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    24 weeks pregnant

    Pregnancy this time is flying by, I am amazed how quickly. I have barely taken a bump photo, and I am not sure I’ve fully accepted that I am this far along in pregnancy!

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    Pregnancy cravings..

    Pregnancy cravings seem to come in a variety of flavours! I thought I had avoided cravings this pregnancy. Then this weekend it became quite clear that actually I was craving certain food quite clearly! Each pregnancy I have been obsessed…

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    5 Frugal things..

    Being frugal is something which I think goes hand in hand with being environmentally conscious. Learning to stretch things, or mend them means saving money and less waste! I’ve wanted to join up with a frugal linky for ages. But…

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    Pregnancy and Health

    Pregnancy is such an exciting time, there’s so much to think about! With my first pregnancy I remember being really excited about whether it was a boy or a girl, the first scan, choosing names – all those little special…

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    Trends facing the 21st Century gardener

    Collaborative Guest Post. Between 1982 and 2013 it was recorded that the average garden shrunk from 168m2 to 163.2m2. In addition to this, it is also estimated that two million homes in Britain don’t have a garden and by 2020,…