Simple explanations why you might be losing your hair

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When it comes to hair loss, many people aren’t bothered if their locks start to disappear. However, it can be an upsetting experience for others. There are many reasons why you could be losing your tresses. So, if your hair is starting to thin and you’re not sure why, here are three simple possible explanations.

It’s hereditary

If you’re struggling with hair loss, it could be that it’s in your genes. The most common type of hair loss in men is male-pattern baldness. This is a hereditary condition, and it’s thought that it’s due to over-sensitive hair follicles and having too much of a certain male hormone. In women, female-pattern baldness can also cause hair loss which is thought to be inherited and is especially common among older women.
Unfortunately, there is no cure. However, there are treatments available that can help stop or even reverse the effects. For example, finasteride is often used to treat male-pattern hair loss, while minoxidil can be used if you’re struggling with female-pattern or male-pattern baldness. If used continuously for several months, these treatments can be effective in encouraging hair regrowth. To find out more about the hair loss medicines available, you should speak to your GP or visit reputable websites such as

You’re stressed out

Hair loss can also be caused by too much stress. A condition called telogen effluvium can lead to widespread thinning of the hair across the scalp, and it can be triggered by intense emotional stress. Whether your relationship with your partner is strained or you’re under a lot of pressure at work, it could be that your soaring stress levels are to blame for your thinning tresses.

The good news is, if your hair loss is due to the fact that you’re too stressed out, you can expect your locks to grow back naturally. This can usually take up to six months, but it’s important that you do what you can to look after yourself too. Even if you’re feeling particularly stressed out, you should do your best to relax and unwind, and in time, you should find that your hair starts to regrow.

You’ve lost a lot of weight

Whether it’s intentional or not, losing weight can wreak havoc on your tresses. A balanced diet is essential for your hair health. If you’re not eating enough of the right foods, you’ll be depriving your locks of the nutrients they need to grow and, as a result, you could find that they start to disappear. So, if you’re trying to shed a few pounds, it could be that your change in diet is the reason you’re losing your hair.

If you want to lose weight but not your hair, it’s vital that you stick to a healthy diet. Ideally, you should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as some starchy foods such as potatoes, rice and pasta. You should also fill up on protein, such as meat, fish and eggs. If you can, avoid giving in to ‘crash’ diets. These types of diets will mean that you miss out on vital nutrients and you’ll find it harder to maintain your weight in the long term.
So, if you’re struggling with hair loss, it’s worth finding out why it’s happening and what you can do about it.

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