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Hair care and hair confidence!

When you see someone for the first time, one of the first things you notice is their hair. When I think about hair, I always think of those shampoo adverts where women flick their glossy locks and strut confidently along. Or gorgeous male models with super shiny hair smiling confidently. Great hair makes you look confident! (and hopefully feel confident too!) So, how can you best care for your hair?

Happy hair!

Happy hair!

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5 Toddler activities for a day at home.

Keeping an active toddler busy isn’t as terrifying as it seems. Over the last few months we have had quite a few “at home” days. Either the weather has been bad, or Yo has been poorly. Anyone who has ever been in the company of a toddler will know once boredom sets in.. you’re in for trouble! So, here’s a list of our favourite 5 Toddler Activities for when you’re stuck indoors! Continue reading

Toy Story Character Aqua beads – Review

Aqua beads are a great craft activity for children aged 4 and over. My 6 year old tried out the Aqua beads Star Wars Playset before Christmas, and loved being able to independently make something. I won’t lie, I liked being able to drink a cup of tea in peace while he makes them too! So, we were delighted to be asked to work with Aquabeads again, and this time try out the Toy Story character set. Who doesn’t love Toy Story?!

Aquabeads Toy Story

The set contains templates for 3 characters; Buzz Light year, Woody and the Alien. A plastic tray, water spray bottle and enough beads to make each character. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Continue reading

Get well soon.. #vickstricks

This post is an entry for the #VicksTricks campaign.

Snuffly little noses full of a cold, can mean no sleep for anyone in the house!

Mama Kit for dealing with a cold: Good Book, Hottie, and Vicks First Defence.

Mama Kit for dealing with a cold: Good Book, Hottie, and Vicks First Defence.

I’m sharing our tips for get my children back on their feet as quickly as possible after they’ve caught a cold! Continue reading

Dealing with grief.

The face of grief, I assumed I would know it. We all felt grief, when in October Mr G’s father died – Grandad Toby. I thought we had all grieved. People had said that the children would handle it differently, that my 5-year-old would be oblivious to the loss, perhaps even insensitive to it. They were wrong.

E is a lively, bright 6-year-old. When we told him the news that Grandad Toby had died, he crumbled. He wept, and told me that he was so sad that he would never get to say “goodbye”. E cried for the loss of someone to share his chocolate cake with, a joke he always had with Grandad Toby, and I cried with him.


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Escape to the country..

A weekend away in the country can be the perfect antidote to the winter blues. We were invited to stay at Middlewick in Glastonbury, you may have seen their eden pods on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. After a stressful few weeks, escaping to Somerset was exciting, and Middlewick was just what we needed!

Middlewick, Somerset

Middlewick is charming for many reasons. It’s not your average holiday cottages, the cottage we stayed in felt like a home from home. Meadow Barn was the cottage which we stayed in, and I loved the traditional features and open beams. Continue reading

Doula support after a difficult birth.

This week I talked to Sophie Brigstocke, a birth and postnatal doula based in SW London.  Together with Florence Etienne-Jackson, a doula in the West Midlands, she runs Nurturing Birth, training new doulas across the UK and beyond, providing mentoring and an online directory for parents to find pregnancy/birth/postnatal/infant feeding support.   I wanted to ask Sophie about her experiences supporting women after a difficult birth.

Sophie said:

It’s not a topic that I relish talking about because, as a doula, I hope that every woman will have a truly positive birth.  I hope that she will feel listened to, be able to make informed choices, feel capable of identifying and asking for what she needs.  But, despite spending time planning and preparing there are times when women don’t have the best experience during birth and that can bring some unique challenges. Continue reading