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8 Man Tent Camping

I posted a while ago about the problems I was having deciding on which 8 man tent. I finally made the decision to opt for the Arpenaz 8.4 XL from Decathlon, as I think it offers value for money as well as ample space. But while I was clearing the garage, I remembered something which has been stored there for years. Unloved and forgotten about, but the solution to our camping conundrum!

Back in 2010 we purchased a second hand Cabanon Espace 8 man tent. We had one child and the tent was a ludicrous purchase as it was huge! It filled the entire boot of the car, and we felt we may get lost inside it. It is HUGE! So, it went on one holiday and was stored. Until today. Today it has been dragged out of hiding, and is about to be put into use. Yes, it really could be the answer to our camping conundrum!

Cabanon 8 Man Tent

However, it does bring its own problems. Primarily, how to transport the tent! It’s a canvas frame tent, so it comes in several bags, and is heavy! (It is the same tent you might use if you go to stay in a ready pitched tent in Europe.) Unfortunately this means it doesn’t actually fit in our car. (Or it might, but we wouldn’t be able to fit anything else in.) A roof rack wouldn’t work as I have no plans to be lifting the weight of the frame and canvas onto the roof of the car. Which leaves a trailer as the most sensible solution to taking our tent anywhere!

Camping Trailer

I’ve avoided thoughts of trailer tents and caravans, so I’m slightly amazed by my own decision to invest in a trailer just to transport our camping stuff. I also worry that it will make ferry crossings more expensive, plus keeping the trailer secure whilst we are away from camp – how easy is that? So, I’ve lots that I need to think about still – and plan!

History Buffs in Ulan-Ude: Living The Dream

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History Buffs

As there are plenty of interesting facts related to the history of the Trans-Siberian railway route, there is no real surprise that lots of passengers riding this main line are keen amateur historians or in some cases history professors from around the world. People booking a train trip taking in a stopover at Ulan-Ude are bound to know at least a thing or two about this popular destination along the Trans-Siberian route or in fact, where the Trans-Mongolian line can take us all the way to Beijing.

Image Source: Pixabay

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Best weekend break ideas

Want to escape from it all but not got much annual leave to take? Or maybe you’re short on time or have a smaller budget so can’t be away for too long – if so, time you mastered the mini break! Your idea of the best weekend break may be jumping on a plane to a European city, but where? Read on to find out why booking a weekend break could be your best holiday decision yet – here’s plenty of inspirational ideas to get you started.

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Spring: The Perfect Time to Visit the Blue Mountains


Image Source: Pixabay

Spring in NSW sees the flowers bloom, as flowers, trees and shrubs recover from the colder months, and without the stuffiness of summer, the Blue Mountains make for the perfect spring destination. For this very reason, there tends to be a lot of visitors as spring gets underway, and who could blame them when you look at some of the stunning locations this area boasts. September and October offer the perfect climate to see and experience this amazing mountain range that stretches almost 100km, and the blue haze is also best seen during these months. The tint comes from light refraction through the minute dust particles the area generates, and when mixed with fine droplets of water, it gives off a distinct blue haze – hence the Blue Mountains. Continue reading