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Super Simple Halloween Gifts

This is a super simple craft which could be given to trick or treaters, in our case, these are going to be gifted to Boo’s classmates! 

What you will need:


Orange Tissue Paper
Green Tissue Paper

Coloured paper to write your greeting on

Black Pen

Sticky Tape

Grab some tissue paper and a lolly, roll the lolly in the tissue and secure it with a small piece of tape. Then draw on your “face”, pumpkins are nice and easy for children to draw!

 We added a pumpkin stalk by sticking on another piece of tissue paper;

Super simple! We also have had a go at a witch, just make sure you leave a pointy bit on the tissue paper, then colour it in to make the witches hat. 
We’re going to add spooky messages for Boo’s friends – I might have to help with that bit, but the lollies he can do himself!

 For younger friends I’ve made some recycled crayons, using a silicone ghost mould I bought last year and the old broken crayons from our colouring box!

I’m quite pleased with how they’ve turned out! Are you going to be crafting for Halloween? 

Urban Circus! – Cirque Eloize, iD at the Peacock Theatre

If you are looking for some exciting theatre to take the family to, how about Cirque Eloize? Cirque Eloize is performing iD from 1st October at London’s Peacock Theatre and the performance is suitable for children over 5’s. The show is a blend of circus skills with urban dance – hip hop and break dancing, it’s a very cool looking show!

I had to share this video clip of one of the contortionists with you, as for anyone who has ever commuted by tube I’m sure you will have often felt the need to be able to do this!


You can see clips of the show here , booking is open now with tickets starting from £15 (under 16’s are half price!) the show will run until the 19th October 2013 at the Peacock Theatre!

Disclaimer: I’m sharing the information regarding this show as I think it may be of interest to readers, I have not been compensated for writing the post, all thoughts are my own.

WIN 1 of 5 Copies of The Sooty Show: Run Rabbit Run! On DVD!

Hands up if you loved Sooty as a child? I loved it and my youngest adores the fun and mayhem Sooty and his friends get up to! There is a brand new Sooty DVD due out soon called Run Rabbit Run and you have the chance to WIN one of FIVE copies thanks to Abbey Home Media!

This fabulous DVD is due for release on the 7th October, want the chance to win a copy? Enter below:

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Why I think free school lunches are a GOOD idea..

The news announcing that from September 2014 all children in Yr R,1 and 2 will receive free school meals has been met with mixed reaction. Personally, I think it is a good idea and I will explain why! There are children in the UK who don’t get fed breakfast, lunch and dinner for whatever reason that may be, it happens. There are families who don’t sit and eat meals together at a table, whether that is because they can’t afford a table or they work shifts, each family has their own reasons why they may struggle to eat together. 

Offering free school meals at such an impressionable age does two very important things in my mind, it ensures that children can have a well balanced meal at least once a day and it also offers the chance for them to learn about eating together at a table – the social side of food. Like it or not, there are lessons to be learned from sitting at a table and eating with others. We live in an age where food is readily available, and we’ve all seen the “Love food hate waste” campaigns, and I think we have a duty to teach children about the importance of food – every aspect of it. 

There is of course a political angle to this to, this is something the government is giving to families and it doesn’t require you to be on benefits or a low income, there is an interesting article here which discusses this more. As a mother of a family who sits within the old school “middle class” bracket, I have to tell you that money is tight, and we live on a strict budget (yet still struggle!). If these free meals do come into place, I will be delighted to accept them and keep the money we currently spend making up packed lunches towards heating out home or adding to our monthly food budget. 

So what do you think? Will you be taking up the free school meals for infants from September 2014?

Caffeine Fuelled Monday..

We’re just getting back into the school routine, I’m still pottering around in my dressing gown until 8am and the exclaiming “oh heck we’re going to be late..” though that should really be “oh heck I’m making us late!”. Clearly more caffeine is required, so this weeks Magpie Monday is brought to you with that in mind.

I have to confess, this isn’t a recent purchase, but a purchase from a charity sale about 2 1/2 years ago and left unloved for the last year, sat at the back of a cupboard Rediscovering things like this is almost as exciting as when I first found it! While I don’t see me ever using it for the purpose it was intended (as I’m not sure I could handle quite that much caffeine!) I do think I need to find somewhere more prominent for it to live and show it a little more love. So.. it is going to be the centre piece of our kitchen makeover! What do you think? Did I spend my £1 (yes £1 – it was still priced when I hauled it out the cupboard!) wisely on something beautiful? I think I did! Someone told me they think it was made for Habitat, but I’m not sure, either way it is fabulous in my view! 

Sid’s Show Live!

Sid was one of our favourite CBeebies presenters, and we were excited to learn that he’s made the jump from screen to stage performing all over the country in his show – Sid’s Show Live!

The second stage of his tour is due to start on the 15th September 2013 and the show will tour 17 venues across the UK!

What’s the show about? Sid embarks on a heroic adventure to discover where in the world his favourite socks and shows have gone! This is an interactive show with plenty of fun and surprises! I hope my children will be excited by the adventure into space, the jungle and even the ocean, with the promise of plenty of songs and games to keep them captivated! I can’t wait to see Sid’s Show Live and take the boys on their very first trip to the theatre!


#WIN 1 of 5 copies of Horrid Henry – Rocking the World! DVD

With the evenings drawing in, and school making Boo tired, I love having a great children’s DVD to put on for the boys whilst I cook dinner! I’ve mentioned before that Horrid Henry is a big favourite in our house and even I am excited about the latest DVD release – Horrid Henry, Rocking the World!

The lovely people at Abbey Home Media are offering you the chance to WIN 1 of 5 copies of the new DVD! Just follow the steps on the rafflecopter widget below!

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A fresh start.. It’s a Weight(y) issue..

I knew I’d gained weight, I’m a terrible comfort eater and food has been a wonderful friend for the last year. What I hadn’t realised was just had bad things have become, then two things occurred.. firstly Boo looked at me and enquired if the “baby was arriving soon?” he’s 5 and his friends Mummy is having another baby, so he assumed that’s why my tummy had got fat. I managed to laugh this off and explain that Mummy had infact just eaten to much, but then I was sent a photo taken yesterday which showed just how much of a tummy I have gained and made me feel sad that it’s not a pregnant tummy, just a chubby one. If I wasn’t so ashamed I would post the photo here and now.

So, I need to accept that this has happened, and I need to jump on the scales to see just how much weight has been gained. Then I need to accept that cake is bad (and that I don’t like it that much anyway) and get back to loving myself enough to not filling up on junk.  First step, meal planning so I don’t get hungry and just grab whatever is in the cupboard, second step put all the treats in one place at the back of the cupboard and remember they’re just that – treats. 

I’d like to lose 1 1/2 stone by Christmas.. and I’m joining in Bloggers Slimming Club for extra motivation!

Dirty Dishes..

I hate washing up. If you ever come to my house unannounced, and venture into the kitchen I can guarantee that you will be greeted with a site which looks rather like this:

With just two adults and two children, I find myself constantly battling a mountain of cups, spoons, plates and dishes..and however hard I try I don’t seem to ever keep on top of it, I never have an empty sink and empty draining board! How on earth do big families manage?! Mr G and I have decided (at long last) that we need a dishwasher, we had initially worried as we’re on a water meter that it might not be cost effective, but after some research I think it will be! But which dishwasher to choose?  We live in a hard water area, and fear the dreaded lime scale build up, so we need to make sure we can either de-scale the machine easily or prevent the build up of lime scale!

I think I’d like a counter top dishwasher, no bending to fill the dishwasher would be a big bonus for me, although a slimline dishwasher might look better in our space limited kitchen? I want to ensure I get the best dishwasher to suit our lifestyle and budget, and I want it to match the rest of the appliances in our kitchen so it’s got to be silver! The search begins!