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Is a smarTrike any good? #SmarTrike #Review

Is a SmarTrike really any different to any other trike? I was asked this by a friend who was watching us push Yo along on the school run. She wanted to know whether it did a better job than cheaper trikes, and whether I really liked it, or just used it as Yo liked it. So, here’s the warts and all review of what I think of our Explorer SmarTrike.


SmarTrike Explorer on the school run with Yo aged 16months

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Giving a gift parents really want.. #MandPNightOff

Since becoming parents, finding time for “us” as a couple is hard! Pre-children, the run up to Christmas was all about parties, romantic meals and days out spent pottering around Christmas markets. Post-children, the run up to Christmas is all about nativity plays, pantos, visits to see Santa and avoiding the supermarket at all costs (taking small children anywhere involving 100’s of people in a hurry and long queues is generally a no-no!). Continue reading

Feeling at home with roof windows.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about moving home, I don’t have any desire to move, we have a lovely house in a lovely location. However, we are begining to outgrow our two bed-roomed home, so there will come a time when we we will need to move. Having just seen my friend’s move home, and the trials and tribulations of making a new house feel like their new home, I have started to look for ideas of things I’d like from a new home. Continue reading

Christmas with Godiva – Luxury Chocolatier

Christmas chocolates should be special, especially if you are gifting them, and let’s face it who doesn’t love to receive chocolates at Christmas? Godiva are one of my favourite chocolatiers, I even popped into their shop in Bruges back in October! Their chocolates are beautifully presented, look fantastic and are delectably flavoured, making them the perfect gift.


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