How do you dress your Christmas tree?

How do you dress your Christmas tree? It’s a serious question! Do you go for minimalism or is your tree an explosion of colour and festive cheer? Our tree used to have a strict theme, gold and red only. I had to have red as I have a lovely Santa decoration which I refused not to add to the Christmas tree!! As my children have got older, they want little decorations added, often which they have made, which do not fit my theme!

Christmas Tree Lights and Gold Bauble

Our Christmas Tree Style

I still opt for less is more on our tree. I love our Christmas tree lights as they twinkle brightly. There is no point in my denying that I like the tree to be decorated with care. As, yes, I do enjoy to sit and drink a glass of mulled wine while admiring our Christmas tree! I have started to enjoy the fact that our tree has become quite eclectic in style. After all, we should all be able to enjoy our Christmas tree shouldn’t we?

Decorating the tree – who does it?!

Decorating the tree in our house is very much a family event. I used to want to do it when the children were in bed. But now they’re bigger they’re desperate to help! Mr G adds the lights to the tree first, which he hates doing, but he does it so well! The children decorate a section of the tree each. That’s something we introduced last year after all baubles ending up on the same branch. I get to add decorations to the higher branches, and if I’m lucky add the angel to the top too!

Our Christmas Tree Traditions.

Every year since having children, I have bought the children new Christmas Tree decorations. The idea is that when they move out from home they can take their decorations with them, and have a beautiful tree for their first Christmas away from home. I try to select decorations which are traditional, and beautifully crafted. This year I have my eyes on felted festive animals to add to their collections. I think by buying the decorations carefully they will last longer, and not become dated over time.



Disclaimer: Collaborative Post