The washing machine broke!

As a busy family we rely on our washing machine, and it’s in daily use sorting out muddy school uniforms and spaghetti stained t-shirts. So, when our washing machine decided to stop working quite suddenly, the piles of washing rapidly became mountains of washing. We’d just moved house, and a week later, the washing machine stopped. I peered in looking in horror at the clothes trapped inside. It then became clear that the machine was beyond economical repair, and so we needed a new one.

Friends were helpful, they did the odd load of washing for us, but with three small children in the house, things quickly got out of hand! I looked at buying a second hand machine, but typically there were none locally for sale. So, I thought perhaps we’d treat ourselves to a new machine, and I was quite amazed how expensive washing machines are..our old machine was..well, old! A basic machine started at £199, and then we’d need delivery, fitting, disposal of old machine, and the bill began to add up.

An unexpected household emergency like my broken washing machine, can be a big problem if you don’t have savings in place to cover it. One option is to take a short term or pay day loan, Vivus offer short term loans of between £100 and £300, always seek independent advice before making financial commitments. Our washing broke only a couple of days before pay day, so we were able to wait and buy it then, but things don’t always work out that way. I couldn’t believe how much we rely on something as simple as a washing machine, and how stressful being without it just for a few days was. Thankfully, our machine is working well, and I’ve now just about caught up with the backlog of washing and while I still can’t see the bottom of the washing basket, atleast it’s no longer overflowing!

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