Monthly Archives: April 2015

The clingy baby stage.

We have entered a new stage with Yo who is now 8 months old, the clingy baby stage. That is to say, she cries at anyone who isn’t in the household. Grandparents are now smiled at with huge smiles, but when they lift her up for a cuddle, they are greeted with shrieks of horror and her arms stretch out to Mummy and Daddy.

Happiest surrounded by toys and as near to me as possible!

Happiest surrounded by toys and as near to me as possible!

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Exploring with the family – School Holiday Fun

The Easter holidays ended on a high, the return to school this morning was greeted with glorious sunshine and happy faces all round still chattering about the fun we had during the break. With the weather having been so kind to us over the last week, we made the most of it and almost every day was spent out and about.

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School holidays – making the most of them.


The Easter holidays were welcomed warmly, school didn’t break up for us until the Thursday before Easter so we’ve had the luxury of a week of holiday after Easter – and glorious weather to go with it! While school holidays can be hard work trying to think of things to do to keep my little people out of trouble, I also adore the holidays and always try to make the most of having my children all together. Continue reading