts list too! So here we go! Continue reading

Electric breast pump review – Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

I’ve been breastfeeding Yo for 12weeks now, and I’ve expressed quite frequently. There are lots of reasons to express breastmilk, to ease engorgement, increase supply or for bottle feeding when you’re on a night  out or perhaps back at work. For me, expressing milk initially has mostly been to increase supply, and ensure that Yo managed to get as much of the fatty milk from the end of the feed as possible. I started off by using a manual pump, and I found it quite hard work so switched to an electronic one where I had to set the speed and I confess I struggled to set it accurately, finding  it all rather uncomfortable. Tommee Tippee then sent me their Closer to Nature electric breast pump to try out. Continue reading

#Win with Snuzpod

We have been using our Snuzpod for 12 weeks, yes Yo will be 12 weeks tomorrow, and we’ve been using the Snuzpod exclusively for sleep. By this stage with my older children, we were having to start thinking about a move into a cot, (with both parents being tall I have to confess we produce very tall children!) thankfully this is not the case this time, as there is plenty of room for Yo in the Snuzpod for some time to come! Continue reading

School mornings and a baby..

11 weeks with baby Yo, and I feel as though I really ought be back in the swing of things but in fact I’m still flaying around in the reality. School runs are a daily battle, thankfully I have a 6yr old who is incredibly keen to get to school and very patient with me as I struggle to remember where I left my shoes, the car keys and my purse! I did feel terrible yesterday for not having noticed that he was yet again in odd socks, and when I gasped he replied “It’s ok, they’re dark socks and that’s ok for school uniform..” Continue reading

October Nonabox Review

I have  just become a Nonabox blogger, so for the next 3 months I’ll be getting a box to review and share my honest opinions of the contents of the box with you. I have had a Nonabox before, I bought one while I was pregnant and really liked what I received! So I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my October box! Continue reading

g nappies – the easy reusable!

We try to have a “green” household, recycling where we can and reducing our waste. There is one area of huge waste, nappies. When you consider that on average we do 6-8 nappy changes a day with a small baby in the house, there is an awful lot of waste going to landfill. We are using cloth nappies, but I find them muddly when we’re on a day out and so resort back to disposables. What if there was a greener disposable? A disposable which was biodegradable rather than one that sits festering for years waiting to break down? gnappies are nappies  with a disposable liner which is biodegradeable – you can even compost the ones which are just wee soiled! Pretty impressive to think you could be throwing your baby’s wet nappy in with your carrot peelings and then using the compost which you create to grow some beautiful flowers!

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