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Lost Luggage

Collaborative Post

Do you fly on holiday or for work? I have to confess I’ve not flown in almost 12 years as I prefer slower methods of travel. However, I have to admit that I used to fly a lot before I had children. One of the worst things about airline travel for me personally, was putting my luggage in the hold. I had a huge fear of losing my bag, and I’d pack essentials in my hand luggage – “just in case”.

I always chose a distinctive bag to go in the hold so I could find it on the conveyor belt in arrivals! It would amuse people as I stood waiting for my brightly coloured bag. This bag still holidays with me now, all these years later, but is now dragged onto trains and ferries instead on the hold of a plane! I never actually lost my luggage, but it does happen, and luggage does sometimes get damaged too. Would you know what to do if you lost your luggage? Imagine arriving at your flight destination, and discovering that your luggage was not on the conveyor belt – what would you do?

I was sent this infographic on lost luggage, I think it’s a really helpful read! Interestingly in 2017 78% of Lost Luggage was actually just delayed! While still frustrating, it’s good to know that 78% of luggage did eventually get to the destination and was reunited! I think it’s important to read up on what to do if your luggage doesn’t arrive when your flight does, or is damaged just so you know what to do if it happens to you! So before the vacation season begins, this is one you may want to share with your friends, so read on;

Guide created by Xcēd a ground support equipment leasing and rental company.

Save Energy, Save Money!

Collaborative Post

Save Energy, Save Money! Is it really that easy? Put simply yes! We don’t have a meter to monitor our usage of energy, but I try to keep an eye on our energy use, as it really does make a difference to our bills over the course of a year. If you have an energy monitor it should be easy to work out where your energy goes! I have worked out that much of our usage is on lights and charging devices.

I try to encourage everyone to remember to turn off the lights when they come out of a room, although it’s hard in the winter months, we are all getting better at remembering! But I’ve been learning more about the best light bulbs, you can read more in the article below! With regards to charging devices, I’m trying to be a bit more savvy not leaving devices in standby, but turning them off. Turning chargers off at the wall, and the same for the TV and microwave – I switch them off at the wall! It may only be a tiny amount of electricity saved but it adds up over a year – just in that little glow!

More ways to save energy

I think we’re fairly savvy when it comes to our heating usage. I have a thermometer and I keep the house at a comfortable temperature. Every year before winter I have a check list which I work through, including things like thermal linings for the curtains. They really do make a difference at keeping the warmth in a room. If you’re on a budget, keep your eyes peeled in charity shops as thermal linings do turn up, although you may need to buy the set of curtains they come with!

I’ve been sent this Energy Saving Checklist, and it is really handy if you’re looking for little ways to save your energy, how many do you do?

Checklist created by Lightbulb Wholesaler bulk light bulbs

Cook your own Pizza!

Post in Collaboration with Schwartz.

Cooking at home doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you want a romantic meal for two, or a family favourite, you can create a meal to be proud of at home without too much hassle or expense! I keep a good stock of spices in my cupboard, as they really help to make a meal tasty!

Pizza is a firm favourite in our house, but a takeaway pizza is pricey, and shop bought is never quite the same! So, we’ve been experimenting with making our own pizza, and it has been a big success!

Make your own Pizza Base

Making a pizza base is so much easier than you might think! We use this pizza dough recipe. It is so easy to make, and the children love being involved in the process. It’s a great way to keep everyone busy for a happy hour!

Make your own Pizza Sauce

I make a simple tomato based pizza sauce which works with most toppings! This recipe actually makes enough for 4 pizzas, but it also works as a pasta sauce so that’s lunch sorted for the following day!


1 Tin of Plum Tomatoes

1/2 Tsp of Schwartz Crushed Chilli

1 Tbsp Of Schwartz Mixed Herbs

1 Clove Garlic – chopped finely

1/2 Onion Chopped

1 Tbsp Tomato Ketchup


Fry the onions, once they’ve started to brown add the garlic. Meanwhile use a potato masher to mash the plum tomatoes so they’re smooth. Add the tomatoes to the onions and garlic. Add the tomato ketchup and stir the sauce well. (I add ketchup as it gives a little sweetness to the sauce – and makes it taste more like a take out pizza, but you could exclude this!)

Then add the seasoning. Let the sauce simmer for 5 minutes stirring occasionally.

Take it off the heat to let it cool before spreading on to the pizza base.


Make up your pizza! Spread the base with the pizza sauce and then add your cheese and toppings of choice. It’s worth investing in mozzarella cheese as it does give the pizza a really lovely flavour. We like to mix mozzarella and cheddar for a really cheesy flavour. Other toppings we love are olives, sweetcorn and peppers! Allow roughly 10-15 minutes cooking time depending on how many toppings you have added to your pizza!

We love Schwartz Crushed Chillies as not only do they give a bit of heat to our pizza sauce, but they can also be added at the end of baking the pizza. This is perfect as when we’re cooking for the children they don’t want to much heat – but we like some extra spices! We have also been known to make grown up pizza bases, by adding chilli flakes to our pizza base dough – great for pizza with extra heat!