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Marwell Christmas – Magical!

Marwell Christmas can only be described as a truly magical family event. I have often wondered about taking the children to visit Santa at Marwell, but never quite got organised enough. So getting the opportunity to visit this year, we couldn’t wait!

Our Marwell Christmas slot was booked for 3.30pm, we arrived at the zoo for 1pm to give us time to see the animals first. My daughter adores the giraffes, and we spent quite a long time in the giraffe house – they are such incredible creatures to watch. The penguins helped get us in the festive mood, they’re so funny to watch.

Marwell Penguin Enclosure

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My handbag essentials

Guest Post

Being a working woman and a mum to my three year old child, I mostly tend to lug around a lot of stuff which I consider as my “essentials”! My husband often makes fun of me carrying a huge bag to work or while going out. However, it usually comes handy for me as it is the one-stop solution for everything me and my family needs. Continue reading

6 Tips to Prevent Your Garden Being Damaged by Winter Weather

Collaborative Post.



If there is one thing you can predict, it is the unpredictable British weather. Howling gales, storms, lashing rain, icy cold, snow, hail and winter sunshine can pass overhead all in one day.

For the gardener, night frosts and chilly day time temperatures make a for a difficult time. Not all plants weather the winter well and as such, they will need to take evasive action to ensure that their well-stocked garden survives the winter.

But as Rattan Direct point out, it is not just the plants in a garden that can be damaged by winter weather…

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Lovedrobe Dress to impress

Lovedrobe recently contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in trying one of their dresses. While I’m usually spotted in jeans, I adore dresses! Lovedrobe are a plus-size online shop, stocking sizes 16 – 32, offering a wide variety of fashionable styles.

Lovedrobe dress

This is a french navy dress, for some reason it looks really dark but it’s not! Please see images below for accurate colour.

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Miffy’s Tulips

Miffy’s tulips are perhaps as iconic as Miffy herself, but did you know that the exact colour of tulip has never naturally existed? Until now! After 15 years of patient cultivation and cross fertilisation, Dutch tulip breeders have finally produced them! In 2001 tulip breeder Ligthart-Bloembollen crossed two types of tulips in the hope to create the correct shade. In 2014, Ligthart had created a small cultivated area and sold the variety under code name to Pennings de Blit in Breezand. They are hoping to produced enough bulbs so we will see Miffy Bulbs on general sale in 2017/18!

Miffy's Garden and Tulip Bulbs


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Palava Christmas Party Style

Palava are probably best known for their beautifully illustrated story book dresses. Their dresses bring to life the story book which they arrive with. Yes, each dress comes with its own Palava story book! Formerly known as Poppy England (Established 1980), then Bryony and Co, and finally to be known as Palava – what a Palaver! Read more about the name change here.

Palava Christmas Style

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The Night Before Christmas at The Haymarket, Basingstoke.

What better way to get into the festive spirit than a trip to see The Night Before Christmas at Basingstoke’s The Haymarket Theatre. Running from Thursday 1st December until Sunday 4th December 2016. As a parent of three children, Christmas is an exciting time of year, and I can’t wait to take my youngest to see this production, as it sounds truly magical!

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

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