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The Octonauts – Jigsaw Puzzle by Ravensburger – Review

Something about the Octonauts has captivated Boo since the launched onto our tv screen last year, so we were delighted to get the opportunity to review such a fantastic box of puzzles!

The puzzles are suitable for age 4+, Boo is 3 but quite able with jigsaws. He was a bit worried initially as all the bits for the 3 puzzles come mixed up in one bag, and he sat trying to make them into one big puzzle. I then pointed out that the back of the puzzles had different patterns on, so you could see which bits went with which puzzle..

Boo found the first two puzzles with less pieces fairly straight forward, but the last puzzle where the pieces were smaller (the ones with stripes on the back!) and there are more pieces, he finds quite hard and requires quite alot of help with it. I actually quite like the fact it is a bit hard for him, it means he builds two quietly alone and then I am involved with the last one, eventually he’ll be able to do that one too. There is some room for growth with this puzzle, and it isn’t too simplistic. 

The Ravensburger Octonauts puzzles are available now from all good stockists.

Huggies Little Swimmers with the fabulous Lisa Scott-Lee

Back in May I was lucky enough to get the chance to take Elvis swimming with Huggies Little Swimmers and meet the lovely Lisa Scott-Lee from the band Steps. Huggies Little Swimmers are ideal for making swimming with your baby as easy as can be! 

I asked Lisa  a few questions to help all us Mum’s gain some extra confidence from her experiences taking her children swimming this is what she had to say:
Do you have one top tip for looking stylish while with the children in the pool?
    I think it’s important to find a style of swimming costume or bikini that suits your figure. The website offers some great style tips and advice from style guru John Scott on the best fits for mums of different shapes and sizes. I think if you feel comfortable in the water, you will be relaxed your baby will enjoy the experience. Remember other mums are in exactly the same boat as you.   
    What do you think the main benefits of baby swimming are? 

    I love swimming with my family. It’s a good chance to meet and share tips with other parents and not only is it a great form of exercise for the whole family, it’s also a lovely opportunity to spend time with your baby or children.

     What are your baby swimming bag essentials?

        Just the usual bits, swimming towels, Huggies Little Swimmers, changes of clothes and a tracksuit for me to change into once the babies are all washed, dried and changed.
        Grab yourself a money-off coupon for Little Swimmers, and take your little one swimming today! It’s great exercise and relaxation for them and you, Elvis always has a great nap after swimming, allowing me a quiet coffee!

        The Winners are…

        The winners of a ‘The Big Party’ Dvd as chosen by Random.Org are:

        @dorothee 77


        Well done! Please email your address details to me – my email can be found on ‘contact me’ page.

        I’m the King of the Castle!!

        Last week we took a family trip to Porchester Castle, it was on of those places we have seen in the distance so many times on our journeys that it seemed appropriate we should take a closer look. Boo was surprisingly interested, especially when we started to explain canons and Knights to him..he very much liked the idea of defending his castle.

        So, this weeks Magpie Monday is appropriately a castle:

        I was carrying Elvis when we purchased it and so Boo and I had to struggle to carry the castle back to the car between us, it was surprisingly awkward and heavy! Elvis isn’t the best at being carried (he won’t hold on!) and sadly I dropped the bits I was carrying and smashed the turret. But nothing a bit of Grandad maintenance won’t fix I’m sure! The castle was a total bargain at £2.50!

        I also by chance came across another Vintage Fisher Price toy (see previous #Magpie Monday posts!), to add to our little collection:

        The toolkit is complete, the drill no longer works (it used to be wound up and then ‘go’) but I like the fact it has been played with, and yet is still in otherwise great condition. I paid 20p a total bargain, Boo plays with it so carefully and I’m delighted as when he’s bored of it, it’ll look fab on display – yes, seriously!

        Me and My Shadow

        Good Luck First Time Mum!

        I’ve known FirstTimeMum1 since University, we have shared each others ups and downs and even though we have often gone months or even the odd year without seeing each other, I still would class her to be one of my most precious friends. 

        She’s the sort of friend who held the tissues for me many a time when I cried with a broken heart, who defended me when I needed it, and kept safe all those embarrassing secrets for all these years. From tomorrow another chapter starts in our friendship, no longer will I be boring her with stories of baby poo, she’ll be joining in!

        FirstTimeMum1 is being induced tomorrow and I wanted to wish her all the luck in the world, she’s the best friend a girl could have so I’m sure she’s going to be a magnificent Mummy!

        My tips for your first few weeks are:

        • Make sure you eat little and often!
        • Grab Sleep when you can, Daddy will wake you up if he can’t cope!
        • Chocolate and a drink by the bed at night for night feeds are essential!

        Any tips for FirstTimeMum would be welcome, I’m sure she’ll love to read them!

        Simply WOW with Simplybe!

        Following on from my style confidence workshop, I decided to revamp my wardrobe starting with my jeans! I struggle with jeans, firstly I have long legs AND a long back, most high street jeans which I try on are either poorly fitting or expose my underwear everytime I sit down, not an attractive sight I can assure you!!
        Simplybe offer a range of fashionable clothes for women size 14-32, and they have a small but ever growing Tall range of clothes! I was very excited to be able to try a couple of items from their range! I rarely get the chance to shop without the boys with me, and I find Boo loves to open the changing room curtain usually when I am half way into pair of trousers, Simplybe offers a great mail order fashion service (avoiding the changing room horrors!) and they have just opened their first standalone store at Liverpool One.

        I chose a pair of WOW boot cut jeans I have to confess that some of the attraction to these jeans (other than the long leg lengths offered) was the fact they offered some ‘tummy flattening’. In honesty I wasn’t sure what to expect, and tried them on a little warily. I was worried I may have ordered the wrong size or they’d make my tummy look even larger! Trying them on I instantly liked the fact they were well fitted around my thighs and when they were done up they were high waisted. The tummy panels really did support me, but weren’t restrictive, if anything they just reminded me to stand up straight!! The jeans really flatter my pear shape, making me look really curvy!

        I also chose a great chunky knitted cardigan in chocolate brown by Joe Browns, I liked the buckle detail, but in truth I struggle to keep the buckles done up. The cardigan is very lightweight, but very cosy! I love the hood, and I feel a bit like little red-riding hood whenever I wear it up (yes I know the cardigan isn’t red!) It is a great length on me, and I think very feminine.  

        I teamed the jeans and cardigan with a long line mustard yellow vest, for an easy look to keep my looking and feeling great while out and about with the children this Autumn/Winter 2011.

        Just Toddling Along! –  All Rights Reserved Goriamifamily 2011

        Super soft lips and immaculate skin..

        Green People offer a fabulous range of organic skincare and since having my children my skin has changed dramatically, not only is it older but it is also more sensitive! Buying skincare has become a bit of a nightmare as I often find I end up with rosy red cheeks and generally fairly uncomfortable skin.

        My handbag beauty essential over the winter months is a good lip balm, I like to feel my lips are well protected and so tend to go for products which are quite heavy, this isn’t always a good thing and can further aggravate my skin! Green People’s  ‘No scent soft lips‘  is natural lip balm, providing all the protection without the need for nasties! I was warned that a little of this goes a long way, and it really does! It absorbs fairly quickly and easily into your lips, there is no scent or colour so Mr G could use it too (if I would let him!). My lips are noticeably softer since using this and I don’t feel I need to reapply it constantly!

        I’m quite blessed with nice skin, rarely suffering from spots, but when I get them I want them gone!!
         Blemish Banish is designed to cover and treat spots, it contains tea tree, green tea and pineapple as active ingredients. It doesn’t just mask the spot, it deals with it, getting rid of it and leaving no trace, you can feel it working and the hint of colour to reduce the appearance of redness is nice too. What’s not to like? I really wanted to love this, but..I have to confess I didn’t get on with it, i found it made my spot(s) angrier although when they went the skin was very clear.

        Vita Min Fix this is an amazing 24hour organic moisturiser by Green People, initially I wasn’t sure I would like it as it didn’t have the allure of a fancy jar and thick double cream texture. However my skin told a different story which quickly altered my opinion! A couple of hours after the first application you could see my skin already looked brighter, I used it as a night cream too and in the morning was delighted that my skin looked really refreshed (ignoring the dark circles under my eyes which go along with parenthood of course!). I really should have taken a before and after photo, I don’t believe in miracle creams, but my skin loved this and it’s definitely going on my Christmas list!

        Between 17th and 23rd October 2011 it is National Parents Week, and to celebrate Green People are have two special offers so Mums & Dads can have a few minutes pampering:

        For Mums – Our luxurious Moisturising Shower Gel, scented with Neroli and Mandarin rejuvenates the skin leaving it super soft. 
        Normally £10.95 quote ‘PARENTMUM’ to buy this for £7.00!

        For Dads – Our super fresh Cool Style Shower Wash naturally cleanses, energises and refreshes with organic Mint and Eucalyptus.
        Normally £10.50 quote ‘PARENTDAD’ to buy it for £6.00!

        Disclaimer: I was sent the products free of charge for review, however all views are my own.

        Tiny who? Tinyme!

        Just over a week ago, I hopped on the train to meet some other Mummy bloggers and have dinner with the Dad’s from tinyme. Tinyme offer a huge range of high quality personalised products, and are just launching in the UK, already having huge success in Australia with Mooo.

        There is something incredibly special about talking to the owners of a company who speak so passionately about their products. You could really see that they believe in their products! 

        All the designs are designed in-house, so you are getting something a little bit special as you will only find these designs with tinyme! I particularly liked the wall stickers, these were easy to apply and didn’t remove paint when you took the stickers off the wall! 

        Forget boring name labels for school look what tinyme offer, their designs are funky and there will be no more battling to get labels on, you’ll be trying to stop them sticking them everywhere!!

        The designs are fresh and fun, they have thought of quirky little touches which give their items a really fashionable edge e.g. the stripey lining to their bags! 
        I don’t think we saw the height charts during our introduction to tinyme, but they look great fun and a wonderful keepsake – certainly more permanent than the little marks on the wall which we currently use in our house!

         Have a look at the website to experience tinyme for yourself, and check out the fun free downloads they have available!

        A new era, and the herald of jealousy..

        Boo walked at 9 1/2 months, by 10 months he could practically run, which led to all sorts of fun and games. Elvis has always been more vocal than Boo ever was, and at 6months couldn’t sit up unaided in fact he didn’t do that until he was 7months. So rather naively, I thought Elvis may be slightly slower to his feet..but no. Having turned 9 months, Elvis not only got up on his feet but the same day also proceeded to ‘coast’ happily around the furniture. I watched on in awe, surely they’re meant to just stand there for a bit first?! I can’t remember Boo ever doing the coasting, but he never crawled either, he just got up! 

        So yesterday, day two of Elvis coasting around, was to put it bluntly the worst day I can remember with my boys. It was a day where Boo spent the entire day screaming, throwing things, pushing Elvis over and hitting me. I think I may have to rename him Taz. Literally by the time Mr G got home I was at the end of my tether,I slumped in a heap against the wall and cried. Then the diet went out of the window and I sat on the sofa consoling myself with Mr KitKat and Mrs Wispa (other chocolate bars are available..just not in my house as I have probably already eaten them).

        I’m sure no-one told me parenting would be so hard, or more to the point emotionally and mentally draining! Having sat feeling sorry for myself, and Elvis deciding he wouldn’t go to bed we sat watching Rastamouse while I pondered on the days events. Why was Boo behaving so horribly?! Then it occurred to me, the dynamic has altered very suddenly, Boo has previously been able to put special toys on the table in the knowledge Elvis can’t reach them, now of course he can. I am spending more minutes of the day watching Elvis – trying to avoid big bumps – and less time with Boo discussing the way things work. So this is a jealous thing, I hope, I just need to work out a way to balance my attention better..wish me luck!

        Win 1 of 5 ‘The Big Party!’ Dvds!

        Justin Fletcher best known in our household for his role as Mister Tumble stars in this live show DVD! Boo rapidly joined in with the instructions, and giggled at Justin’s arrival – “look at Justin driving the car!!”

        We soon learn that the party is to celebrate Englebert’s birthday, and the DVD is a series of songs, dances and activities presented in pantomime style ideal for pre-schoolers! It is quite cleverly produced as there are plenty of calming activities included so children don’t get too excited – I did worry about Boo getting too excited, but he just became quite absorbed and joined in with the songs and animal noises!

        On this wet morning it has kept Boo very entertained, and Elvis has enjoyed sitting on my lap while we sang the songs with actions! In fact I will now look into taking Boo to a live show after seeing his response to the DVD! A big Thank you to Abbey Home Media for sending us a copy of the DVD to review.


        Abbey Home Media have kindly agreed to giveaway 5 copies of the DVD to readers of the blog!

        To enter you must be following the blog via GFC, and tweet the phrase by copying and pasting

        ‘#Win 1 of 5 ‘The Big Party’ DVDs with @goriami’

        Then leave ONE comment below with your twitter ID telling me you’ve completed the steps!

        There are a total of 5 prizes to be won.
        I reserve the right to re-draw the winner, in the event that the original winners do not reply within 72hours.
        Only one entry per person. 
        Only entrants who complete all required entry steps will be eligible to win.
        Only one prize per household. 
        Winners details will be passed onto Abbey Home Media for prizes to be dispatched.
        Sorry, this competition is only open to UK residents
        Competition closes 9am Wed 26th October 2011