3 Timeless Christmas Gift Ideas for a loved one.

Christmas present buying can be tough, you stand in the shop and look blankly at the various gift ideas. In my experience, sometimes this can lead to buying a perfume box set, that the recipient does not really want. Perfume is so hard to buy for someone else, so purchase with care! I have three suggestions to help you pick a gift which will stand the test of time!

Consider giving the gift of time..

This Christmas I would love the gift of physical time, if someone could come and give me an extra hour or two to do “stuff” that’d be great. But, failing that a gifting a beautiful watch would be much appreciated. The thing about watches is that they never go out of fashion. You can’t suddenly find that you don’t fit your watch. Choosing a classic style will mean it can be worn with everything! My husband bought me a watch for our second Christmas together, and I still adore it!

It’s a wrap..

Another present which I have loved ever since I received it was a large silk scarf. It’s the kind which is ideal to wear over a cocktail dress, but also works well with my winter coat day to day. Why I love it as it was hand painted, so it’s really quite unique, and I know I can’t replace it! Every time I wrap the scarf around me I smile, as it’s a bit like a virtual hug.

Time to sparkle..

I absolutely adore being given jewellery! Best loved gifts are either necklaces or bracelets. If I had to suggest one, I’d say opt for a necklace! There’s something really lovely about being given a gold chain with a beautiful pendant. I also think these are the type of gifts which will be well loved for many years to come. Bringing a smile to the recipient every time they wear them!

What will you be buying your loved one this year?


Disclaimer: Collaborative Post