3 Reasons to Book a Spa Break this Winter..

I don’t know about you, but during the winter months I need more pampering! My skin is dry, my hair fly away! I find my shoulders get tense from the festive planning, and remembering who needs to be where!! So what better time to plan a little “me time”? I really need a spa break this winter and here are 3 reasons why!

Champneys Spa

Relax and Unwind..

The most obvious reason to have a spa break is to relax! There’s something about switching off your mobile phone, and being pampered all day which makes day to day stress easier to handle! Treat yourself to a full body massage and feel all the stress melt away!

Massage at Champneys

From a personal point of view, I find a back massage so relaxing that I almost fall asleep! After a massage my skin feels amazing, and so do my muscles. If you’re going skiing, booking a spa day with a fabulous massage for when you return is the ideal extension of your holiday!

Start prepping your summer body!

Beautiful summer skin comes from year round care! My skin gets so dry in winter, and it’s then really hard to revive. I find having a really good beauty treatment or two really helps keep my skin in good condition. It then means I don’t need to fret about getting my legs out come summer!

I also think an essential treatment for Winter is a facial. While we can put lots of cream on our face to protect it from the elements, a good facial will help revive dull looking skin. I know my cheeks in particular suffer over the winter months, with the wind and then the central heating! A facial helps keep skin looking fresh through to the summer!


Treating myself!

The wonderful thing about a spa day, is it can be an hour or an overnight break. Champneys Spas have a range of packages so you can treat yourself without needing to change your routine. Working long hours with a family is often a reason many parents I know use as a reason they can’t visit a spa. However, there are options for twilight spa treatments! This is also a great option if you are on a spa break, and want to make the most of your stay by cramming in an extra treatment or two!

There’s really no excuse to use lack of time not to treat myself to a spa break!  I’m heavily pregnant, but being pregnant doesn’t mean no spa day either! There are special spa breaks for Mums to be! Perfect for a pre-baby treat!


Disclaimer; Collaborative Post.