Pregnancy & Parenting

Pregnancy Insomnia and other stuff.

Pregnancy insomnia, it’s like your bodies way of preparing you for life with a newborn. I’m tired and I want to sleep. But I suddenly find myself awake, looking at the ceiling thinking of all the things I could be doing. There’s nothing which can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m not stressed about anything which “needs” doing. I’m just awake.


Then there’s the added joy of reflux. This pregnancy reflux has hit me hard. If the old wives tales are true, I am most certainly expecting Chewbacca. I’ve tried everything to avoid or settle reflux, but it’s just not happening. Gaviscon, you have failed me.


There is also general nausea. I cannot stomach the smell of boiled eggs. This has meant I’ve got out of making packed lunches. Instead Mr G has been spending his evenings prepping egg mayonnaise for the lunches. However I do have to retire to bed to try to avoid the rogue smells wafting out from the kitchen! I never expected such extreme nausea once I hit the third trimester!

Fat Feet!

My feet have swollen, and I most definitely have “cankles”. It’s all so attractive! I’m wearing granny socks – you know the non-elastic topped ones! Oh and boots? No, they are confined to the wardrobe. Instead I’m rocking my trainers. All day every day.

Back ache.

I have a waddle that even a penguin would be proud of. Yes, it might be everything loosening up.. but seriously? Ow, everything hurts! My back aches from carrying extra weight of the baby bump. There’s still ages to go.. how will I manage?! My microwave heat packs are my best friend! Loading and unloading the washing machine is another job I have managed to pass to my husband – or I end up grumbling all evening with my back!

So, the third trimester is fun. Three months of aches, insomnia, crap footwear and back ache. Prep for new baby arrival? I think it might be. Though I’m hoping the gorgeous addition of a newborn baby will make it all worth while!