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Getting outdoors with children; Deer Park, New Forest

Getting out and about with your children is great for all the family. It helps get rid of excess energy from children and I used to find slowly pushing the pram around would calm my screaming babies long enough for me to grab 5 minutes of sanity restoring time! It doesn’t have to cost money to go out and about, and we’re really lucky in the UK to have some fabulous free parks! Mamas and Papas know the importance of getting out and about easily with your child, and have produced a wonderful infographic on the best parks to visit in London! But it’s not just in London, there are places all over the UK you can visit for free, and enjoy the great outdoors! Continue reading

Growing Business?

Moving is a stressful process, I’ve just moved house, and it was time consuming and costly! But what happens, if you are running a business, and you’ve outgrown your premises? There are so many considerations to make, so many expenses which go into a house move, and even the nightmare of updating all the business cards and brochures! So, what if you could make your business space work better for you?

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KiddyYum Review

I like to make sure the children eat well, if they eat well they tend to be happier and actually sleep better at night too. We’ve just moved house, and during the move routines and mealtimes were thrown into chaos. Finding a healthy meal which I could prepare quickly and easily became a priority, and it just so happened that KiddyYum approached us for a review at about this time – good timing! Continue reading

Our Top toddler essentials!

I think the toddler stage is great fun, but also quite tiring for both parents and the toddlers themselves! It’s all about new experiences, and Yo is a bit like a sponge at the moment, soaking up every bit of information that she can. New words are emerging daily, and she knows what she likes already! Continue reading

A simple way to maximise your money..

Whatever your budget, everyone needs to make their money work for them. Every month we carry out a financial audit, or in simple terms we sit down and see where our money goes each month! It’s quite interesting how much this benefits us, as it allows us to really make the most of the money we have. While it’s easy to say cancel that gym membership you never use, or the chocolate club you joined on a whim, can you do anything about bills for things you really need, like household energy?

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At 20months..

At 20months your child should.. I sit reading the parenting books much as I did when I had my first child, except now I am all to aware that these books are just a guide, and are not definitive. With my eldest son, i continually worried that perhaps he was not attaining milestones quickly enough, and i felt pressure to ensure that he did. Continue reading