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The one where I start running..

I have put off starting the couch to 5k. I am really not a runner and the thought of it has just made me want to weep. Then, there’s the very real problem that I’ve had the most horrible cough for the last 3 weeks. I didn’t think that running with a cough would be the best idea! This morning I woke up early, and the sun was shining. My trainers were sat there looking sad. It seemed ludicrous that I had all the kit, but was still putting off getting going.

Nike Running Trainers

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The Autumn De-clutter

Back to school, new starts, and thoughts turn to Winter. I look around the house and every year have the same despair at just how much clutter we have gathered. Toys, books, and outgrown clothes. Too many of all of them. I try to keep clothes to hand down, but I guarantee my daughter won’t wear anything she has seen her brothers in! So I really should just clear it all out.

Today I have decided enough is enough, it is time to clear out again. I have the most hideous cold, so I can’t think to do much. Put things into piles of keep, sell, donate is about the extent of my capabilities today! But I’ve also decided to make a list of ways to help the great de-clutter.


Create a clear space.

I think sometimes for me, seeing the amount of “stuff” makes it hard for me to know where to begin! A friend of mine has a beautiful loft conversion, it is a wonderful, light and airy grown up space. She created it as a space for her to relax in, and she hasn’t worried about having pale coloured carpets or wall paper which the children may mark with their shoes. To me the idea of a lovely clean and tidy space is very appealing, but for now it is just a dream! So I’m planning to allocate one room to be completely clutter free.

Give everything a place..

Everyone needs their own space to store their belongings, and everything should have a place. If everyone knows where their own things go, I think that’s half the battle won. I have also accepted that the children will never throw anything of their own away. That’s my job, and it needs to be done regularly!

Think Storage

If you have a big family like me, you will inevitably have more things. Even if everyone has one pair of shoes that soon adds up, and inevitably more than one pair of shoes are needed. Especially if you factor in wellington boots and slippers too. So storage is essential! I like to re-purpose things to create storage, baskets and trunks are my personal favourites. Picnic baskets work well as toy storage – they’re light weight for little hands to open and close!

Stop it before it begins!

I have a habit of keeping things in case they are useful in future. The reality is with a few exceptions, I have lost the item by the time I need it again! So I plan to stop keeping things, and instead when they are no longer needed, pass them on to someone who does need them. I’m hoping that this will mean I minimise our clutter.

Jobs to do around your house before Winter.

I’ve already talked a lot about how we are working on our garden this Autumn. But as the days are getting shorter, It’s also time to work on those household jobs! Some of them I do without thinking, for exampling cleaning the windows – it’s just part of my weekly routine. Others take a little more thought, but they really make a difference once winter sets in. Continue reading

Getting the right clothes for Winter.

The changing of the seasons and I know my thoughts are turning to winter. I quite like Winter, especially the snow! I love getting out and about all year around. There’s a wonderful quote by Alfred Wainwright;

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”

Which I totally agree with! It’s so important to get the right clothes to keep you warm in the Winter months, and a specialist outdoor clothing retailer such as Simply Hike is the place to start!

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Autumn in the Garden

Autumn, and it’s time to start thinking about all the jobs I need to get done in the garden before winter. There are of course lots of simple things, like putting the garden furniture and toys away. Remembering to secure the trellis so it doesn’t blow away in any high winds. I also want to plant some bulbs, actually I want to plant a lot of bulbs! It’s so lovely having lots of colour in the garden in Spring! Oh, and I need to restock the vegetable patch, although I’m not entirely sure what I should be planting over the winter months? So I’m going to need too research that!

But, there are also lots of jobs which need doing which aren’t quite so interesting. Things like cutting back shrubs, and giving the lawn some maintenance! I spent this weekend cutting back over grown hedges and shrubs. To be honest I’m not entirely sure that it looks any better than when I started! I’m seriously beginning to wonder if it’s time to get a gardener?

Autumn in the garden is wonderful for many reasons, even though there are many jobs. The colours, the smells – there is a definite scent to Autumn. A cross between bonfires and decomposing leaves? It’s not unpleasant, just wildly different to the smell of Spring. The children burn off energy after school, dashing around in wellies. It’s warm enough to be outside still in just a jumper. Plus, I burn off calories by tackling some of the jobs, and then it is soon time to slink indoors for apple crumble.




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Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Review

I’ve wanted to try a Natural Deodorant for a while, but it’s something I haven’t got round too, until now! There are many reasons why I’ve looked at switching to natural deodorant. But, primarily due to the chemicals contained in many mainstream deodorants.

I came across Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant after seeing it recommended by an eco-blogger. I was fascinated by the idea that a deodorant could be packaged neatly in a cardboard tube, have no “nasties” and actually work!

Earth Consicous Deodorant amongst pink flowers

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How to find the perfect dress!

I love wearing dresses and with party season approaching, I’m already thinking about what to buy! But, choosing a dress which really looks fabulous isn’t always as easy as I hope!

I’m sure we’ve all been there.. Standing in the changing room with a variety of dresses, trying to decide which one suits us. Personally, I find it hard trying to work out what shape and colour suits me, especially as there is so much variety on the high street! Standing in the changing room without a friend with me, to advise, I’ve ended up leaving empty handed in the past. It’s so frustrating when you can’t get quite the right style! Continue reading

Weaning – slowly does it.

I thought I’d share a little update on our weaning journey with Noddy. He’s 7 months now, and by this stage his older siblings were greedily eating all the food they could grab. N though, has always had a rather disinterested approach to food. It’s really hard when your child has little interest in food. I have battled for years with a fussy eater, and it is heart breaking, so I did panic when N didn’t want to try solids at first. But, we’ve persisted.

Weaning - baby in baby bjorn high chair

We started weaning a little early on the advice of our health visitor. However, it was a disaster and we gave up, deciding to try again once he was 6 months. Our journey began with trying to encourage him to eat finger foods, but he just threw them down. So we tried pureed carrot which nicely decorated clothes (mostly mine) and the floor. We had 5 weeks of pure frustration, weaning wasn’t meant to be this hard?! Noddy was unimpressed with everything we presented him with, looking at us like we were insane. It was hugely frustrating, and I did begin to wonder if I could ever persuade him to eat. He would try a tiny bit one day, and the next day keep his mouth firmly shut. While we were on holiday he ate more, but it didn’t seem very much still.

7 months arrived, and I decided to just carry on the weaning journey introducing more to his diet.

7 month old weaning

Noddy greedily ate a big portion of pasta with ricotta and tomato sauce, yes he smothered quite a lot over his face, but a huge amount went in his mouth and was greeted with happy noises. Stronger flavours are more popular with him, we have had success with foods flavoured with herbs and spices. He likes to feed himself, though finger foods aren’t always a success. I’ve noticed that he prefers to grab the spoon and help feed himself. Though, he is no where near co-ordinated enough to do it all by himself, he does try! We have started to try things like egg on toast over the last week, which has proved popular. He also happily sits in his highchair while we eat dinner, and will have a little of whatever we are having. This has mixed success – sometimes he will just throw it on the floor and other times he will try a bit.


He loves his sippy cup, though I think he loves throwing the contents of it around as much as he likes drinking from it! Everywhere gets soaked! Thankfully it is only water, so it is quick to mop up! I’ve started to think that he’s having a little too much milk, but he’s such a petite baby that I’m trying not to worry. This week he has a horrible cold, and perhaps that is why he is keen to drink a little more milk than “he should”.

So, all in all, while we have had a slow start, I think we’re getting there. I just hope he continues to enjoy trying different flavours!


A Beginner’s Guide To Vaping

Collaborative Guest Post.

You are ready to plunge into the vaping world but don’t know much about it and the different terminology used. In this guide, we will be looking at some of the key things that beginner vapers need to know. This information should help you make a more informed decision when looking for a vaping kit that is right for you making your switch to vaping a success!

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