Pregnancy during Christmas and New Year, how to stay healthy but have fun!

This will be my fourth Christmas being pregnant! The second Christmas being heavily pregnant, and I really do mean heavily pregnant? People always say “Oh gosh I bet it’s annoying being pregnant at Christmas, isn’t it?” Well, I have to admit that it’s not all fun and games, but there are some simple steps I take to make sure I can enjoy the season! I’m going to share those with you now!

How to handle Parties while pregnant!

In the first few months of pregnancy it is hard when you’re making excuses for why you’re not drinking. I usually found myself joking that I was the “designated driver again!”. This year I’m enjoying getting to choose mocktails, and in fact I’ve phoned ahead to restaurants to double check their soft drink options!

Party footwear doesn’t have to mean high heels! I’m opting for ballet pumps in an array of colours to see me through the festive season. It’s not just my “cankles” which appreciate the change to a flat shoe, but also my changing centre of gravity! There’s less chance of me toppling over in a nice flat shoe than my high heels!

How to survive Christmas lunch when pregnant

Remember that there are foods you should avoid eating during pregnancy. For example, patés and unpasteurised cheeses, for example like some brie or French cheese. If you’re in the first stages of pregnancy it can be hard to know what to say to refuse the cheese platter, I’ve found the easiest way is to say “Oh, I’m saving space for pudding!” or “I had a big breakfast”. Nausea is harder to deal with, soda water seems to help me when certain smells upset me – for example eggs!

Simple Solutions for New Years Eve when pregnant!

I don’t know about you, but pregnancy always brings with it a feeling of utter exhaustion! Where bedtime would normally be 11pm, I’m happily tucked up asleep by 9pm during pregnancy! So how to manage the late night for New Year’s Eve? Personally, I like to have a little nap in the afternoon. I take myself off to bed at about 4pm, which means I wake up refreshed and ready for the party! The best advice I can give to anyone who is pregnant over the festive season is to pace yourself! Try to rest and look after yourself.

Pregnacare vitamins from Vitabiotics are a great way to supplement your diet, to help keep you feeling your best during pregnancy and while you’re breastfeeding too. Sometimes it’s hard to get everything you need from diet alone, especially if you’re dashing around over the festive season. A supplement can really help to safeguard your nutritional intake throughout pregnancy!

If you can delegate someone else to do your Christmas shopping then do so, unless can order it online of course!
Oh, and take advantage of the post Christmas dinner opportunity to have a snooze!

Disclaimer; Collaborative Post