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Sudio Ear Buds – Review

Shakespeare famously wrote;

If Music Be The Food of Love, Play on!

Music is a vital part of my day to day. I am a musician, and I always will be. Sudio sent me some ear buds to review, so I took the opportunity to have an indulgent time creating some new play lists – to really try them out!

I’ve an eclectic taste in music. I am happy listening to everything from Shostakovich, Imagine Dragons, Rizzle Kicks to Papa Roach… I struggled to narrow that list down! So, my head phones sound quality is vital!

The Sudio Earbuds come neatly packaged, and with different ear pieces to ensure a good fit with the earbuds.

Charging Sudio Ear buds…

The ear buds charge in the handy storage case. I really like that it’s easy to see how much charge is in the case – the blue lights indicate the level of charge in the case. It’s great that they are easy to charge on the go – especially when travelling.

Sound quality

So, down to the nitty gritty! What is the sound quality like? Well, I was actually very impressed with how good the sound quality is. They coped well with my variety of music. Unphased by bass or the subtleties of orchestral music. The only complaint I could make is that they appear to not have the best Bluetooth range, but that may be my handset rather than the earbuds.

Would I recommend them? Yes 100% whether you want them for the gym or to listen to a violin concerto for critical analysis I think they’re great!

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Little Big Songs – Pre-School Music CD

Singing is the easiest way to get children involved in making music, most of us probably remember singing with family or at play group from an early age. Don’t panic if you feel you can’t sing, if you enjoy it you will encourage your children to enjoy it. Singing is very personal, and I’ve often heard over the years “I can’t sing as I’m embarrassed by what people might think” and often from the people with lovely singing voices. 

So, what can you sing with small children? I’ve already explained my horror as my children started singing songs from the radio, thankfully getting certain lyrics totally wrong! However it’s inevitable that children sing what they hear frequently! If you want more child appropriate songs, without resorting to the golden oldie fail safe nursery rhymes or songs from children’s tv, check out the fabulous CD Little Big Songs by Jerry & Co. The songs are all about everyday experiences, e.g. The day we moved, Ooh that’s lovely grub; and are sung by a mix of a gentle adult voice and children’s voices. 

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Let’s Make Music – 1

I’m from a musical background, and believe it’s important for children to both enjoy making and appreciating music. I want my boys to make there own decisions on whether they like the sounds of music and talk about why. I try to expose them to an ecletic variety of musical styles and encourage them to respond – this may be simply by dancing along! This half-term, I have been subjected to a duet of the boys version of Gangnam style..”Hey….sixty ladies..” and while I was horrified at their song choice I was impressed with how in in tune they were. Boo has been desperate to learn to read music for a while, but I remember vivdly being pushed to learn to read music at a very early age (I could read music before I could read words..) and it’s not a memory I look back on fondly.This half term, his persistance and nagging to learn to read music so he can learn to play an instrument has paid off, and I gave in, gently introducing him to the musical alphabet and looking at a picture of a piano keyboard she’s worked out which way is “up” and “down”.
To make things more interesting – especially for E who at 3 loves making music but isn’t too interested in the how to.. we decided to make our own instruments. Most parents have experimented handing their children pots and pans with a wooden spoon, I still do if I need 10minutes to do the washing up! I asked Boo what we should try making, his reply that thing the bald man plays, looking at him blankly I finally worked out he was referring to Richard O’Brien..this video is to blame..

Yes, OK the love of this song is entirely my fault, but come on it does make you want to join in with the dance right?! Unphased, we grabbed a couple of old boxes (we used an egg carton lid) and some elastic bands. If you had more patience you could decorate the box so it looked more attractive than our efforts, but simply pulling the elastic bands over the box (and warning the boys not to “play” it near their face incase of elastic band pinging!) made a great and super simple instrument.

We experimented with what happens when you tighten the bands, move them or use thicker elastic bands. We then talked about pitch, which band made the low sound or the high sound! From there we moved on to talking about what happens if we used something to hit the bands rather than pluck the bands..I then started complicated things by talking about the workings of a piano and had to stop as I could see two blank faces looking back at me.. Still.. the boys are on their way to learning more about music and instruments and I’ve not spent money on plastic toy instruments which play for them..! (Or been subjected to a recorder..though that is due to recommence next week..!) My plan is weekly to encourage a musical activity for all of us, which will be educational and fun, and I will share it on the – with better images (and maybe a video?!) Do you make music with your children? How do you make it fun?

Ms G x

Shrek The Musical on Blu-Ray & DVD Review!

Shrek the Musical, something I was desperate to see on the West End, but never managed to grab tickets, so getting the opportunity to watch the musical on DVD was very exciting! (The DVD is actually the Broadway version, which I’m led to understand is a little different from the West End version but don’t let that put you off!) When I was contacted to review the DVD I could barely contain my excitement and I admit I did a little bounce up and down! 

The musical is great fun, and Boo & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, E wasn’t very interested at age 2 and I think he was a bit young for it anyway so I didn’t worry! At 5 Boo is very keen on music and loved the sing along on the DVD! With catchy tunes you will find yourself singing or humming the songs for days after watching! There are some hilarious moments for all the family to enjoy, as well as some magical theatre trickery! It’s a great way to enjoy a theatre production again and again in the comfort of your home, and with the option to pause for a break to keep your little one(s) interested! 

Out now! RRP: £24.99 (Blu-ray) / £19.99 (DVD) / £9.99 (Digital HD)

Disclaimer: I was sent a review copy for the purposes of writing an honest review, all thoughts and images are my own.

Christmas – gift baskets!

Like many families, our budget this Christmas is tighter than ever. I feel disorganised as I’m not as well organised as normal, but I have made a start on the shopping and the Christmas lunch is ordered and paid for from our November budget! The good thing about it being cold is that the boys are happy to eat stews, soups and jacket potatoes – these are all fairly cheap to make and therefore saves me money on the food bill! 

Christmas presents we have cut back what we buy for “grown up” family, as otherwise it gets rather expensive! At Easter we were told off for being overly generous, actually we had spent less money this year than ever before, by making our own Easter gifts, they did look good though:

 Pretty cool even if I do say so myself! The good thing about making these baskets up ourselves was that we only added things we knew people liked and the boys got involved in decorating and filling them too! 
Yesterday I popped out to Lidl and stocked up on cellophane, they have it on offer at the moment for 99p a roll, it’s not the strongest, but works well enough!  Ribbons and tissue paper I collect throughout the year, i collected three new packets of tissue paper from a charity shop for 50 pence a couple of weeks ago much to my delight, so it’s worth keeping an eye out! You could use tinsel or old tree decorations to adorn your hamper. No basket? No problem, an old cardboard box will do the job! I’ve used old sheet music to decorate an old shoebox which looked fabulous!

First Christmas hamper of this year is here:

The bowl is plastic (it came with a pre-packed salad i bought which was reduced to pennies!), the tissue paper is from the charity shop find, the ribbon is from a gift I received for my Birthday and the cellophane is from Lidl. The contents:

 The Baileys’ was a sample they were giving away a while ago, the socks I purchased in the sale in July for 50pence, the hot chocolate was free with the Telegraph (which was free from Waitrose as I spent over £5 on groceries and used my Mywaitrose card..!) the face mask was £1 and the love hearts cost about 50pence. So, what do you think? Coming in at under £2.50 including wrapping, it looks rather pretty and is especially for the individual it’s been made for, I just hope they’re not reading..!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? 

Ms G x

Music for Kids: Pirate Recorder set!

For quite a while Boo has been showing an interest in learning more about music, infact Grandad dug out an old recorder and encouraged him to play it, which he did happily, although tunelessly and without allowing anyone to help! So when we got offered the opportunity to review a Pirate Recorder set we knew Boo would love to have a go!

Kids Recorder Set

There are two sets available, Princess or Pirate, we opted for Pirates! The set arrives in a nice box, complete with the recorder, stickers, recorder case, book, cd and finger chart. Continue reading

Jingle Puzzle: Five Speckled Frogs! Review

Anything which encourages a love of music and especially singing is a good thing in my opinion, all too often I hear of children who have been told they can’t sing or they’re not musical. So the opportunity to review a Jingle puzzle was something I was keen to do!

The Jingle puzzle comes with a cd of songs, an activity sheet, stickers and most helpfully a word sheet! Everything is brightly coloured, and easy to follow, so even if you are a musical novice yourself you can still follow the pack! Also, the emphasis is on getting on and singing, so even if you can’t read music you can still join in with the songs!

The puzzle Boo found fairly easy, but it was a great way to get him talking about musical notation and how you read music as well as play games including both boys with the counting songs! The other songs on the cd are also mostly counting related and we learnt a few new songs along the way!  Boo has just found a confidence in his singing, and so really enjoyed loudly singing along with the CD, while E took a quieter approach but enjoyed listening. E has started to sing along when the CD is on without the puzzle, and I’m suprised how tuneful his singing is becoming!

The activity sheet was really useful, and my only complaint is that there is only one included, I ended up photocopying it so the boys could have one each. But obviously it would be even better if there was an option to print additional copies from their website? Boo has asked to play with the puzzle several times, and we have listened to the CD a lot since it arrived, so we’ve been singing the songs constantly since!

It is a great introduction to learning music, and could also be used to help slightly older children learning to read music in a fun way! Priced at £9.99 the Jingle Puzzles are good value, available from the Music Room, free delivery is available on orders over £15!

Disclaimer: We were sent a Jingle puzzle for the purposes of the review, all opinions are my own honest views of the product.