Scalextric BTCC Touring Car Battle Racing Set – Review

Scalextric is on the top of many Christmas lists! We were delighted to get the opportunity to review the Scalextric BTCC Touring Car Battle Racing Set. I say we, actually, Mr G took over, taking photos to send his brother. Yes, they may be grown ups, but they still fondly remember their own childhoods with Scalextric!


There’s something really exciting about a new Scalextric set, and even I was excited to get to race! This set is suitable for age 5+, an ideal progression from My First Scalextric!

Set up;

I thought that the track was easy to build, the pieces all slot together well. The track feels really durable, perfect for being able to rebuild it into different tracks. There are four track options to build with this set, great to keep racing interesting!

The two touring cars included are highly detailed, and stick to the circuit well as they’re magnetised. The controllers have speed limiters, ideal if you’re giving the set to a younger child as it will slow the maximum speed down – avoiding cars flying off the track!


Built into the track are lap counters. These get set to how many laps you want to race, and it counts down. Perfect if you have a competitive child (or husband!). You can hear the lap counter click every time a car passes it. I’ve taken a short video to illustrate the clicking!

Overall thoughts

We think the set is great fun. It’s a great toy to be played with as a family. We’re delighted with the detail on the cars and the fact the set can be built quickly.

The BTCC set is great fun for all the family. If you live near a BTCC track like we do, even the younger members of the family will be familiar with the cars. From a personal point of view I like that we can buy different cars to run on the track. So, if we want to move on from BTCC cars onto e.g. F1 cars we are able to without buying an entirely new set.

The RRP is £99.99 which I think is great value considering the general appeal of the toy. It’s also a great gift to give to siblings to share at Christmas, which is wonderful if you want to encourage them to play together!


Disclaimer: We received this in return for an honest review.


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  • Alison m clifford

    Ah yes, we love a car track – not played on a Scalextric for a LONG time though, – we had one as kids, my Dad was car-mad, and yep, he often took over…. HAHAA –