Monthly Archives: March 2015

Snuzpod and beyond.

Yo has moved out of the Snuzpod. Finally, she got to big to sleep comfortably in it and I had to admit she needed to move into a cot. I assumed I would be excited about the transition, as I had been with her big brothers when they moved from moses basket to cot, but actually I felt rather sad. The Snuzpod was amazing, and I’m sure it played a huge part in my continuing with breastfeeding. Continue reading

WIN New Tommee Tippee Cups – Thrills not Spills!

When you’re going on an adventure, it’s important to stay hydrated. Any parent of a small child will know that once children start using a sippy cup, there is always a fear of spills! OK, so it may just be water, but when you have to change clothes repeatedly as they’ve managed to tip the cup upside down and it leaked all over them..(for the third time!) it’s just a little frustrating! Tommee Tippee have introduced a new range of cups for children aged 4months to 3 years, aimed at each major stage of development and guess what, they’re no spill! They’re clever as the parts of each cup are interchangable, so there’s no need to throw the cup away once you move onto the next stage, you can keep it and use parts from one of the other bottles – perfect if the cup has your childs favourite design on it! All the cups are BPA free, and dishwasher safe too! Continue reading

Plus Size Fitness Wear from Miss Matahari

I’ve made no secret that three children, and 7 years of neglecting to participate in much physical activity has taken its toll. I am overweight, under toned and unhappy. Before I became the person I am today, I used to wonder why people who were unhappy didn’t just throw on a pair of trainers and some gym clothes and get down to the gym to change the situation. Now, I realise that body image can be quite upsetting, especially when you’re jiggling about trying to burn those calories and are confronted by a floor to ceiling mirror. I need plus sized fitness wear which makes me feel great, rather than covers every inch of me like a tent. Miss Matahari, doesn’t just sell to the more curvy woman, the range has been designed so that every woman can feel and look great while working out. Continue reading

Tommee Tippee Bath and Room Thermometer

Baby bathtimes should be fun, but I always find myself worrying that the water may be too hot and by the time I’ve finished fussing, I think it’s probably a little colder than baby Yo would really like! A bath thermometer is essential in our house, and I find with my two boys they enjoy using a thermometer when we run their baths too! Tommee Tippee have brought out a new bath and room thermometer which aims to make judging if a bath is too hot really easy. Continue reading

Jigsaw puzzling

The house has become over run with things for the children, trying to reclaim a little adult space has failed, and instead the clear space we create gets converted into a toy car garage or a place to create masterpieces. I was given a beautiful jigsaw puzzle for Christmas, with a note which reminded me that a bit of calm concentration time spent building a jigsaw may be the perfect remedy for challenging days with the children. However, the well meaning friend forgot that my children may take an interest in the jigsaw, and insist on opening and trying to build the jigsaw, quickly losing pieces of the jigsaw. It’s such a frustrating thing to lose pieces of a jigsaw, especially if you don’t realise until the puzzle is almost complete! Continue reading

Fat fighting #muffintopmonday

So I fell of the wagon, I didn’t gain but I didn’t lose either. A week or two of a nocturnal screaming baby has made life difficult, and to be honest that cake I shovelled into my mouth made me feel better for a few minutes when I was struggling. The fact that I was then racked with guilt for eating the cake really didn’t help much either, as rather than seeing it as a blip or treat, I found myself feeling even more rubbish and you guessed it.. eating more cake. So, all in all to have not gained weight, I think I’ve done OK, even if my jeans are still tight to the point I can’t breathe.. Continue reading