Making a Coffee Hamper.

There’s something wonderful about receiving a hamper at Christmas. However, they can be pricey, and often contain things which people don’t like! So, how about making your own?

I am a huge fan of coffee. As are many family and friends! Rombouts kindly sent me a selection of their coffees. So, I had the idea to make coffee hampers to give them for Christmas. The wonderful thing about making your own hampers is they can be as simple or exotic as you like. I also like the fact I can buy most of the bits I want to add while I’m doing my weekly shop!

Who is it for?

Before you start shopping for your hamper, think about who it is for. If it is for someone who loves to buy takeaway coffee, consider adding a reusable cup, and make things simple by including one cup filter coffee from Rombouts. They are priced around £3 per box of 10, making them much cheaper than the average coffee shop coffee!

If you are making a hamper for someone who loves the process of making their coffee.. I think a couple of packet of filter coffee and a cafetiere may be more appropriate! Depending on budget you could also include a milk frother, so they could make coffee shop style drinks!


I always think it is lovely to gift an edible treat along with coffee. This could be a home made cake, or biscuits. Then again it may be a favourite packet of biscuits or box of after dinner mints. I have been trying out a lovely mocha cake recipe, in the hope of perfecting it before Christmas!


Packaging really makes a hamper, it doesn’t have to cost lots! Charity shops often seem to have hamper baskets or wooden boxes for sale for a few pounds. So it is well worth looking around. I have used the sizzles from a parcel I received earlier in the year and saved for Christmas to line the hamper. You could do the same with paper from your shredder! I don’t cover hampers with cellophane as it’s expensive and not very eco-friendly. But if you wanted to cover it, you could use some light fabric to wrap the hamper and secure with ribbon. Otherwise places like Hobbycraft do sell the cellophane and a range of ribbons.

Do you like receiving a Hamper at Christmas?