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5 Tips for Packing with children with Trunki

I start packing for the children early, I like to make sure that we have everything, and they know that their favourite clothes are ready for holidays! Packing always results in much excitement, and the boys can’t wait to whizz about on their Trunki’s while they wait their turn to help pack! Packing for 3 children is more of a challenge than I’d thought it would be, so I’ve had to learn to work with them to get things done! I thought I’d share our tips to get packing!

5 tips to get your packing sorted!


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Slimpod Week 1 a mini update. #slimming

At the end of my first week using the Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer, I found myself posting an update on facebook exclaiming that I was disappointed with myself. I was disappointed with myself as I felt that I hadn’t achieved enough, I’d lost 1lb in weight – and that is.. nothing.. Then it occurred to me, actually if I were to create a visual representation of 1lb in weight with playdoh, it would be the size of my coffee mug..! Continue reading

Ice Cream Vans

Have you ever wondered how the humble ice-cream van came about? Can you tell your 99 from your Oyster? This fabulous infographic supplied by Van Monster tells you all about how the ice cream van has evolved over the years!

Evo of Ice Cream Van (Full)

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Top tips for Internet safety

Technology and the internet are ingrained in our lives in a manner that was unimaginable just 10 years ago. Increasing numbers of young children have smartphones nowadays, and most children will use the internet in some form by the time they start school. As access to technology widens, the role of parents in protecting their children online has become more important. My eldest son is 7, and has already started to want a little independence when using the internet, and I feel it is important for me to review our internet safety. Listed below are a few simple tips that all parents should follow in order to keep their children safe when using the internet. Continue reading