Mother and Baby Bathtime gifts

Making time for a bath as a Mama-to-be I find to be incredibly rewarding as a way to bond with my bump. I also remember that making time for a bath as a new Mama is so important – it can make you feel as though you’ve been on a holiday! (Well they do say a change is as good as a break!). With that in mind, I am sharing my favourite bath time products for Mamas and Babies!

Childs Farm

Childs Farm products are currently used by my middle son who is almost 7. He likes the animals on the packaging and the gentle fragrances! 98% of ingredients are naturally derived, and the products contain no Parabens, SLS, mineral oils or artificial colours. That’s no nasties to me! Childs Farm are actually suitable from Newborn onwards! Their baby products are gentle enough for the youngest members of the family! My son loves the Childs Farm bedtime bubbles, and while I’m not entirely sure they help him to settle down to sleep, they certainly make bath time fun!

I think the Baby Bedtime gift set is a lovely gift, it contains Bedtime Bubbles, Baby Wash for Hair and Body, and Baby Moisturiser! Everything you need to get into the bath, book and bed routine!



I discovered Cuddledry towels after my daughter was born in 2014. I’d heard about them before, but had never managed to try one. Until you’ve tried to juggle a towel and a newborn slippery baby you won’t appreciate how difficult it is! A cuddle dry allows you to focus on holding the baby, in the knowledge that the towel will stay put! The towels are super soft, and wash beautifully too!

Image: Cuddledry UK

I adore the giraffe print towel in particular! They also do a range of toddler towels too, all designed to make bath time easier!

Sophie la girafe Cosmetics

Sophie la girafe cosmetics are my favourite bath products to use for my 3 year old daughter. They fragrance is very subtle, they are EcoCert, Vegan and contain no SLS or Parabens. The products are packaged in rather sophisticated packaging. Yes, I admit the SOS cream lives in my handbag as a personal beauty favourite, it could easily be a grown up product! Our favourite products are the SOS cream – it is really fabulous at handling dry skin efficiently and is so thick you only need a tiny bit! I also love the hair and body wash as we’ve found it is gentle on delicate skin and leaves skin smelling sweet – like franzipan! The face cream is super for protecting delicate little faces from cold weather! Price wise, Sophie la girafe cosmetics are a luxury product, so the price point may be a little higher than other baby brands. I do feel though, that they are great value as they are so rich you only use a small amount with each application. I’m looking forward to trying out the Vegan Toothgel when baby arrives too!


This Works!

Now, if you are suffering from pregnancy insomnia you need some This Works! It’s NOT suitable for children, so this is exclusively for parents! I discovered the Lavender and Vetivert Deep Sleep Bath Soak works superbly to help me drift off to sleep calmly, and they state they’re suitable for use during pregnancy – hooray! The RRP for the Bath Soak is quite high, however you only use a spoonful in each bath, so I think they’re a great investment!

So, those are my favourite bath time products for Mama and baby, perfect to gift this Christmas!